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FIRST ON 3: Teen back in jail under $1M bond for posting on Facebook


BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- Less than 24 hours after taking a plea for inciting a riot involved in the shooting death of a high school football player, a Brunswick County teen is back in jail for violating his probation, according to the Brunswick County Sheriff's Office.

Jamar Bethea pleaded guilty yesterday to felony inciting a riot. The fight last year led to the death of South Brunswick High School player Marcus Hankins.

As part of his probation, Judge Ola Lewis ordered Bethea to stay away from social networking sites, but the Sheriff's Office says he was posting on Facebook. So Lewis issued an arrest order for Bethea and placed him under $1 million bond for violating the probation she gave him yesterday.

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As a Team Mate of Jamar

As a Team Mate of Jamar Betha What is people talking about he is a thug he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time he didnt kill anyone he aint no killer. This will never get solved i know alot!!!!of people know what happend that night its just nobody aint going talk

Mr. Pickey or anyone

Mr. Pickey, I have been out of town for two days and the only information I can find relating to this story is about Jamar Bethea violation his probation. Does anyone know the details of his probation? Given that this case was pretty high profile, I thought his sentencing would have been in the news the day of his plea agreement. But that's just my opinion. Guest 2020

Poor Kid

Don't be too hard on this poor's entirely possible that he just didn't realize that Facebook was "Social Media". Give him a break.

Oh wait, Ola gave him a sweetheart deal with no active sentence for a felony conviction that involved a murder. He's already used up his break!

He was charged and convicted

He was charged and convicted of inciting a riot. He was not convicted of pulling the trigger. He is a first time offender, and it is not unusual for any judge to be lenient on him. Judge Lewis believes in second chances when the situation warrants a second chance. I believe she was fair in the sentence she gave him. As you can see from her ordering such a high bond on his probation violation, she doesn't take to kindly to people screwing up their second chance.


Kinda sounds like a violation of his first amendment rights! Are they trying to keep him quiet?? Why no social networking? Does this include academic and professional networking sites like LinkedIn?

the paper had stated that

the paper had stated that the trouble began with comments made on facebook. people have to learn to be careful with what they put out there. it is a shame that so many young people have forever changed their futures.......

No social networking because

No social networking because young adults often use social network sites to insult each other, post challenges, and instigate fights, which quickly move offline and into their real lives. Tune into high school.

He is being punished for his

He is being punished for his crime. Staying off of social networks was part of his plea agreement, which means he agreed to it, so no rights are being violated.

I am not sure he realized

I am not sure he realized that "Facebook" IS social media. I am a former teacher to Jamar, and I must say he is basically a good kid.

I haven't met a teenager in

I haven't met a teenager in this day and age who does not realize that Facebook is a social media site. And the would have made sure that he understood every condition of his probation including making sure that he knows what social media is.

My favorite

The "It isn't his fault" excuse. He might not know that Facebook was social media? Really? What is next, he didn't know if he went swimming he would get wet? And you claim you were a teacher? That is the scary part. Now we know where the liberal mindset of "it is ok to do what you want to do" comes from.

Too funny

Academic and professional networking for this guy? Really? Let me see, I'm a murderer wanting to connect with other murderers. Use your head for more than a place to keep a hat.

Jamar did not MURDER the

Jamar did not MURDER the young man. He was not convicted nor tried for the offense. They don't know for sure who fired the shot.

He was convicted of activity

He was convicted of activity that led to the death of another teenager. Whether he fired the shot or not, his actions were part of the reason that Marcus Hankins was murdered.


You got me, he was not convicted of murder. But you say they don't know who fired the shot yet you also say he did not commit murder. How do you know?
And basically, he isn't a good kid.

Jamar Bethea

Judge Lewis was really fair in trying to give this kid a break,surely was hoping he could break some old habits and maybe start a new path in life. He proved her wrong, but then again, take another look at that arrognant look on his face. I do not mean to profile, but he could have started with losing the bad hair do, the dreads that he must think makes him look "tough expecting to be Respected". Sorry, punk, but Judge Lewis is the "tough and respected" one here in this situation. THANK YOU JUDGE LEWIS! PUT ALL THE PUNKS AWAY!

As a former teacher of Jamar

As a former teacher of Jamar Bethea's, I have to say the kid is not a thug nor is he arrogant. He is a very good young man that made a mistake. He grew up in a neighborhood of violence. Gun shots almost nightly. Please do not judge a book by its cover. You will be wrong.

What area are you referring

What area are you referring to? I live in Brunswick County and know of no such neighborhood where there are gunshots every night. My husband works in the court system and he knows of no such area either. Being a court employee he knows where all the drug areas and crime areas are, but none that have gunshots "almost nightly". And there is not judgment being made on this young man's "cover". The judgments are being made based on his actions and the crime of which he was convicted.

May I be first?


I'll second that..

Punk thug.

Anyone heard of the Eighth Amendment?

Someone should be suing the hell out of the county for encroaching on this guy's constitutional rights. The Eighth Amendment says that no excessive bail shall be administered, nor excessive fines imposed. Most murderers and rapists don't get million-dollar bonds. This is ridiculous.

Disclaimer: I don't agree with anything this kid did, and I believe he was absolutely wrong for violating the judge's orders. However, his probation violation is minuscule compared to his bond.

You are correct

most accussed murders and rapists do not get million dollar bonds.

They get no bond. They remain in custody until the trial to ensure they pose no further threat to society.


What a genius!! Hey Bob Marley, did you update your status as "In Jail" before you signed off??

Light Bulb

Didn't take him long to prove he is not the brightest light bulb in the box. Really dumb.

It's amazing how people are

It's amazing how people are so quick to comment on things. If it was their child or someone close to them would they be so quick to comment.

Ola didn't give him this

Ola didn't give him this great deal...the DA offered the plea. A judge simply enters the sentence. If you don't like the the DA.

No they would want people to

No they would want people to feel sorry for them...

This fella was involved in

This fella was involved in an incident that ended in the death of a teenager. Most people don't have children who are thugs. Most people don't have children that incite riots or are otherwise involved in activities that lead to the deaths of other people's children, so yes, people are going to comment when someone else's child does something like this and they have every right to comment.

Would you be saying what you said if it was your child that ended up dead?

Bob on this

Opinions opinions..... Enough with the bickering. He will be judged and trailed and so will everyone else some day