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Woman charged for killing boyfriend with vehicle


SUPPLY, NC (WWAY) -- A domestic assault turned deadly when a woman hit her boyfriend with her vehicle in Brunswick County last night.

It happened in Supply just before 10 p.m. Brunswick County deputies arrived at 1913 Oxpen Road after they got a call that a man was hit by a car.

When they arrived at the scene, Michael Anthony Pate, 52, was underneath the vehicle. Julie Ann English, 48, was also on the scene and was the driver of the vehicle that struck her boyfriend, Pate.

Neighbors said Pate and English had been dating on and off for around 10 years. They say the couple was constantly fighting and that something bad was bound to happen.

"There was a car in the yard and it had run up on the porch and we looked at the car and there was somebody laying under it," said Sherry Bass.

Other neighbors, who remained off camera, said the couple was having a birthday party for Pate earlier that day. They say drugs and alcohol may have been involved.

After investigating, deputies found that Pate had allegedly assaulted English, leaving a laceration on her face. English was transported to the Brunswick NOVANT Medical Center, where she was treated and released to detectives.

English is being charged with voluntary manslaughter, and is in jail under a $100,000 bond.

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Seriously people, you were

Seriously people, you were not there! You have no clue... you don't know him. He was a great man who loved the Lord! Keep your opinions to your self and stop playing detective!

Probably not, but most

Probably not, but most likely that's the way the jury will see it if it goes to trial. I surely would.

I think it came down this

I think it came down this way........he assaulted her, she tried to get away in her car, he got in front of it and reached in his pocket like he was coming out with a handgun, she feared for her life and ran him over. That's it, self-defense, dead men don't talk, only one witness, case closed.

I dont know where you get

I dont know where you get your facts, but you must of not have known him and he wouldnt do that. Thats where you are wrong he was sitting on his porch steps... Not trying to pull out a gun.

ok you have absolutely no

ok you have absolutely no clue what you're talking about... he never owned a gun, he has never ever hit a woman and it was his birthday! Get a grip!

It is better to be...

judged by 12 than carried by 6.