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SBI investigating BSL police chief


BOILING SPRING LAKES, NC (WWAY) -- The State Bureau of Investigation is looking into allegations against Boiling Spring Lakes Police Chief Emmett Ballree.

SBI spokeswoman Noelle Talley confirmed the investigation, which she said was requested by a Superior Court judge and the District Attorney. Talley did not comment on the nature of the investigation and allegations.

David says he cannot disclose the nature of the investigation, but he says he received a complaint of Ballree committing an alleged criminal act.

David says he requested the investigation with Superior Court Judge Ola Lewis last month to see if a criminal investigation is needed. Since then he says the SBI has been moving rapidly.

Town Manager Jeff Repp says SBI investigators have been conducting interviews for the past two weeks.

"I was a little surprised, but since it came from outside the city organization, we didn't really have any knowledge of it," Repp said.

When we called for comment, a woman who answered the phone at the BSL Police Department said Ballree is out today.

This is not the first time Ballree has been investigated. In 2008, a Training and Standards committee cleared Ballree after he was accused of misusing a town credit card to buy fuel for his personal car when he was police chief in Mount Olive.

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Ballree under investigation yet, one more time! Google the guy and Mount Olive, NC. Always in trouble and always someone elses fault. What a crumb. Thank you city for hiring such a loser. Now the hens have come home to roost and we citizens are going to pay for it.

Your the loser

You have a bitter taste in your mouth but why. Is there something wrong? He's done alot of good in this town and these alligations are probaly not true. So stuff it.


Guest OU812, you sound like Jeremiah Wright, that's funny. you do realize that people are innocent until proven guilty, don't you? you people commenting here act like he just "hit and ran" your dogs on the way to the doughnut shop with complete malice. if i didn't know any better, it sounds as though you all were on the short list for his job and are displaying your sour grapes. public record shows that Ballree was found innocent of the charges in Mt. Olive and to the person with an IQ above 47, that means he didn't do it. anyone can be accused of anything these days and allegations alone are not justification for these character assassinations by people who live in a world of speculation and innuendo. if this man did it, he will pay the price. but until then, he laid his hand upon a Bible swearing an oath to take a bullet, if necessary, for the very ingrates crucifying him on this page and he deserves the same respect everyone of you demand for yourselves. moral of this story, wait until the facts are known before tying the knot for the electronic lynching.

Too many eyewitnesses!

1st, you need to get your facts straight. In the hearing it was found not enough probable cause to pursue that matter further. That is a far, far stretch away from being found innocent, which he was not and, anyone with an IQ over 47 would know that! Be that as it may, that was then and this is now. The problem Ballree has now is simple. Too many eyewitnesses! When the hammer comes down, remember you read it here first!

How do you know?

Eyewitnesses? You don't even know what he's under investigation for and if you do you are feeling bitter towards him or his family for other reasons. Get a life. He's innocent.


It is really very simple. When there are that many eyewitnesses some of them start talking and the word gets out. That's how! BTW, If your head was not in the ground you would already know this yourself. On the otherhand you may already know and are just trying to be part of the cover up.

Is it you?

Were you one of the eyewitnesses??? If so I want to know what drugs you were taking to have such a vision!

More than just one!

When you ask the question, "is it you?", you suggest just only one wittness. Wrong!