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NC unemployment rate continues slow decline


Associated Press

RALEIGH, NC (AP) -- People leaving the labor force were a big reason that North Carolina's unemployment rate dropped to 9.4 percent in April, a month when only 1,400 more people got jobs.

The rate dropped from 9.7 percent in March and a percentage point from April a year ago, according to the figures from the state Division of Labor and Economic Analysis. The rate was stuck at 10.7 percent from July to September, then started a slow decline in October.

Experts say a large reason for the monthly decline was that more than 11,000 people left the labor force. More than 21,000 people have joined the North Carolina labor force since April 2011.

North Carolina's unemployment continues to be higher than the national rate, which fell slightly to 8.1 percent in April.

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the traitorous pukes in

the traitorous pukes in Congress and legislators at the state level are selling out the country to please foreigners and those that hire them to provide cheap labor ...the taxpayer pays the price like health care.. check out NUMBERS USA to see who in Congress is screwing the country over and check out the gum ball immigration video

Don't Feed the Troll'!!

Do you people know what a troll is? There's a reason people post anonymously on the Internet. Please people, know when you're being bated.

Most accurate figure on unemployment

10.9% nationally. That includes people who have simply quit looking.

The formula used by DOL is specifically designed to mask the true number.

BTW, pay attention to weekly and monthly "adjustments." They are constantly rolling out and being used to mask declines in new job numbers from one week to the next. For example, the last report said that we had gained 1000 new jobs. This Thursday, that was adjusted down to an actual loss of 3000 jobs.

So last week the AP reports a gain of 1000 jobs, then this week they can report "jobs holding steady, matching last week," with no mention of the adjustment.

The whole process is as crooked as the road to Rome, designed to mask how bad things truly are. Watch your IRAs and 401ks, too. They've likely gone down severely in the past two weeks, and they're going lower.

England and Spain have now officially dipped into their double-dip recession. I don't think we're far behind....


One can recognize liberals because they rarely cite facts. They cast aspersions and attack with vitriol. Also, they are embarrassed to use their own names.

Cooking the numbers!!!!

Cooking the numbers!!!! People are broke.... Unemployment Commission is out of money... All the ears of paying into the system, I only recive 26 weeks of Unemployment. Soon the Social Security will be gone....


The national figure is more like 14.6% if you include the under employed and those who've given up looking.

The ones that have given up

The ones that have given up shouldn't be counted because there are lots of jobs available, maybe they're minimun wage jobs, custodial work or a job where one may not be able to wear a tie every day but there are jobs out there so why should anyone be counted if they're not looking for work?


That is the right-wing, Ted Nugent loving, homophobic republican lie that they want people to believe. Nobody knows the number of people for sure; it is all conjecture. Keep drinking that Kool-Aid.

@ GuestMan...

I've learned the easiest way to irritate a liberal is the use of facts when countering a liberal point of view.


Who's Kool-Aid

The numbers are from the state Division of Labor and Economic Analysis. The Department is an executive branch agency headed by the Secretary of Commerce. Appointed by and directly reporting to the Governor, the Secretary of Commerce also serves as a member of the Governor's Cabinet.

So tell me again how they are a "right-wing, Ted Nugent loving, homophobic republican lie"? Another great example of what liberals do best.


Ya what hot shot...look up the formula for figuring unemployment when Bush was in office..then how they figure it now...please post up what the unemployment rate WOULD be with the old formula....who's drinking the kool Aid...

RE: Ted Nugent loving,...

I'm guessing you believe the "official" numbers released by the State and Feds? If so...keep dreamin' sunshine. If you say no one knows the number of people for sure...then how do they know what the numbers are? We can track a calf from birth to slaughter house, but can't tell how many illegals there are living in the US. Yet you say we, who say the "official" unemployment numbers are bogus are somehow Ted Nugent loving, homophobic republican liars? I'm guessing you're still ticked off Amendment One passed.

As for the Kool-Aid would appear you're drinking it yourself...except from the Obama/Biden cup.

ted nugent loving

Well taxpayer who did you believe when it was reported to be higher

But yours is a left wing, Obamafied, hide your...

...head in your armpit, believe anything you hear approach. The fact is that the unemployment numbers are much greater than those being reported!

He may be drinking kool-aide, but it sounds like you have a serious crack habit going on!


Obviously, reading your post and the others, comprehension of the written or spoken word is not your strong suit. I believe, and please correct me if I am wrong, but I'm not, I said nobody knows the real numbers. I didn't say our President's numbers were correct. So, go back to drinking your Schlitz and let people that actually understand the English language post on here.

Ok, since you ask for it...I'll correct you...'re STILL wrong. My reading and writing skills are fine. You attacked a poster that had a relativley accurate statement about the "Real" unemployment numbers by stating, "That is the right-wing, Ted Nugent loving, homophobic republican lie that they want people to believe."

I'm not sure what Ted Nugent, or "homophobic republican lies" has to do with the unemployment numbers, but here is reality for you. There are a lot more people out of work than is being reported by the goveernment. If you observe a few basic and simple economic tickers you wouldn't appear so angry and ignorant. The home foreclosure rate is still very high, food stamp issuance is at an all time high, new car sales are dwindling, used car sales are excelling. Luxury items such as large boats, RV's and motorcycles are selling for pennies on the dollar. Open job positions sometimes gather thousands of resumes for ONE position. Families have lost their homes, their sustainance and their secuity due to job loss and have no money. Now...there are just a few simple basics for you.

Oh, and one other thing. The people have spoken strongly with their vote on Ammendment One. You homos are still a small group of pissed-off nobodies. It just tickles the heck out of me that you can't procreate and make more of you! I said before, back to your crack pipe!

From GuestMan's previous

From GuestMan's previous post: "Nobody knows the number of people for sure; it is all conjecture."

There is a verse in the Bible that says to remove the beam from your own eye before worrying about the mote in someone else's eye.

But you will agree...

that the current unemployment number, spoon fed to us by the government, isn't accurate either correct? Even if a "precise" number isn't obtainable the point of a higher rate is indeed factual even if it isn't "precise" enough for your liking.... correct Mr. Man?

And the state unemployment figure...

is a lot higher for the same reasons you mentioned. But what the heck...Maobama says it dropping, so it must be true.

unemployment figure

taxpayer i see you are trying to compete with your cousin grand ole.Who is this Maobama? This might upset a few people but you know unemployment was never a big topic until it hit the middleclass.When minorities were unemployed that was fine they are lazy anyway they don't want to work(which is not accurate)Now this thing is global its a probably.Riddle me this taxpayer when did this decline show its face(not talking about politics)