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Two arrested for home invasion, three more suspects wanted


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Sheriff's deputies have arrested two people and are searching for three more in connection to a violent home invasion last month in New Hanover County.

Owen Hobson Morgan, 22, and Kristina Hanne Steenberg, 21, are charged with multiple felonies, including kidnapping and assault by pointing a gun.

On April 30, detectives responded to a possible home invasion at an apartment on Bent Creek Road. The victims said they opened the door to a woman, and that's when approximately five people. The victims said all the suspects except for the woman were wearing bandanas.

The victims said they were beaten and a gun was put to their heads while the suspects went from room to room taking things. They said they laid on the floor during the entire incident, because they were afraid that someone would hurt them if they did not cooperate.

A neighbor noticed the suspects wearing bandanas entering the apartment and called 911. As deputies arrived on scene, they followed a vehicle that sped away. They later found it abandoned and impounded it for processing.

Saturday detectives arrested Morgan and Steenberg. Both are in jail.

Morgan has a history of drug and other convictions dating back to 2006, but he has never served jail time, according to the NC Department of Corrections website. Steenberg has no listed convictions.

Detectives continue their search for the three other suspects involved. If you have any information contact the New Hanover County Sheriff's Office at (910) 798-4161.

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Look, it says that Owen has

Look, it says that Owen has never had to serve jail time, but he has. He has been in jail multiple times, but his parent have bailed him out every time. The reason why he is like this is because his parents never wanted to spend time with him. They just let him do whatever, and that has lead to chaos.
The girl went up to the peoples house (i forgot what she said), and decoyed the couple while the others got out of the car. They then raided the house, looking for drugs and other valuable items.
The girl was making good grades in school and never had done anything wrong, but she was caught up with Owen and they probably got high and decided to do something stupid. Owen isn't a bad person when he is ok and not on drugs, but with those smiling faces they are making in their mug shots, I just want to slap both of them!
Owen is related to me, this is how I know all of this.


These two are just plain trash and nothing more.

It is a joke

the Truth of the matter is Money/Race. it's sad but true, the court system sucks for minorities, if they were of the minority race and didn't have the finances to back them up they would be lock up. Look at truth, there families can afford the higher end lawyers, they are of the caucassian race, trust me i know i'm tired about hearing about race too, but as a legal citizen this is a outrage. Lock there butts up and let them sit for awhile, Mommy and Daddy leave them there i bet you they will hesitate again before pulling this stuff let them sit in jail parents.

Are you really going to

Are you really going to throw out the Race card? You are the one that is a joke! Did you even read the article? Both of these idiots are in jail and both have a $300k bond.

It's a joke

What kinda bird don't fly.....a jailbird. These would be robbers are lucky.

This could have ended badly for the victims, and the smiling nimrods.

A homeowner could have sent them to an eternal dirt nap, these kids need some jail time to get over the giggles.


They get the award for the best mug shots I have ever seen.

Way to make your Mama proud.

Way to make your Mama proud. The judge really needs to throw the book at them and wipe those grins off of their faces.

Don't Tread on my Gun Rights


It is a pity that the residents of this apartment community became robbery victims. They are mighty lucky that they are still alive!

They should learn HOW TO DEFEND THEMSELVES, first by not being stupid enough to OPEN the door to strangers, and then to ARM themselves.

The smiling crackhead imbiciles in this story would not have mug shots if they even REMOTELY tried to enter our residence.

Their heads would have been blown to smiterines.

The homeowner could have

The homeowner could have saved the taxpayers a lot of money and gotten rid of some trash in the process had they been armed and had known what to do. All these punks deserve a dirt nap.

And why do these criminals appear so happy?

Because one of them already has multiple drug convictions and hasn't sat a day in prison. He knows he'll slide on this as well and has already told Kristina of the JOKE allowing them both to chuckle during their fashion mugshot posing.

The courts are a JOKE, the judges are a JOKE, the attorneys are a JOKE and the sentences are a JOKE! That's why they look so happy!

You are so right!

Guesttenheimer, YOU hit the nail on the head. The justice system is a joke! They'll be out in no time.


"Morgan has a history of drug and other convictions dating back to 2006, but he has never served jail time, according to the NC Department of Corrections website."

Could this be a major part of this young mans problem? what good does it do to spend the taxpayers dollars telling someone not to do something again or they will go to jail. Then after they find that they will indeed not go to jail if they continue to screw up they get bold. At some point you have to show them that after being given a second chance it's jail time as promised.


All the kids in America are being told... stop or we will say stop again. Should turn out well. They are going to love the caliphate. Penalty under Sharia law for drug trafficking? Death.


Really wonder why the two aren't in jail or spent time in jail REALLY?Different stokes for different folks.