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North Carolinians split ideologically on Chick-Fil-A


RALEIGH, NC (PUBLIC POLICY POLLING) -- As controversy has swirled around fast food chicken chain Chick-Fil-A due to ownership's outspoken opposition to same-sex marriage, a new poll from Public Policy Polling finds North Carolina voters split sharply in their approval of the company along ideological lines.

Voters have an overall favorable view of Chick-Fil-A, with 68 percent holding a favorable view of the restaurant and 22 percent unfavorable. However much of the positive feelings are driven by almost unanimous support among voters who describe themselves as "very conservative" voters, who view CFA favorably by a 92-3 margin and "somewhat conservative" voters who view them favorably by a 96-1 margin. Moderate voters view the chain favorably by a 62-24 margin. Voters who describe themselves as "somewhat liberal" are split, with 44 percent viewing CFA favorably and 43 percent unfavorably. Finally, "very liberal" voters have a majority unfavorable view of the chain – 56 percent unfavorable and just 21 percent favorable. By contrast, while rival chains Bojangles (63 percent fav, 13 percent unfav) and Kentucky Fried Chicken (60 percent fav, 18 percent unfav) held similar overall favorability ratings to Chick-Fil-A, there was not nearly as much of a split along ideological lines.

Click here to see the full poll and crosstabs

Chick-Fil-A still takes the prize as North Carolina's favorite fast food chicken restaurant, with 40 percent choosing them, 23 percent picking KFC and 18 percent opting for Bojangles. Once again, majorities of "somewhat conservative" and "very conservative" voters chose Chick-Fil-A, while "very liberal" voters chose KFC (43 percent), Bojangles (18 percent) and even "something else" (17 percent) over Chick-Fil-A (11 percent). Similarly, Republicans prefer CFA over Bojangles by a 58-17 margin, while Democrats like KFC best (30 percent) with CFA second (25 percent).

White voters choose Chick-Fil-A over KFC as their favorite chicken joint by a 44 percent-21 percent margin, while black voters prefer KFC over CFA by a 36 percent-21 percent margin.

PPP also asked voters about their favorite fast food hamburger chains. While majorities of NC voters had favorable opinions about McDonald's (59-23), Burger King (52-27) and Hardees (52-27), Wendy's had by far the highest favorability rating (72-13). Voters also chose Wendy's as their favorite burger chain, with 35 percent choosing them, 23 percent taking McDonald's, 15 percent Burger King and 13 percent Hardee's.

PPP surveyed 813 likely North Carolina voters from August 2 to 5. The margin of error for the survey is +/-3.4%. This poll was not paid for or authorized by any campaign or political organization. PPP surveys are conducted through automated telephone interviews.

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More important than Chik-fil-A...

If you went in support... please go vote. "what we are dealing with is right and wrong, good and evil." GB the elder.


Many so called Christians, are nothing more than venom spewing bigots who only care about their little clic of friends. They shun people who they should have love and compassion for. None of them live the God like life they are supposed to. They say they include everyone because that what Jesus would do, but that is a lie, because many of these so called Christians also advocate violence against people they do not agree with, and they have been doing this since the Crusades. Christians think they are on top,but they are no better than anyone else.


I sense MUCH HATE in you my friend...

No Hate

No hate just tired of a bunch of self rightous people who can run their own lives, trying to tell everyone else how to run their lives. There is an old saying that goes " Before you tell someone they have a splinter in their eye you need to take log out of yours". I say unless your house is clean, do not tell me how to keep mine. They should mind their own business.

The Poll of Stupidity

First let me say in all fairness Mr. Cathy has every right to his opinion, just as everyone else. That's the beauty of America. Will Chic-Fil-A endure some loss of revenue because of his bold statement... it's probable. What people need to learn is the fact that this man doesn't answer to a board, investors, etc. he answers to his family members who own the business. It is not a secret that Chic-Fil-A has since it's inception been a christian influenced business. Hence the closed doors on Sunday. Basically if you don't agree with Mr. Cathy's beliefs or statement and don't want your money funding organizations that promote discrimination towards a certain demographic simply eat someplace else. Coming on here and pleading your case to close minded people will do you no good.

