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ONLY ON 3: Mayor Saffo discusses latest baseball developments

READ MORE: ONLY ON 3: Mayor discusses latest ballpark developments, petition rejection

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- In an exclusive live interview, Wilmington Mayor Bill Saffo talked with WWAY about the latest developments in the discussions on a ballpark for the Port City. Among the topics he discussed were the bond referendum City Council is considering to pay for the ballpark, citizen feedback and input on the plan and the rejection of a petition with thousands of signatures opposing taxpayer funding for the project.

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No we want "Baseball"

Let it be known,something once here our area will cherish,bring us great revenues.along with adding vibrance to our City,County,Area.
"Bring it on".

our money

For all those oppose to Baseball coming to Wilmington on a larger scale,you know its coming.When it does come you will have your friends and family right there in the stadium cheering for your home team and when one of them make it to the Big League you will be cheering him on especially if he is a home grown hero.So get over it.Will i be there, of course.Grand Daddy always said when you leave this earth you will have a bill in your house that you didn't get a chance to pay and you will owe taxes.

Saffo is so full of it, he

Saffo is so full of it, he said his job is to do what is best for the city, his job is to do what is best for the PEOPLE of the city and we don't want it. I've never been so ready for an election. Bye bye bud

Saffo on baseball

The Mayor and his staff have shown they are against the vast majority of Wilmington area voters, who have expressed no interest in this expensive project.

While Saffo is sitting...

you need to make sure you have a 220 volt line connected to the seat of his chair. Every time he lies....zap him.

Clap not Zap

Support the proposal

Fireside Chat

Just like the golden,olden days so tune in and hear for yourselves.

Chuck. You don't live in the

Chuck. You don't live in the city; you don't have a vote. You regurgitate nonsense,mutilate grammar and "punctuation".Go bake some cookies.

And you don't

Have any idea of the magnitude,importance of this for our entire area.


No Mayor was supurb on TV and answered all the questions,ready for first pitch in 2014.

I had no idea he didn't live

I had no idea he didn't live in Wilmington, he is such a chump. Where does he live

Why is this important?

Is the city,county,State the "Mecca" of knowledge?
No,now you realize why "outside" consultants are used.
Stop This Trash,means nothing,not one-thing.

Only city residents will pay

The county backed out of this smelly deal a long time ago, so only COW property owners will be on the hook. I'm guessing you don't live in COW and if you do, you don't actually own any property. Therefore you don't pay any city property tax. That explains why you are so happy to spend my money.

Good for COW

We can always have County re-arrange your sales tax,but I know you are so rich,resilient,so Colonial,we get it,remember COW where most of City businesses get their $$$$ from......good ole COUNTY residents,so thank them!

just as I suspected

You don't actually own any property, don't pay property tax and don't care how tax money is spent.