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Murdered father's beliefs keep killer son from death penalty

READ MORE: Murdered father's beliefs keep killer son from death penalty

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- It may seem hard to believe, but the personal beliefs of a murdered father may have kept his son and killer off death row today.

The Brunswick County District Attorney's Office says it's one of the most unique cases it's ever seen. John Heller pleaded guilty to second degree murder of his own father. He avoided the death penalty because his father, an attorney, was against it.

"We met with the family and decided to take that off the table, and after talking to the family we wanted to help go with their wishes, and their wishes were to be able to spend some time with him after he got out," Assistant District Attorney Karen Richards said.

It was an emotional day in the courtroom for the Heller family. John Heller, 23, admitted shooting and killing his own father last year.

"The victim leaves behind his wife, a daughter, a grandchild, and we've also met with the brother of the victim," Richards said.

Deputies arrested Heller in May 2011 after a cab driver called and said Heller did not pay his fare. They found Heller on the porch of his Winnabow home with a shotgun. A blood trail in the house led to his father Tom's body and a message written in blood.

Prosecutors say the murder happened after the father and son had a fight inside the house.

"It seems like one of those things you would see on 'Law & Order' or 'CSI,'" Richards said. "The way it played out it was a little sensational."

John Heller faces at least 20 years in prison. He also pleaded guilty to robbery with a firearm, which added to his sentence.

We tried to talk to members of the Heller family at the courthouse today but they did not want to speak on camera.

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I have a feeling his old

I have a feeling his old lawyer pappy would have changed his mind about the death penalty if he had lived to see what a degenerate his son had turned out to be.

His father was a good man

His father was a good man who knew what his son was. He bent over backwards to get his son help. This wouldn't have changed his mind about the death penalty.

Another prime example of the

Another prime example of the "good 'ol boy" network in Brunswick County. The District Attorney is shunning his responsibility by not charging this man with the maximum chargeable crime. That is his job. He works for the people, not the family of the deceased. If this is allowed to happen, every convicted first degree murderer on death row should get an new trial if the family of the person killed does not believe in the death penalty. At the very least, this young man should have a choice, stand trial in murder one, or spend the rest of his life in prison with no chance of parole.

He was charged with the highest

He was charged with the highest charge if you can't prove premeditation you moron. Before opening your mouth and making yourself look like a fool (again), you should read the requirements set forth in the law. Maybe next time you can show some intelligence in your comment......

Why did he pick up the gun?

Why did he pick up the gun? why didn't he just leave. Even after he knocked his father to the floor, he could have walked out the door. No, he just aimed and shot him in the back.

The only one looking like a

The only one looking like a fool is yourself. This Bozo could certainly been charged with first degree murder. Most any District Attorney would have done so. Guess you're one of the low-life's pals.