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Teen charged in alleged DWI crash that killed father


BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- A teenager is in jail charged with a drunk driving crash that killed her father early this morning in Brunswick County.

Highway Patrol says Brianna Galloway, 18, of Lumberton, is charged with DWI and felony death by motor vehicle.

Investigators say she was driving on Stone Chimney Road near NC 211 north of Shallotte at 1:37 a.m. when she ran off the left side of the road, hit a tree and flipped her car. Her father, Troy Kevin Galloway, 41, of Supply, died in the crash. Troopers say neither was wearing a seat belt.

Brianna Galloway is in the Brunswick County Jail under $50,000 bond.

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Some of you are cruel beyond measure. Driving drunk is not a good idea but there aren't to manydrivers that haven't gotten behind the wheel at some point that might have had one or two drinks.The point is you can bet a dollar to a donut tha tthe young lady loved are father without measure and he had the same love for her.After this is gone away we might think about it again but, she will have to live with this pain everyday for the rest of her life.First amendment shouldn't give anybody the right to trash another person.Just because you can.

Maby she wasen't drunk. Maby

Maby she wasen't drunk. Maby she only had one or two and was able to hide that from her father. If your underage and get pulled It doesn't matter how much you have had, you still get a DUI. Be respectful and keep your smart-ass coments to your self.

She was way drunk. And guess

She was way drunk. And guess what she learned a lot cause she's driving now

How about having a little

How about having a little compassion for the family and what they are going thru. You don't know the circumstances of what happened. You only know what you read in the paper. Don't be so quick to judge unless you have NEVER done anything wrong or in poor judgement. I wish the news people would not allow comments on these kinds of circumstances.


You're right it is our 1st amendment that allows us to express our opinions but how about having a little more respect for the families involved. That's what's wrong with this country today too many hurtful words being said to others.

reply to last comment

I don't know this person, not related, but feel very sorry for the family and what they are going through. I know this young girl certainly did not intend for this to happen, she will have enough grief to deal with for the rest of her life. It is NOT ok to voice negative comments, I'm sure you have just as many in your family that make mistakes too, and probably yourself. We should send Love to this family in need, not make them feel worse.

1st amendment?

Sure, the 1st amendment lets you express your opinion. But being a complete twit is both unwarranted and, really, says a lot more about you than anything else. This is a tragedy and the surviving family is not to blame, as far as we have any reason to believe.

I don't think the founding fathers of the USA were terribly concerned with some idiot's right to be an imbecile in public. They were a bit preoccupied with defending against oppressive governments and freedom of the press and freedom to discuss issues that impact that government.

Get a grip.


A US Veteran who fought for your right to be the aforementioned idiot.

No need.

So, kick them when they're already down? Have some shred of compassion. Yes, a drastic, costly mistake was made but there's no need to throw salt in their wounds, there's no need to throw this in their faces. They get it. I'm sure that if someone in your family died from a mistake, you wouldn't want others publicly humiliating them, you, or your family. This isn't some political soapbox comment section- someone lost their life. Honestly, it's pretty shrewd to exercise your rights in such an insensitive manner.


DITTOS, you have serious problems. Before you draw attention to the speck in someone else's eye, pull the plank out of your own, you HATEFUL human being.

Yes but people with a heart

Yes but people with a heart don't say things to hurt people that are already hurting.

Sure, you can say what you

Sure, you can say what you want, but sometimes, you might consider being tactful. Since you probably don't know what the word means, look it up in your Funk and Wagnalls. Probably don't know about that either...........