Now on to you who are in favor of Mr. Cathy's business model, and are inline with his beliefs... If you are into God, Religion, Chicken... fine we get it. Have fun with that, hell have church at Chic-Fil-A and serve Chicken to the congregation I could care less (Actually it would be financial genius if Mr. Cathy did so... could you image 200 southern baptist in every Chic-Fil-A on Sunday learning about God... Cha Ching).But don't come on these blogs spitting scripture of which you no nothing more than how to pronounce the words if you even know that much. If anyone on here could indisputably give evidence of an almighty God ie Intelligent design I will buy you a Chic-Fil-A lunch this Saturday you name when and where and I'll be there.

For the individual below who referenced that God is the same in the Old Testament as in the New. You are correct (If you believe that sort of thing) but of course he his if not your entire religion would have been blown to bits centuries ago. The only thing I have trouble with is how you could then exalt a supreme being who condoned Genocide, Plagues, Hell, Torture, Slavery, Sacrificing of family members (Abraham), sinful at birth, and a totalitarian rule... and you honor such a being... by eating Chicken sandwiches?? Really...

"I know God is real it says so in the bible" "God doesn't like the sin that homosexual commit"... Thing is people if God created everything he created gays, and the sin they commit... think about that... I could go on but I will stop there... again people it's not about Chicken Sandwiches or freedom of speech because Mr. Cathy obviously said his piece, and isn't holed up in a jail cell somewhere, or worse. He has freedom of speech so does everyone else. You decided gay marriage was a war on you religious beliefs... YOU decided that... The Gay community doesn't want your approval just the same rights to marry who they love... and I'll yield...

Well you know the old saying...

No one really cares what the gay community wants. As they say...They can want in one hand and &^%$ in the other. And as for this statement "Will Chic-Fil-A endure some loss of revenue because of his bold statement... it's probable." Are you really that stupid? They will see an influx in profit over the years if anything.

Grand Ole Party put your

Grand Ole Party put your Banjo down a minute and learn something... Probable - Likely to be the case, or to happen. This word doesn't mean it will or won't but I can surely say individuals of the LGBT community, as well the people who wish not to contribute to discrimination who once dined at this establishment will be thinking twice before doing so in the future. Again your opinion, if you believe they will see increased revenue they very well may, but I hardly deduce that I'm stupid for suggesting the latter.


Well..good or bad, whatever the LGBT communities boycott did financially to CF was NEGATED in in a single day. It wasn't negated necessarily because of CHRISTIANS..I for ONE went because of the attack on their freedom of speech..PERIOD! I also don't appreciate the absolute STUPIDITY involved when someone says you HATE THEM because you don't agree with them...its the way the left works and it's ignorant!

Who cares about CFA

How did anyone fringe on yours or anyone else freedom of speech. You have your freedom. You went and showed everybody you can eat... congratulations!! I have never mentioned hate in any of my posts. I did use the word discriminate. And Mr. Cathy and his family is guilty 100% of that by donating over 5 million dollars to organizations such as "Pray the Gay Away"... these organizations pay lobbyist to pass laws preventing the LGBT community from having legal unions. Such as they did earlier this year right here in NC. Drop the freedom of speech soap box nonsense... you didn't get hauled off to jail or worse for your opinion and your still voicing your side now... so stop the absurdity because it really validates your ignorance.

I uh,

I guess we know where you are headed. I hope you get your thoughts together quickly. Doesn't look like there is much time left. BTW, it's a matter of faith. With evidence there would not be a need for faith. Here is a good motto for you and others like you... Science save me! Or how about... Money save me! or maybe... Government save me! etc....

And where am I headed Gov.

And where am I headed Gov. Mule? You seem to have all the answers, please enlighten me of where I'm going... I know that the Christian Religion is founded on faith, (I once was one)... thats how they brainwash you without any evidence of the sort... Clever tactic. What I want is your religion out of our government. I don't want laws passed based on one religions doctrine. It's unconstitutional. Where you think you are going after you die is up to you... keep it in your church, and your home. It has no place in our House, Congress, White House, or Courts.

Too bad.

You, like many others, are wrong. The Constitution keeps the Government from establishing a State Religion. It also protects Religious freedom. It does not keep Religion out of Government. You had it backwards but now you know.

Believe what you want to

Believe what you want to believe but bending the truth doesn't validate your point.


need to go back and read the founding documents of this great nation..NO WHERE does it say the government is devoid of religion.... your OWN argument, if separation of church and state existed, the church could claim separation of church and state and REFUSE to marry gay couples. They could also REFUSE to fund federally funded abortion or contraception...after all..we want separation of church and it would go BOTH ways....

