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THE RANT: Pantano pouts after AP calls race


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY'S 'THE RANT' BY NEWS DIRECTOR SCOTT PICKEY) -- I learned something interesting last night about former congressional candidate Ilario Pantano. Even though he's a war veteran, an author, a former Wall Street executive, a father, a husband, etc., etc., he doesn't deal well with losing.

First there was the Ilario Pantano of 11:02 p.m. That's when our Asha Dave interviewed him live at his party at Mayfaire. Even though he was down by a point or two to State Senator David Rouzer, he was upbeat, excited, ready to wait it out for the long haul.

Then there was the Ilario Pantano of 11:17 p.m. That's about when the Associated Press called the race for Rouzer. We called Asha from the station and let her know we wanted her to interview him again based on the update.

She called back a few minutes later and told me, "Ilario's not talking to the media now." What??? I asked her to repeat herself just in case I had misunderstood her over the roar of his supporters in the background. "He says he's not going to talk to the media now and that he's going home."

That's when I saw him in the live feed in the control room while we were in an interview segment. He was making his way across the room hugging supporters. Asha was still on the phone with me. "Tell him I'd like to talk to him," I told her. I saw her walk across to him and let him know I was on the phone. "He doesn't want to talk with you," I heard back on the phone.

Wow, I said to myself, this guy is actually taking his ball, going home, and leaving his supporters behind after learning that he lost. I thought, you know, all he has to say is that it's still too close to call, let's sleep on it, see what the final numbers say in the morning, and we'll take it from there. The AP's been wrong before. Let's never forget Truman and Dewey.

But instead, he pouted, refused to talk to the media, and left his supporters behind while he went home to sulk.

If that's how Mr. Pantano handles defeat, maybe it's a good thing he's not going to Washington.

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Well said Mr. Breazeale

Well said Mr. Breazeale.

Whither Ilario?

What a resume: Wall Street parasite, disgraced ex-Marine, and now twice-failed political candidate. The simple fact is that Pantano isn't merely unemployed (writing one book about yourself doesn't qualify as "author"), he is UNEMPLOYABLE. After getting kicked out of the Corps he was unable to find a job even pumping gas, so being the supreme narcissist that he is, he had a brilliant scheme to reinvent himself as a far right-wing "Born Again Redneck" (to use his phrase). He only won the primary in 2010 because he pandered to a bunch of Tea Party lunatics who fell for the nonsense about his big plans in Washington. Like any other pol, all Pantano really wanted to do was vacuum up as much money as possible and then move on to another scam.



Pantano - the new Ricky

Pantano - the new Ricky Meeks. Can't win an election to save his life.

Ricky Meeks is a good, kind

Ricky Meeks is a good, kind man. Don't put him in the same category, please.




How dare you insult Mr.Meeks? He is a kind man.

I like Ricky, but he simply

I like Ricky, but he simply has not been able to win an election. Pantano can't either. I was comparing thier losing elections. Difference is, Ricky is not given a fair chance because of prejudices while Pantano seems to feel entitled. No offense to Ricky.

So much talk about how

So much talk about how Pantano "lost twice". The ONLY reason he lost this primary was Johnston county voters supporting their own "local boy". Pantano took 8 of 12 counties and Rouzer only took 4. I would say that's a pretty strong and respectable showing. If Crow had dropped out long ago as he should have, Pantano would have easily won. As for his refusing to talk to the media... he wasn't there for the media's benefit, he was there for his supporters. The media needs to realize that not everyone will drop everything and foam at the mouth when they want to speak to them. Pantano spent his time there thanking his supporters and that's all he needed to do. He was running to represent the people, not the media so he spent his time with the people and not the media. Get over yourself, Scott. You aren't as important as you think you are.

Why are you assuming all the

Why are you assuming all the Crow supporters would've voted for Pantano?? They may have voted for Rouzer, or lets just say IP got half and Crow got half the outcome would've been the same. Let me spell it out for ya...SE NC doesn't want Pantano representing them!

I forsee IP rebranding and running as an Independent just to cost Rouzer the election. I to believe he is an ego-maniacal narcissist. I wish he would just go away...maybe move back to NY, but that's way too big a pond for a little fish like IP. I told the regional GOP the first time around to not back this guy but they didn't listen and in fact insulted me saying I wasn't "onboard" or a "true Republican."

Bottom line....Mike wins again and truely he's probably the best of the lot :-(

Johnston County

Mr Pantano did not do himself any favors by coming up to Johnston County and threatening the county GOP leadership. He no doubt felt like an underdog in his opponent's home county, but his tactics of intimidation didn't go over very well up here.

I personally liked him in the debate I saw. He had great responses. He said the right things in public. If I had voted based on his debate performance alone I would have given him my vote over Mr Rouzer. He was that good.

The fact is, character counts. It is more important in a politician than the ability to connect with a crowd at a debate. We want to be inspired by ideas, but even more we want to believe that once elected you will be upright and honorable as you deal with whatever issues face us in the months to come. Mr Pantano talked the talk, but in spite of his best efforts he failed to walk the walk when he came up here to JoCo.


What a childish rant from Scott from a so called professional. I am not sure that I would want to speak with you either considering the lack of courtesy or professionalism you have chosen not to display in this article. I used to respect WWAY on their reporting, but I see that this is more of a personal slant than it is a professional one.

