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Man arrested for allegedly driving truck into bar, attacking man with machete


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- A man is in jail after Wilmington Police say he drove his car into a bar and attacked a man with a machete.

It happened just before 3 a.m. Sunday at 1015 S. Kerr Ave. Police say they found the front of the business smashed along with one man bleeding heavily from the head and another bleeding from the upper arm and torso.

Investigators say one of the men, Melvin Merardo Acevedo-Pineda, 32, had been drinking in the bar earlier in the evening. They say he left and came back, but was denied admittance because the bar was closed.

Police say Acevedo-Pineda got into his vehicle and intentionally drove through the front door of the business, then he backed up and parked. They say he got out and came in with a machete, hitting Dennis Troches, 29, on the shoulder and stomach. Troches defended himself with a barstool, police say, hitting Acevedo-Pineda over the head. Bar staff held him until officers arrived.

EMS treated Troches for lacerations. They took Acevedo-Pineda to Cape Fear Hospital for treatment before officers took him to jail, where he is being held under $100,000 bond. Police also say Immigration and Customs Enforcement has placed a hold on him.

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Who does this man work for? If we fine the employers of illegals they will quit hiring them. If no one will hire them then there is no reason to come here. But, the American people want labor as cheap as they can get it so their goods or services are less expensive. We can't have it both ways.

not the only one

He's one of hundreds.

this is why we should be

this is why we should be deporting these clowns and NOT giving them amnesty ! our cowardly president should be protecting us from them not protecting them from us !!!!!

YOU got that RIGHT...

...and JUST guess who paid for the hospital bill to patch them all up?

..And for their 3 hots and a cot?

...and for the trip home,compliments of ICE, just so he can begin the journey back to America.

We need a Sheriff Joe in N.C.

should be

I could be wrong.I thought the policy you are refering to stated that it would stop deporting them if they came over as children with there parents and they meant a certain criteria.

You are correct!

And thank you for pointing that out! It seems there is a lot of ignorance to go around out there so it is nice when an educated person takes the time to point out the facts. Peace be with you!


her sure looks to be in that age range and our cowardly president would give them ALL amnesty if he could !!! i`m sure this fine upstanding young man is a hard worker and has a family... blah blah blah deport his ASS TOMORROW !!!


You couldn't think of anything to say so that was the best you could come up with.

And who was President when

And who was President when the illegal floodgates opened and did nothing? Takes a while to straighten out a mess as big as he created.

President when

Now you know they don't want to hear that.Surprise wway let that through.

Given that Eisenhower was

Given that Eisenhower was the last President to truly crack down on illegals, you can be referring to anyone. But, regardless of what others have done in the past, two wrongs don't make a right.

four years time?

My Lord! Obama can't correct a Bush mistake in four years?? Oh yea, that's right. Obama spends most of his time on Air Force One flying all over the place. He's a one term president like Carter.

four years time

It took President Bush eight years to create this mess.Regardless if he is a one term President or not the mess was created long before he took office.Yes i know some people don't like that.The United States did not get twisted up in 2008.

I know who you are slamming

I know who you are slamming and justifiably so BUT...Bush was almost as bad for trying to open those borders. I don't think Romney is going to be any better. The best thing we can do is pressure Congress...HARD!

idiots that defend these criminals

it does not matter who started it ! if you want to end it it would be VERY easy . just announce you are going to start deportation and half would leave tomorrowon their own ! our cowardly president needs to stop worrying about votes and start protecting the american public from these criminals !!! people likwe you guest 1946 are the problem. lets make it political ,its not about politics its about protecting the american people from these criminals who could care less about our laws ! if this keeps up america is going to look just like mexico...ever been there ? it is a s^&#hole .


What vote since all of them are illegals?why would they risk being detected to get sent back.What you need to do is tell your counterparts to stop hiring them.Bob once they cross the border how do you think they get to there destinations?The problem is not President Obama its you and your kind Bob()the ones doing the hiring.

ID not needed to vote

That is the reason democrats are fighting against voters having to show ID at the polls. They don't want to lose their illegal voter base.

ICE Hold

I guess you can say this guy is on ICE.

That's where he should be.

That's where he should be. Had the victim been armed with a .45, the taxpayers would have been spared the expense of the assailant's incarceration, trial and deportation. He would have been in a cooler at the morgue.

Only problem

The liberals don't want to have a public that can defend themselves. They like a public that is dependent on the government to provide security. It also would have removed a liberal voter from the rolls.

Libs can't have that

But since the attack happened in a bar, the libs won't let a CCW permit holder carry a weapon inside a bar. If he were killed, that would be one less democrat vote.


A bunch of drunks in a bar with concealed weapons is not a very good idea. It might not be the Democrat that gets it. It could be a Romney supporter or even a Tea-Bagger.


The proposed law would not change the fact that currently a concealed weapon permit is invalid if the person consumes alcohol. It would allow a person not consuming alcohol to keep his weapon on him while inside a business that serves and allows customers to consume. Like a designated driver.

Just like the massacre you liberals predicted would happen when the state decided to allow concealed weapon holders into state parks. Yea, they didn't happen. Liberals can't stand to have freedom and independent thought.


When you are serving alcohol to someone, how do you know they do not have a CONCEALED weapon on them?

Can't tell now

Is there a way now to tell? No. It puts the responsibility on the permit holder to follow the law. One big difference is a permit holder doesn't have a criminal record and strives to keep it that way. Therefore with the current law the permit holder will not take his weapon in with him even though he isn't drinking (IE: designated driver) while a criminal will take his in weather he is drinking or not. Criminals don't care about laws.

Bulls Eye!

But, it's a shame that N.C. Law states that an individual cannot carry a concealed weapon into an establishment that serves alcohol... a law which needs to be CHANGED.

Vote Republican, so we can get this changed.

I think it is a Bill before the N.C. General Assembly right now.

If it isn't, it will be.

Bulls Eye

If that happen 2012 you probably would be the first one come up on murder charges for shooting an innocent man or your love ones making arranges at Andrews Mortuary.

bulls eye

Can you image how many innocent people would be harm or killed by carrying a gun into a place that sells alcohol.Alcohol can make a person feel real brave.It would be total chaos on the streets of wilmington.

the same amount?

Would that be the same amount of people "harm or killed" when it was legalized to carry a concealed weapon in state parks? That would be ZERO.


You know this because?Its obvious you haven't been in a bar or club with a bunch of drugs.