Your are so wrong...

Hello Guest7969,

I know the founding documents well. I seem to recall the first amendment starting off a little something like this... Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, ... that pretty much sums it up. So if you can't make a law respecting a religions views they have no need in our government. Churches can do as they please as they are a private entity. and I would expect the LGBT community wouldn't want to be married in such a place. A church isn't the only place one can be married i.e.., Park, Beach, Courthouse, Yard, etc. I want separation of church and state. Why would I want your religion and any other exposed to my child just as you wouldn't want islamic children and their culture exposed to yours. If your going to allow prayer in school you open the door for other religions to practice their own form of prayer... Tell me how would you feel if your children came home from school, and said "Mom, Dad we got to pray in school today then this little girl and boy pulled out their rugs and started bowing towards the window"..?? You see you would be opening pandora's box. So keep your religion in your home and church.

Fat People and Chick-Fil-A

So many of the people lined up at Chick-Fil-A are morbidly obese. They ignore the sin of gluttony while scarfing up the Chick-Fil-A sandwiches and sides.

I think area churches should address the sin of gluttony and soon. After all, we the taxpayers are funding their huge medical bills.

I suggest that preachers in the fundamentalist churches preach sermons on the SIN of gluttony. The fundamentalist Baptists are the fattest of all denominations, according to a reliable health study.

Why not have a Baptised in the Fire Holy Ghost Revival against the Sin of Gluttony right here in Wilmington.

Let the Baptists lead the way.

I'm just trying to set things in their proper perspective and do a little good for the people of our community.

Peace be with you . . .

Your comments are beyond offensive

How WWAY even allowed such essentially accusing anybody who is a Christian as being a fat slob is a an insult to about a billion people. Good thing we're not nutjobs like Wahabists Muslims otherwise you'd have somebody making death threats against you. We will forgive you and turn the other cheek.. BTW is Tebow fat??? (check the pics on ESPN if you need to make a judgement call). Oh and BTW where is this reliable health study at? If its done by the same kind of scientists who altered climate data last year at the UN to justify claims of manmade Global Warming. Im old enough to remember the chicken little idiocy of Global Cooling in the 1970s. I wish you liberals would make up your mind. The fact is 99% of the weather has Zero to do with manmade issues. The truth is we cleaned up the air hence more sunlight is coming through which is why temps have been rising (ask any pilot who flew in the 1970s they will tell you its much different now with particulate and other related pollution being nacent compared to the 70s.

You liberals preach understanding and tolerance but only if it fits in your mold of thinking and in reality is your thinking is in the minority. Even California a very liberal state overall passed a law to stop gay marriage but the left wing courts in San Francisco as usual legislated from the bench because the fact is you could never pass your left wing agenda through Congress although your Savior on Pennsylvania Ave has no problem bypassing the Constitution in fact committing such acts that wouldve been Impeachable in the past (and still should be).

Truth hurt much?

You might find it offensive, 28403, but take a look around at your congregation next Sunday and then stuff your indignation.

Gluttons. Tsk.

Guest28403... Your view

Guest28403... Your view point on the climate is a bit inaccurate. The amount of carbon being pumped into our atmosphere is at an all time high... the global population is up 12% from the 70's and we have more consumption than ever before. The simple cause for the "Heat Wave' is the fact that over the years of polluting our air our Ozone Layer as been weakened and thinned so to speak. Also on top of that truth we also have a Sun which is in the middle of a solar storm of sorts which is propelling solar flares towards our planet.

As for someone who was brought up in a southern baptist church I can agree with the above poster that many people of faith especially southern baptist enjoy their fried chicken just a bit too much... Tebow is an athlete... how many in your congregation could play for the JETS... wait don't answer that question...

Lastly you claim about tolerance and how gay marriage should be legislated... the answer is it shouldn't and it's protected by our constitution. Their shall be no law made in favor of any one religions beliefs... of course I'm paraphrasing but you get the point. If your Christian your just going to have to live with the fact that the gay community is going to have legal unions, and there is nothing you can do about it.


you take a look at the amount of pollution being put into the system by humans it is a SMALL percentage. We DO ADD to the pollution. Also, this warming/cooling thing has happened MANY MANY TIMES over the existence of this little blue dot we call will happen MANY more times long after we are gone! We shouldn't cut off our noses to spite our faces on this. We SHOULD be good stewards of the planet! However, we shouldn't think we are the SOUL reason this is happening! This whole green energy thing is a SCAM and is having a PROFOUND effect on the poor when it comes to prices of grain!

