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FIRST ON 3: Mandalay/Braves requesting 6 more months to negotiate


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- According to the Wilmington City Council's agenda for Tuesday night, Mandalay and the Braves are requesting another six months to negotiate on building a stadium in the city.

Wilmington, Mandalay and the Braves entered into a "Memorandum of Understanding" in February that continues through July 31. If the new "MOU" is approved Tuesday, it will extend through January 31, 2013.

Many, including members of the city council, felt that they needed to abide by the first Mandalay/Braves timeline in order to get a stadium built in time for the 2014 baseball season.

However, once Mandalay and the Braves made their initial pitch for building the ballpark, at least Mayor Bill Saffo said he felt the city had all of the skin in the game and Mandalay had none (Saffo told that to Chad Adams on the Big Talker FM.)

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negotiation extension

Typically I have no problem with extending negotiations especially when we're talking this amount of money.
What DOES concern me though, is that this puts it past the November elections, meaning we'd have to have a special election. This is probably the monies Cheatham was talking about at the last council meeting.
This leads me to believe Wilmington has already granted the extension, and that Cheatham knew this when he estimated the cost of adding this to an election ballot.
This furthers the city's goal of turning voters feelings against Fulton McCoy - who had the "audacity" to challenge the officials of this city (and won). They can now use "the cost" of a special election against them.
Personally I also think they have enough information to make the decision and all they have to do is tell Mandalay/Braves that the voters will decide. Mandalay can then come in with the biggest best offer they possibly can in order to influence the voters attitudes towards this proposal prior to the election.
Best Regards

Due Diligence Period

Over !! The city should be able to decided based on the information provided by their consultants if they wish to proceed or not by July 31 20012.
The council and consultant should formulate their desires, and place an offer and conditions before Mandalay and the Braves.
Delay only creates confusion among the citizens and allows the opponents
more time to establish doubt concerning the project.
Ample funding methods were provided and ample revenue projections were provided. Cities across America, many in North Carolina were shown as positive proof as successful.
As they say: It,s time to fish or cut bait.

ReQuest "DENIED", Come back

ReQuest "DENIED", Come back when YOU have the money to buy the Land and build a stadium out of your own pocket. Not Before...

With all the opposition, why

With all the opposition, why don't the Braves and Mandalay move to one of the other locations that are waiting in line for this opportunity? Instead, they want to negoinate for another 6 months. Hummm...Maybe people are starting to see how these parternships are one sided against the tax payers. Pay for it with 100% private funding or go away.

Time is on Baseball Side

Why not,as the more people look at the facts and business plan it will sure make people see how this partnership is a win-win for all.

Stacked Deck

This whole project is stacked in favor of Mandalay, the Braves, and the Braves owner. Multimillion dollar corporations owned by billionaires do not volunteer to share profits of can't miss projects. That this partnership has even been offered should tell everyone to say no. That they want to extend negotiations for another 6 months should speak volumes. What happened to all of the other places “praying” for this opportunity to be offered to them. These other places along with the 2014 opening date are nothing more than a version of pressure sales. Billionaires remain billionaires by manipulating others into paying their bills. It is way past time for everyone to see this for what it is, it is time for Wilmington to wish Mandalay, the Braves, and their Owner the best of luck as they present this opportunity to another that is so blinded by the “GLITTER” that they fail to see how much “GOLD” it will cost them.