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FIRST ON 3: WAAV parts ways with Curtis Wright


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Conservative talk radio host Curtis Wright no longer works at WAAV Radio, according to Program Director Mike Farrow.

Wright had been at the station for almost two years.

Before that, he was morning host at The Big Talker FM, but was fired in early 2010, and eventually replaced by Chad Adams.

Wright returned to the airwaves on WAAV several months later.

No word on the reason for Wright's departure or his plans for the future.

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WOW!!! Isn't it funny how

WOW!!! Isn't it funny how the libs are so quick to consider people who don't think EXACTLY as they do as something inferior to themselves. Heaven forbid that an opposing view could be expressed ANYWHERE much less on the airwaves!!! So WHAT if Curtis is abrasive in his approach. He is just like a lot of people on the conservative side, we're tired of having to keep silent about how we feel. You libs are the IDIOTS who are willing to hand over this wonderful country of ours to the likes of barack obama and his cronies who want nothing more than to DESTROY it. If you don't like listening to Curtis, I might remind you that they put options on those radios for a reason. If you don't like what's playing, then CHANGE IT!!! How stupid are you to keep listening to something that offends your delicate little pea brain???

Silence was preferable...

Don't know what was going on with WAAV's signal this audio. Strictly silence...which was preferable to Curtis Wright.

Now, "Tired of Libs"...I hate to burst your bubble, but I lean right and consider myself a fiscal conservative. It's just that I can see through both extremes brand of lies and refuse to swallow them like bait. An independent means I can think for myself and determine truth and common sense...unlike birdbrain simpletons who can't muster an original thought unless it is the party line. If you can't deviate from hardline party platform on conservative issues, why do you even have a brain. It's apparent you can't think for yourself. (Hmmm...Curtis says this...then this must be how to think.)

Useful idiots are everywhere, and apparently both sides have them.

Maybe he and Pantano can go

Maybe he and Pantano can go into business together.

Great idea, only

Pantano doesn't work!

Talk Radio

What is going on? First the Big Talker dumps all of it's good shows except one. Now WAAV seems to be going in the same direction. I did not care for Curtis but at least he was local. Really have no reason to listen to local radio these days other than Chad Adams. Maybe one of the stations that doesn't have much of a listener base might want to go into talk radio. Wilmington is wide open for a good talk radio station. They could call themselves "THE REAL BIG TALKER".

Curtis, Jr.

Well, at least we still have Tyler Cralle. Has anyone notice Smerconish makes Cralle sound smart? Thats how far Big Talker has fallen.

Cralle who?

Just a CW wannabe. Maybe they should have got rid of them both.

Back to doing 4am crop reports

don't let the screen door catch your butt on your way out of town!

Speaking of the Big Talker

How's that working out for them now. Chad is the only local program and to make it worse they removed the 2 other decent shows on the air in Hannity and Mark Levin (Thank God for XM Radio) so now I have no reason to even tune to 93.7 I can just remove it from my presets completely.. That whackjob Dave Ramsey who's deluding people into thinking you can live life without any credit rating is doing people a disservice. I agree you shouldnt run up massive debt credit cardwise but reality is debt is unavoidable in this life unless your a trustfund baby and inherit a bunch of money. The key is to show responsibilty and be reponsible. Even Clark Howard would cringe at Ramsey's comments about credit cards being evil when in fact CCs offer tons more protection then any debit card. Somebody steals your debit card or you get into a dispute with a merchant you have sometimes little to no recourse unlike with a CC.. Sorry Dave but your dead wrong on many things.

good for 980!

I stopped listening to 980 when Ronda Belamy and Harvard Jennings vanished. I love the new big talker! Sean Hannity is worse than Curtis Wright, but I do miss Clark Howard.
Dave Ramsey is a great show and helps many people get right with their money and life. I live without debt and love it!

Hopefully Curtis will fade from the radio world never to be heard from again.