Guest 7969 you again are

Guest 7969 you again are completely wrong. For one thing we can't possibly time travel to past events and measure the impact to our current situation. But know this, since the industrial revolution the global consumption of oil, fossil fuels, etc have polluted this planets atmosphere in an unprecedented way. For instance I would bet if you were to travel to Los Angeles in 1870 and compare the atmosphere to today you would be alarmed at the results. We do not know yet the impact we have already caused because we have deprived the planet of it's elements unlike any other in the last 200 years.

Green energy is not a scam if you stepped off your soap box for a minute you would realize that recycled energy or "Natural" energy is better for the planet than digging a hole and extracting it from the earth. You do know that oil has a vital function to the survival of this planet and we need an alternative means for fuel. Oil keeps the earths core fueled so we keep spinning. once we deplete the core of it's fuel because we need it more, we are in big trouble.

As for the price of everything we can only blame the people selling... it's called supply and demand... it has nothing to do with Republican and Democrat. If Romney were to win the Presidency gas prices would remain above $3 a gallon, bread would stay the same... etc.

Crucified Chicken

If companies are people and people vote with dollars then the destination of the restaurant’s donations are open for public debate. It very well should be an issue as to where peoples’ hard-earned money goes after the chicken goes down their gullet. This issue has made our little feathered friend the modern martyr as Chick-fil-A laughs all the way to the bank. Watch the poultry be nailed to the cross and pierced by the spear of destiny at the hands of those devious cows on my artist’s blog at

This whole poll sounds fishy

This whole poll sounds fishy at best. First of all, I am as heterosexual as they come. However, I feel that the "reported" turnout to CFL the other day was for one thing and one thing only, for the Bible-thumping bumpkins to have yet another opportunity to show their ignorance and intolerance by bashing a segment of our society just for the sheer pleasure of it. It had nothing to do with freedom of speech, which was never an issue anyhow. Do you think Jesus whould have gone to CFL that day?


What do compact florescent lights (CFL) have to do with this story?


You seem to be the only one "bashing" anyone.

How can you so lovingly defend one group, and show such bigotry to another?

Of course Jesus would have gone to Chick-Fil-A the other day. He promised us (Christians) that "For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them".

And by the way, it had EVERYTHING to do with free speech.

This whole poll sounds fishy

I not only think, I know he was there!!! I know it's hard for some you to get it, but the fact is people like you don't have the sense to know what the issues are about. Has nothing to do with ignorance except that you are the ignorant one who doesn't know how to process the facts. I will bet you are a Democrat as well! Does that make me hate you, no! This issue has never been about anything other than a person expressing his GOD given right to let the public know his position on marriage. Has nothing to do with bashing or any hateful act as you propose. That's the way it is and I hope you find the LOVE of Jesus one day!!! Fill free to answer, it is your right!!

Hey...Guest 61246

Hey...Guest 61246...If Gays, Black Panthers, KKK, and all of the rest have the right to assemble...why can't Christians? The heads of many corporations feel they need to approve "gayness" in order to sell their product, but the head of Chic-fil-a comes out and gives his true, heartfelt message, and all of the sudden he's bashing? That sounds like descrimination to me. You can hold Gay parades, KKK marches, have Black Entertainment Television, etc., but a Christian cannot open their mouth in this country? People who have knowledge of the Christian faith and it's Bible, KNOW that GOD does not change from the Old Testament to the New. He is the same Holy, Righteous God from the beginnning to the end AND declares homosexuality an abomination. Just because YOU have no morals, doesn't mean you should bash (using your word) the only surviving segment of this society that are God's children. There are more of us out here than you think.


We agree with Guest 61246 100%. We are a Senior man & wife married couple who went to CFL once in a while. After this, never again. If Mike Huckabee and Fox TV hadn't stirred up all the religious rights nothing would have happened. Now those of us who believe in equal rights have to make our stand too.


What about the equal rights of Christians to assemble to express their own viewpoints? Or do you draw the line at only gays being allowed to do that?

First Amendment

Secondly, If you are going to invoke the first amendment you must agree to the entire first amendment.

First Amendment
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

You did read the first part of the amendment right? No law respecting an establishment of religion... Well what would you call same sex marriage laws, but a law respecting the belief system of christianity...