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UPDATE: Fatal accident involving car and motorcycle


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- One person is dead after an accident near the 6400 block of Carolina Beach Road and Golden Road in New Hanover County. It happened around 8 pm Thursday night.

The N.C. Highway Patrol says 57-year old Louis Jaeger of Wilmington was killed while riding his motorcycle near the 6400 block of Carolina Beach Road and Golden Road. 79-year old Kathy Canady of Wilmington was charged with misdemeanor death by motor vehicle and failure to yield to the right of way after making a left turn and colliding into Jaeger.

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They were certain of their

They were certain of their responsibilities and surroundings, to the best of their ability. Do you expect people to be perfect? We live in an imperfect world and even when someone is being completely careful and 100% aware of their surroundings, things can still happen. She absolutely did not see the guy, even after looking and making sure she was good to go. Yes, it is tragic. However, it is still an accident. I understand the other family is suffering greatly, but do you honestly think her/her family is not suffering? Do you not understand the guilt and grief she feels? No, you don't, until it happens to you. It was an accident, and saying anything otherwise is insensitive and ignorant. You can act like you are so caring by wanting justice, but if you can be that insensitive to what is happening with her, then you aren't a caring person at all. This is absolutely tragic, for BOTH families.

Well he should have had his

Well he should have had his helmet on! WAIT, you say he had it on? and he still died? If you idiots in Raleigh really are concerned about the safety of motorcyclist, then create a law against being on your cellphone while driving! "EVERY TIME" that I have been run off the road while riding my bike, it was by some idiot talking on the stupid phone!

My guess is yet another

My guess is yet another wilmington driver with eyes on the phone and not on the road. Take a minute the next time you drive somewhere and count the cars that are swerving about while the driver is looking down. Especially the Sheriff and Wilmington officers they seem to be the worst.

She didn't have a phone in

She didn't have a phone in the car at all. Get your facts straight before you make an idiot assumption

I drive Carolina Beach Road

I drive Carolina Beach Road often and have had many close calls with people on their cell phones. Not to mention those who sit almost through a green left turn light while texting blocking cars behind them from making it through the intersection before the light turns red again. Frustrating and dangerous.


LOOK carefully before you turn! Slow down! Put the hamburger down! Get off the freekin' phone! Stop texting while driving!

Now a man is dead because of complete negligence!


IT WAS NOT NEGLIGENCE. You know absolutely nothing about the situation.

Vehicular manslsughter right?

Vehicular manslsughter right?

Actually, no. Not that it's

Actually, no. Not that it's any of your business, but that's not what the charges are. Stop making assumptions, people.

I was on the accident scene,

I was on the accident scene, it was horrible. Please pray for all involved.

Are you a witness? Did you

Are you a witness? Did you see the accident happen?

no one

I was there as well. another guy and myself were the first to reach the man to aid him, but it was too late. The damage was done. Its hard to get the images out of my head that I saw yesterday. No one should have to go like that. My prayers are with everyone involved. Please everyone, be mindful of everyone and everything while you drive. Life is too delicate not to.

Did you see the accident

Did you see the accident happen? or what direction the motorcycle was coming from?

Dealing With It

I know seeing that must have been difficult for you, but thank you for stopping and not just continuing to drive on your merry little way. My son saw a terrible accident several years ago where 2 people were killed. He was first on the scene, and it took a while for him to be able to handle what he saw. God bless you and help you to learn to deal with it.

motorcycle accident

Does anyone know the facts about this accident? The man that was killed was my brother. Was he killed instantly? What injuries did he have? I don't even know where he was taken. I live in Texas.

Thank you

Thank you for being there for our friend.

Hey do they know who he was?

Hey do they know who he was?