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UPDATE: 9-year-old dead after drive-by shooting; suspect in custody

READ MORE: UPDATE: 9-year-old dead after drive-by shooting; suspect in custody

WALLACE, NC (WWAY) -- A nine-year-old boy is dead after a drive-by shooting on Saturday afternoon. Meshan Kentay MacMillian is now in the custody of the Wallace Police Department. The Wallace resident was arrested Sunday afternoon with first degree murder of nine-year-old Leon Albe Halley III.

"Anytime somebody gets killed in a sensitive manner like that, especially a 9-year-old child, that's much more tragic," said Bobby Maready, Wallace Police Chief. "He had a whole life ahead of him, to get snuffed out this early for no reason at all, it's totally stupid."

MacMillian is also charged with discharging a weapon into a dwelling house from a moving vehicle, possession of a firearm by a felon and felony conspiracy. He is in the Duplin County jail with no bond.

Police say MacMillian is not the only suspect involved. They say they are still investigating and that this incident may be gang related.

Police were called to the 400 block of Satchell Street in Wallace just before 4 p.m. on Saturday to respond to the shooting death of the nine-year-old boy, Leon Albe Halley III, who died on the scene. The Halley's were in Wallace on vacation from New York.

Family says he was playing video games in the living room of the house right before he was killed.

"The doorbell rang, he thought it was his cousin bringing back pizza so he got up to come towards the door, but I got to the door first," said Latanya Halley, Leon's Mother. "I heard a pop and when I turned around he collapsed."

The family is distraught over the loss and say they will remember little Leon for the rest of their lives.

"He had a crazy laugh," said Leon Halley Jr, Leon's Father. "He loved sports, he loved helping his mother bake, just a typical 9-year-old kid just enjoying life and it was cut short."

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Let Me Set The Record Straight

You'll need to get your eyes checked because clearly in the picture leon hat is on straight its just how he posses in the picture is makes it seem like it is turned to the side. Also a hat turned to the side is no sign of gang(s). Leon is flashing the peace sign in the photo. Tell me when that became gang related. Its always some racist person that looks for a reason to call a death gang related. Do your research people before you start judging.

RIP little man

If only people could be a little less cruel and everyone be more centered. It matters not what he is doing with his hands. He was NINE YEARS OLD! A child.
It is not our place to decide what he was doing. We should just feel remorse for the fact that this happened. We all have the ability to change the world. Of course it takes time and a lot of effort. If we all stood together we could make change happen. At least in our own backyards.
Mr and Mrs Halley, I am truly sorry for your loss, I could not even imagine what you are going through. May your son rest in peace.

You just don't get it....

People are not being cruel, they are angry. They want to know why a nine year old child was shot to death at his own house by thugs. They want to know why his family taught him to throw gang signs. We DO NOT have the ability to change the world if we close our eyes to the truth. The truth is pretty evident and you know it. If you do not ask WHY??? How in the hell can you change anything if you do not face the reasons why it is even happening? It matters a great deal what he was doing with his hands. Not because at the age of nine he was in the wrong, but because a relative taught him to do that. If in fact his father did teach him that stupid crap then we have a pretty good idea what his father was into and thus why a gang member showed up at his house and killed a nine year old child. You can't fix something if you can't even figure out what is broken.


A little less cruel? Not our place? Heaven forbid! We are "Christian" people. These are our core values. Not to mention our "southern hospitality"! Why, sir or ma'am, if you're not like us, we must attack you. It's what we do!

Nine year old killed in drive by shooting

I was born and raised in Wallace and it was a wonderful place to live - a very quiet, relatively safe, community - everybody knew each other and these kind of tragedies were uncommon if ever. Drugs will kill anything (your body, soul, mind and unfortunately innocent people). If the drug runners would just kill themselves and be sure they are killing themselves, you wouldn't need to use our tax dollars to maintain them for years to come. Drugs kill your mind - the fast money leaves your hands as soon as it touches them - you end up in trouble and if God's mercy don't allow for you to change - you will end up in hell of fire. I pray that things will change and the little town of Wallace can return to being a wonderful place to live and work and raise a family. May God bless the bereaved family. Losing a child and your loved one is hard enough and especially harder in a senseless manner as this.

Look at the nine year old pic

Look at the kid in the picture...he is nine years old and already throwing gang signs....the kid didn't even have a chance from birth.

His sentence should be to

His sentence should be to stand tied in that families yard and let them drive by and take shots at that coward until he is dead.

gang related

Just one more gang related crime.

Was it

a drive by shooting?

The article indicates the door bell rang and he answered it. That sounds more like a walk up.

Another relevant question. Was this gang related or an offshoot of a drug transaction gone wrong? And that in no way is a reference to the deceased. But something caused someone to take the shots.

Really people? A 9 year old

Really people? A 9 year old CHILD is dead due to senseless violence and all ANYONE can comment on is skin color? Someday humans will get their heads out of their collective racist asses and matter what COLOR you are....crime is out there. How about getting off the racist bus and just having some compassion for this poor child and his family? Believe it or not....most people love their children (we won't include the likes of Casey Anthony).
I know the concept is really difficult for some but when HUMANITY decides to let racism go we'll all see evil knows no color.
And for the record, one of my favorite news stories in the last 6 months is the WHITE GUY (I'm white btw) who got arrested for having sex with his neighbors dog!!! Didn't see any of the racists commenting on that one though.
Get over yourselves racists of the're no better than the next guy.


