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North Carolinians split ideologically on Chick-Fil-A


RALEIGH, NC (PUBLIC POLICY POLLING) -- As controversy has swirled around fast food chicken chain Chick-Fil-A due to ownership's outspoken opposition to same-sex marriage, a new poll from Public Policy Polling finds North Carolina voters split sharply in their approval of the company along ideological lines.

Voters have an overall favorable view of Chick-Fil-A, with 68 percent holding a favorable view of the restaurant and 22 percent unfavorable. However much of the positive feelings are driven by almost unanimous support among voters who describe themselves as "very conservative" voters, who view CFA favorably by a 92-3 margin and "somewhat conservative" voters who view them favorably by a 96-1 margin. Moderate voters view the chain favorably by a 62-24 margin. Voters who describe themselves as "somewhat liberal" are split, with 44 percent viewing CFA favorably and 43 percent unfavorably. Finally, "very liberal" voters have a majority unfavorable view of the chain – 56 percent unfavorable and just 21 percent favorable. By contrast, while rival chains Bojangles (63 percent fav, 13 percent unfav) and Kentucky Fried Chicken (60 percent fav, 18 percent unfav) held similar overall favorability ratings to Chick-Fil-A, there was not nearly as much of a split along ideological lines.

Click here to see the full poll and crosstabs

Chick-Fil-A still takes the prize as North Carolina's favorite fast food chicken restaurant, with 40 percent choosing them, 23 percent picking KFC and 18 percent opting for Bojangles. Once again, majorities of "somewhat conservative" and "very conservative" voters chose Chick-Fil-A, while "very liberal" voters chose KFC (43 percent), Bojangles (18 percent) and even "something else" (17 percent) over Chick-Fil-A (11 percent). Similarly, Republicans prefer CFA over Bojangles by a 58-17 margin, while Democrats like KFC best (30 percent) with CFA second (25 percent).

White voters choose Chick-Fil-A over KFC as their favorite chicken joint by a 44 percent-21 percent margin, while black voters prefer KFC over CFA by a 36 percent-21 percent margin.

PPP also asked voters about their favorite fast food hamburger chains. While majorities of NC voters had favorable opinions about McDonald's (59-23), Burger King (52-27) and Hardees (52-27), Wendy's had by far the highest favorability rating (72-13). Voters also chose Wendy's as their favorite burger chain, with 35 percent choosing them, 23 percent taking McDonald's, 15 percent Burger King and 13 percent Hardee's.

PPP surveyed 813 likely North Carolina voters from August 2 to 5. The margin of error for the survey is +/-3.4%. This poll was not paid for or authorized by any campaign or political organization. PPP surveys are conducted through automated telephone interviews.

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think we should send all the gay dudes to one state, give them say Northern Cali, then send all the gay dudettes to Southern Cali...let nature takes its place. You just hate straight people because YOU NEED US!

Your so ignorant it's scary.

Your so ignorant it's scary. First off who is hating now. Oh, let's corral all the gays and make them live in California... you sir are beyond ridiculous. Secondly I don't need anyone except my wife... That's right you assuming ignorant bigot. I'm heterosexual, and have been married for going on four years. I just choose not to be a assuming ignorant bigot, you should try it sometime. Wake up "Dude" and smell the coffee just like your kind couldn't win the war on interracial marriages your going to lose this one as well.

You can't argue an argument

You can't argue an argument with an argument. No one said you couldn't assemble... If who... where? No one stopped you from going to CFA. Just like no one is going to stop people on the other side of the argument from vocalizing their opinions. It's funny how you Christians can take a stand, but as soon as someone takes a stand on the other side of your principle you automatically think your stand is being oppressed... Ridiculous...

Sorry, but

No one says we can't assemble, but when we do they rake us over the coals. If we try to make our voices heard, again we get raked over the coals. But gays can march in parades and kiss openly in the street and no one says a word.

Sorry, but to me that's one-sided. You're basically saying that it's OK for gays to advertise their viewpoints, but not Christians. It should work both ways. No one kept the gays from having a national "kiss-in" at Chick-Fil-A two days later; but, the Christians get blasted for just going in and buying a chicken sandwich in support of their viewpoint. If anything's ridiculous pal, it's your own views.

Cry me a river and grow a

Cry me a river and grow a pair... Poor christians are always the victim... always persecuted. Give me a break! It's completely okay for the church the assemble as it is for gays... go have a church parade... I could care less. Organize a heterosexual "Kiss In" at your local gay club... Just stop the victim crap.


its also funny that those demanding tollerance...are being INTOLERANT

It must be awesome being as

It must be awesome being as ignorant as you sir. no one is being intolerant. and you act as if Gays need your permission for something... They don't answer to you, or I, or anyone for that matter.

Yes he fact he

Yes he fact he would have been first in line.

No not really

There isn't anything particularly unusual about the results. Maybe guest1246 you don't happen to understand where you are at. This is the Bible belt. Contrary to what you read in all the newspapers and see on TV most people here don't approve of homosexuality and they get tired of it being stuck in their faces all the time be a very small minority of people.
Just like you said the owner of the company has every right to his opinion as anyone else does. People that agreed with him showed up to support that fact and the fact that they have the same opinion. The company doesn't discriminate against homosexuals working or eating there and if homosexuals don't want to eat there they can go someplace else. It's that simple.

Maybe we should all just be

Maybe we should all just be good little homosexuals and hide in the closet, then? I don't get how you say we "rub it in your face" when most gay people I know almost never express public affection like other couples out of fear of being harrassed or beaten up.

Or arrested...

As unnatural, homosexual acts are against the law. Good to know.

What rock have you been living under?

Gov Mule... you do know what a mule is right? A cross breed of a horse and an A**. I think you take favor of the A** a bit more. You have so stupidly stated that Homosexual acts are not just unnatural but against the law. First off produce such law... I would like to read it... you ignorant, bigot. Secondly their are over 1.5 million species that have homosexual behavior so good luck proving it's unnatural... Please educate yourself sir, because your comments reflect the name you have so appropriately bestowed yourself.

Of course I cant prove it

Of course I cant prove it now but,
one day you will remember that you made fun of "Bible thumpers" I only hope that by then you have come to know the Lord.

That's pure Baloney. It had

That's pure Baloney. It had everything to due with free speech. Just ask Rahm Emanuel.

"Our culture has accepted

"Our culture has accepted two huge LIES. The first is that if you disagree with someone's lifestyle, you must fear them or hate them. The second is that to love someone means you agree with everything they believe or do. BOTH are nonsense. You don't have to compromise convictions to be compassionate" rick warren

Don't know if.....

I applaud your point, but don't know if I'd be quoting Rick Warren. He's in favor of merging Islam with Christianity. The two sides of the coin can never merge. They are diametrically opposed in principle. However, it is a point well taken and if convictions were real they could not be compromised.