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B.J. Wright trial delayed as attorney withdraws, new investigation starts


WHITEVILLE, NC (WWAY) -- A judge has delayed the trial for a young man with ties to R.C. Soles before testimony started.

The trial was continued after the judge granted a request by B.J. Wright's attorney Scott Dorman to withdraw from the case. Dorman would not comment on why quit the case. Because the jury had not yet been sworn in, it is not considered a mistrial.

Also, the Columbus County Sheriff's Office says the judge has asked for an investigation into possible jury tampering in the case.

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I wish BJ could have gotten

I wish BJ could have gotten the help he needed before it got this bad for him.

Jury Tampering and the defense lawyer quits

Hmm RC up to his old tricks again??

How is there jury tampering?

no jury has been sworn in

Surf - they had been

Surf - they had been selected, just not sworn in yet.


Scott Pickey
WWAY News Director

But Scott

how can there be jury tampering when the jury has not been seated and sworn?

NC Statue


As much as I love your way of thinking and hate the thought of ever disagreeing with you, I submit the following for clarification (which, may, should have been included in the story after just a small amount of research by the reporter):

North Carolina addresses the concept of "Jury Tampering" in North Carolina General Statue 14-225.2. In this statue a "juror" is defined as, "a grand juror or a petit juror and includes a person who has been drawn or has been summoned to attend as a prospective juror".

The defense attorney could have been having coffee with a friend, before trial, and discussed the case with a "summoned or prospective juror" sitting within earshot. Something that benign could be construed as, "Jury Tampering"

That is just my, speculative, observation.

Wilmington Observer


Why should it (what you posted) been included in the story? Surf was the only one asking about it.

Only One?

"Surf" was the only one asking by, actually, taking the time to post his question. That is one of the reasons that the local media allows postings; to take the pulse of the community in which they serve.

If, for example, "Surf" posts comments showing that he is not in favor of a tax funded baseball stadium in Wilmington, do you think that he is the only (WWAY) reader who holds those views?? Do you think he is the only person (WWAY reader and non WWAY reader)who holds those views?

Depending on the demographics of a community, each "post" can represent the views, ideals and concerns of thousands of people therefore, the local media SHOULD take each post seriously (and not censure them like WWAY does).

I promise you that if "Surf" did not understand the jury tampering situation could be extended to summoned, potiential jurors, he was not the only reader whom would have benefited from a little research and explanation by the writer.

Wilmington Observer

Don't ever worry

about disagreeing with me. I'm human and can admit my errors.

Unlike some baseball proponents who, when faced with their false or misleading statements, just throw a new spin on their old words.

I really think they, and all politicians, should read Dante's Inferno.

I really love that you keep

I really love that you keep finding ways to inject that stupid baseball stadium into the various discussions. Keep up the good work.

It's on The Ballot

What a shame, you don't get a vote!!

Tampering w/ the jury pool...

Tampering w/ the jury pool...