As far as the other comments pertaining to him being a hero: You were not there just as I was not. For anyone to judge what he did and how he did it without being there shows a lack of stupidty and a huge err of arrogance. Before trying to pass judgment, you may want to consider your own montrocities in your life before trying to call this man out for his.

Before anyone goes off half cocked, I did not support Pantano and I did vote for Rouser. I think too many people have forgotten the spirit of competition which is, you should be upset when you lose and everyone will handle losing differently. Tell me....are you estatic and joyful when you lose? Just like Pantano I want to win at everything I do and I am grossly disappointed when I do not!


Just because YOU were on the phone you expected him to drop what he was doing and talk with you? I don't know the man nor am I a supporter but I think it makes it sound as if you got your feelings hurt because someone did not jump at the chance to be talked to, by you.

Wilmington Observer


Scott, you dont want to mess with Pantano. This is the same man that gunned down unarmed Iraqis. His attitude clearly shows this man is not stable and he cant handle his emotions well and to think republicans actually voted for him again?? As Rouzer said, "we already been to the moon", apparently Pantano visits his own moon quite regularly. Good luck on finding a job outside of politics Mr. Pantano!

Well put ElectionJunkie! If

Well put ElectionJunkie!

If I were Scott, I'd be afraid - very afraid. Pantano doesn't take defeat well and obviously has anger management and self-control issues.

Wow you sound just like the

Wow you sound just like the type of person that would join
those that spat upon our soldiers returning from Viet Nam. Pantano
was exonerated of all charges from Iraq. Deal with that. Having
heard him speak you would understand that he actually does care
about this country as was his reenlisted after 9/11. He isn't
like those of you who think we should talk and give peace a chance while your homes are burned and heads cut off. I would take
him over anything in the democratic party anyday.

You automatically take the liberal media view of the story without
knowing why he didn't want to talk again to lord Scott of WWAY. Please you probably believe the star news is reporting unbiased and
fairly also.

Its a FACT that He gunned


I agree with your assessment.

It's always the cowards that have never been fired upon, the ones that actually support our enemy that write trash like that against our very own soldiers. The faceless cowards and the traitors that attempt to be heros on a cyber blog.

You forget to mention the

You forget to mention the two marines who accused him of wrong-doing in the first place...are they also faceless traitors?


Please do not write or report on him again. He has lost twice, now maybe he will pack all his stuff in his carpet bag and go home.

Here Here! Pack them bags

Here Here!

Pack them bags and leave our state carpet-bagger. What's wrong with the regional GOP...they've pushed a New York yankee carpet-bagger twice now in the 7th distrct without success, what don't they get?

SE NC doesn't want his kind representing us.

Time to move on.

Here, Here .. New York

Here, Here .. New York Yankee ? His Kind ?
Do you mean War Veteran, Father, College Grad ? Although I would rather have someone in office with a vested down home interest, that just sounds ignorant..


The hatred on this site is disgusting. I've been to local meetings where the vast majority of attendees are transplants and they are the ones making phones calls, putting up signs and organizing to defeat the socialist progressive agenda that is being forced upon us. How dare you put down people not born here who are rolling up their sleeves trying to save this country! The insults and inflammatory remarks raged on Pantano is despicable. I really hope these aren't conservatives spouting all this hate.

There, There

No, I mean an unemployed carpet-bagger that has poor judgement and an itchy trigger finger that shoots unarmed men 60 times. Why don't you pack up and go back north with him to wherever up there you are from. This man is scum and has no business in the business of SENC.

More inteligent conversation

"Why don't you pack your bags and go up North with him" ummm, I don't even know where to begin replying to such ignorance, but then again it's a case of mind over matter. above all..Stay classy

"just the facts"

WOW!! i'd definitely vote for for you and your ability to correctly and intelligently state "just the facts "! thank you!

You guys are something

You guys are something else...Just because he refused to talk doesn't mean he's pouting. Highly inflammatory deduction. When you guys want to speak to someone you expect them to hop to. I have attempted to talk to the press/media/public officials regarding deliberate fabrication of facts by the New Hanover County Sheriff's Department solely to commit grand theft auto. The corruption is rampant...Yet not a sole is interested..I guess I can deduce from your silence that you approve of these activities being committed upon law abiding citizens within New Hanover County?
Lay off Pantano....If he doesn't want to speak to you it is probably for a very good reason. This goes beyond news reporting. You are making a deduction regarding "pouting" rather than just reporting the news. The man is a hero and you are attempting to discredit his reputation just because he refuses to speak to you..King Scott?

Hero.....really ?? He

Hero.....really ??

He gunned-down unarmed people and then as if killing them wasn't enough he pumpped like 20 more rounds into them.

quote: "I then changed magazines and continued to fire until the second magazine was empty. I had fired both magazines into the men, hitting them with about 80 percent of my rounds."

Were these Iraqi men completely innocent...? Probably not, but he untied them and they were completely unarmed when they were killed.

Say that when...

Say that when...

Terrorist take over your flight...

Terrorist take your family hostage....

Terrorist kill someone from your family...

Terrorist kill a friend...

Terrorist threaten your very freedom...

Just say thanks and move along with Rick Wilson....

Maybe ya'll can watch a Few Good Men together.

Say what?

You really buy into this "politics of fear" don't you? When are you going to stop believing everything Dick Cheney says?