I agree with you 100%. I stopped listening when they took off Neil.. and I already did take them off preset ...
I don't know what their prograsm director was thinking, but they are losing listeners.. Everyone that I have spoken with said the same thing.. they all stopped turning into the big talker..

Oh well thats Wilmington for you

Credit Card - Dave Ramsey

I live without credit card debt I am much better off financially after living Dave's plan. Hopefully one day you can be debt free too, but it won't happen with that attitude.

Harvard Jennings

Bring Harvard back!!!!


I saw Curtis with 2 people at The College Diner on S College yesterday at lunchtime. (Couldnt help but hear him his mouth was running non-stop basically). I wonder if the lunch meeting had something to do with his leaving the station. While I may not agree with 100% of what he says (although I do agree with most) you have to admit the guy stands for his convictions and beliefs unlike alot of people in this town who are spineless sponges.

Confidently Wrong

Standing for your convictions may be an admirable quality...but that doesn't mean your convictions are always right. Hitler stood for his convictions. Nobody could accuse Hitler of being spineless.

Now...I'm not comparing one with the other, just illustrating a point. There are all sorts of fools, evil, short-sided, and blustery folks who "stand on their convictions."

For a number of years, I sat on a panel which evaluated people for a great responsibility. If they passed the panel (made up of a number of subject matter experts) they would go on to positions of great responsibilty where they would be in charge of the lives of many individuals with serious responsibilities.

Every now and then, a candidate would come in full of conviction. He would be asked a series of questions on a variety of subjects.
Many of them were, as I labeled them, confidently wrong. They were confident they knew answer and would try to bulldoze or bluster you. Many were quite confident in themselves.

The best candidates were the ones that didn't always know the answer and didn't try to buffalo you, but indicated they would go try and find the answer and give you a sense of where they would go to look.

Curtis Wright wouldn't have passed. He knows the answer...and he is often wrong, but confidently so.

Mention "Hitler" Instant loss of credibility

Obviously, you're from the sticks...and have never heard of the 'Hitler Rule'. It's been out there appx 10-15 years.



"Obviously, you're from the sticks..." Pot, meet kettle. (Shallote, really?)

Just because some idiom shows up on Urban doesn't mean it is less true. I think you may have missed the point entirely.

Wow...WAAV did listen?! In

Wow...WAAV did listen?! In my opinion Curtis Wright is a anti-American unChristian illmannered lowbrow. You'd have to be a real knuckle-dragger to tune in and listen to his daily paranoid rants and insults. I hope he packs up and moves away, he's symtomatic of what's wrong with society now-a-days. I much preferrred the old show with Harvard that actually "discussed" subjects and worked towards a solution.

I agree. Curtis W is a

I agree. Curtis W is a blight to the community. He couldn't hold his own in a civil debate with much of anybody with average smarts. All he could do was insult, name call or hang-up?? I mean who tunes in for a show like that?! If you heard one show you pretty much heard them all. I'm glad WAAV finally fired him, perhaps I'll start listening again. Btw, I'm guessing by the silence on both parts that this must involve something. He may have crossed the line with some of his hate speech or "suggested" the wrong thing about the wrong person?

Too much anti-baseball Talk

This type of show has a short life.

Curtis wright

I've been a LONG time listener of Wright and I appreciated his appreciation for the constitution and standing up for the American way and alot of the people who bash him and actually think our president is even doing half of a decent job then get educated and get your head out of your a$$ and turn the TV from football or basketball every once in a while and see what this man has truely done to this country and I am one who used to listen to The Big Talker all day then I went to 980 for half the day and now I no longer listen to either. You guys are truely heading south and I promise your thought that you can take away conservitive talk shows and make anything out of liberal talk! They are so scripted and boring and one sided it is pathetic and the radio waves in Wilmington are turning into a socialist wave like our tv channels already are and news (or No News) paper. Good luck, I'll just tune in with my iPhone and screw the trash radio in this town!

980 Clean again

Thank you for removing Hatred and Hitler from the Air Waves
980 should hold its hea high.
Maybe news and music

I am listening to 980 once again
Keep up good work policing the garbage