"And for the record, one of my favorite news stories in the last 6 months is the WHITE GUY (I'm white btw) who got arrested for having sex with his neighbors dog!!! Didn't see any of the racists commenting on that one though."

WWAY didn't list the race of the dog, otherwise we would have posted racists comments. It's okay to climb off that high horse now, nobody is buying the ^%$# you're slinging. I have all the pity in the world for the nine year old victim, very little for the family raising him in a gang environment.

Ah yes....yet again!

You post verifiable statistics about the problems that the Black community needs to come to grips with, and you're called a racist.

Tracie, I doubt that you even know the definition of racist.

You should get back on your medication...

...before you pop a vessel! I'm not seeing anything racist about these comments, only that the fact the picture of a nine year old sporting gang signs with his hands and the sideways ballcap. Now, when black people WANT to be known by gang signatures, sideways ballcaps, 3x pants hanging off their butts and FUBU on their shirts, that's what they get. If there's anything racist about that, it's because that's what they want! Otherwise, act and dress like you have a sense of couth about yourself and attempt to be a functioning part of society instead of some sort of signboard saying "Look at me!" or more like, "Look at what I'm izz!".

The perpetuation of racism is brought about by the very people that claim racism and just can't seem to understand why. With trouble makers like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton poking their ignorant noses in the news, they do nothing but set racism back another ten years every time they get in front of a TV camera and microphone!

By the way "White Boy", pull up you freekin' pants and straighten your hat!!!



Good luck Sherice

Good luck selling that B.S. I guess the photo WECT posted was him throwing up a love sign right? Give it a rest. We all know better.

So when are Sharpton and Jackson....

...going to concentrate on Black-on-Black violence?

Trust me, it's not those "white hispanic" community watch captains you need to fear.


I guess you missed the part that he's in custody. Al and Jessie talk alot about it but the media don't cover it. I do trust you in that you don't have fear the captain, you're white.

Almost half the murder victims in this country are Black males..

...even though Black males comprise only about 6% of the population. Of those, 93% are killed by other Black men.

If "Al and Jesse" are talking about it, they must be whispering.


Why don't you get R.C. to concentrate on white-on-white crime in Columbus county.

Why don't you?

Why don't you ask R.C. yourself next time the two of you are hanging out cupcake?


In a previous post you said you were in Afghanistan and I realized something. No wonder we are not doing any better over there than we are if you are the kind of people we have there. You spend so much time on this board I'm surprised you have time for anything else. Before you go there, I'm a veteran that has a job and pays taxes.

As opposed to....

As opposed to the amount of time you spend on the boards? I guess you don't spend much time on here either. Try again.


Being a member of the Girl Scouts does not make one a veteran. Congrats on the job and paying your taxes though, I'm very impressed.

Gangs in Wilmington

There are GANGS right under our noses!! Recently went to a local carshow on College and there was a GANG there!! People are afraid to say anything to them..they were totally obnoxious to people around them at the show. Its the last time we go to this particular carshow!!

Really? No....really?

Oh noooooesss....not a GANG in Wilmington! Have you been in a coma? And let me correct you just a little in the south (where they're about 10 YEARS behind the rest of the country) they're called WANNA BE GANGS! They act like they act because NOBODY says anything. They do what they want BECAUSE people act scared.
As long as you live in fear these "types" of people will continue to walk all over you. There is no way in hell I would have let them get away with their rude, obnoxious behavior. But here, it will grow and fester, just like it has been for over 10 years. It started a long time ago GAL52...if you're just realizing it you'd better smarten up!


I am so distraught over this incident regardless of a hand sign this little boy was taught this this does not take away from the crime committed sure we need to watch what we teach our children but that fall on the parents, the child did not deserve to die, what was the motive of this particular house it will soon be revealed but for now Let's just pray for those who are still left to mourn, the police has their work cut out for them in finding the dangerous suspects whom are still out there....

Such a tragedy. Is he

Such a tragedy. Is he throwing up gang signs in the picture?

my son

To tha person asking if my son is putting up gangs sings no its a peace sign like in all of his other pics we are not part of any gang my son an mother came dn to getaway from the crazy city life we live an son ends up getting killed in some lil town in n.c please leet my son rest in peace thank you

my son

Mr.halley,you know your son better than anyone.We are very sorry for your lost.There are very narrow minded people in this world.We know that everything is not a gang sign.You just let that stuff roll off your back.Keep your son alive in your heart and let those jack@@s keep hate in there hearts.

You sound awful....

You sound awful hateful twitty. But yes we do have some hate in our hearts also. We hate the THUGS that shot him. We hate the life he was being taught to live at nine. You keep right on acting as if this is no ones fault. It will just keep happening. Of the two of us, I would bet good money you are much more narrow minded than I am. You are not even willing to look at the real reason this happened. You are too much of a damn racist to even call the killer a thug. Let's face it, black or white, he is a damn thug. Those are the simple facts, you just live in denial.