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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A 34-year-old illegal alien has pleaded guilty to the rape of an 11-year-old Leland girl.

This afternoon Luis Perez-Valencia admitted to raping the girl on two separate occassions back in 2011 and attempting to engage in intercourse another time that same year.

A DNA test proved that Perez-Valencia got the 11-year-old pregnant.

Judge Thomas Lock sentenced him to 16 to 20 years in prison. Perez-Valencia is required to complete sex offender treatment while in prison. He must also register as a sex offender and will be under GPS satellite monitoring for the rest of his life.

Perez-Valencia will be deported from the United States after he serves his time.

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  • sendillegalshomenow

    All I know is this guy will get out of jail get deported and rape a little girl in mexcico this little girls parents should sue the crap out of the obama administration for not enforcing that these illegal alien criminals dont have a home in the united states,I think they should be arrested for harboring and contributing to theses criminals it is a crime to be in united states illegaly and this goverment has contributed by always looking the other way and that allowed this to happen,and how about coming to goldsboro and arresting all these illegal mexican roofing companies so americans can get back to work,for my first time in 25 years I will have to go on foodstamps and get a obama phone

  • Milt

    If you hope for:

    Home foreclosures
    Depleted personal wealth and indefinitely postponed retirement
    Endless deficit spending
    Massive national debt and interest service payments
    Massive tax increases
    National insecurity
    Racial divisiveness from the White House
    Class warfare
    Anti-Christian government activities
    Justice only for Democratic party constituencies
    Covert activities to undermine the Constitution, like the lethal Operation Fast and Furious
    Dictatorial use of Executive Orders to bypass the people’s representatives
    Domestic drone use by unaccountable federal bureaucracies, soon to be armed drones to enact sentencing upon the public
    Closed door scheming by the Executive Branch against the public
    Migration of business and wealth out of the United States
    Expansion of the poverty roles
    Growing public dependency on government and cost of government wealth redistribution and dignity and ambition withering programs
    Dumber kids run through the government school unions
    Health Care Tyranny and government sanctioned death panels

    Then your hope is with Obama’s reelection

  • Charles Walters

    He is illegal and not a citizen, then why was he given the same Constitutional protections as a citizen? He should have been tried as a terrorist and execuited. When illegals get caught they should be microchipped like an animal, so scanners can detect them if they try to sneak back across the border. With the drug problem going on in Mexico, maybe the drones should be sent in to bomb the cartels, and the military should be on the border to pick off the drug runners coming across.

  • GuestMan.

    You can ride on the top of Romney’s car with Seamus.

  • Robin Hvidston

    WHERE is Janet Napolitano? She insists she is deporting the dangerous illegal aliens who are committing serious crimes! WHY is she not held responsible for this heinous crime on U.S. soil? If our laws were enforced this monster would NOT have been in the USA raping a child!!!

  • Donthaveone

    I think we should have law. I don’t thing he should
    Have been given a plea because that like a choice
    And he didn’t that little girl a choice when he did what he did.
    He should be charged with 2 counts of rape and 1 count of
    Atemped rape with a minor. That little got to live with this
    For the rest of her live and he can get out in 16 – 20 year
    And go home to where he could do this to any other girl over there
    And he might even come back here we may never know.

  • anne

    I heard this story last night and just read this. My question is: the story states that he will be on GPS satellite monitoring the rest of his life. Even in jail? Why? Are they afraid he will get away?

    When I heard the story, I wondered just how many years he will serve out of the 16-20. They are already talking about him registering as a sex offender, wearing the monitor and being deported. So how much will he serve?

    Just remember – even murderers, rapists and career criminals have their own odd code of justice – they don’t like child molesters. They will probably have to put him in solitary for his own safety. He may get consideration that he didn’t bother giving his victim.

  • The exodus has Already begun & More WILL leave if this Nation is not ‘wrestled’ away from the Crazy Libtards…have Fun supporting All of these ILLEGAL, Lawbreakin peasants then……….

  • “Judge Thomas Lock sentenced him to 16 to 20 years in prison.”

    This poor excuse for skin Raped a Child…KILL Him….If ya’ll don’t have the grapes then send Him down here to Texas…We WILL Do It…!!!

  • mobilebay

    Guest 1, you’re absolutely correct. Sex offenders will never be cured and I concur with the death penalty, especially for those who abuse children. I’m sure this is one of Obama’s “visitors” to whom he would have given amnesty.

  • Guest000000

    As I’m sure you’ve probably said a few times in you life, “If you don’t like it, leave.”

  • Justin America

    There should be a law. BTW, to what Country will this clown be deported? Also, by whom would said clown be monitored if he is going to be deported? The U.N.? Interpol? What is the one World government actually called? I don’t think it’s been announced yet… and a, did we stop capitalizing; “United States” or is it that from the new outcome based Federal education system where you don’t know crap but feel awesome about yourself as an individual? IDK anymore. This new Amerika doesn’t seem as good as the old God fearing America.

  • Guest 1

    Sex offenders cannot be rehabilitated, or “cured”…this man has already gotten into this country illegally, so he knows how to get back in once hes been deported. He was probably a sex offender in his home country as well. Sex offenders and especially those who rape and prey on children should be executed, no matter where they are from. Some actions should not be tolerated in a civilized society.

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