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Obama to make case for voters to stick with him


CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) - Don't expect President Barack Obama to try to reinvent himself next week at the Democratic Party's national convention.

Instead, he and a slew of his defenders will seek to convince voters to stick with the president they know rather than gamble on someone new, a challenging task given that most Americans say the country is heading in the wrong direction.

Obama's target audience is the small sliver of undecided voters in battleground states likely to make the difference in a contest that remains deadlocked just over two months from Election Day.

His campaign will also try to revive some of its insurgent, grassroots appeal from 2008, turning to technology to let people across the country participate in the convention - and help Obama's team collect more data on voters.

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Please use your brains, folks

After proving that he couldn't handle the mess in 2009, WHAT makes you think he can handle it in 2013, now that it's twice as bad?


Hoping for Change in 2012

Wilmington Observer

I voted for Obama last time but...

I won't do it again. Romney/Ryan have my vote. Romney has executive experience in government and the private sector and has been generous with his time - including forfeiting his salary as Governor of Massachusetts. Ryan has extensive legislative experience I'd argue is the most well informed person on Capitol Hill. Watching him discuss economic issues is like listening to an economics professor. This is the best qualified ticket that I've ever seen. It's a shame these two didn't run and win in 2008 instead of the media mirage we elected.


i voted for this guy in 2008 but won`t do it again...mccain/palin scared the hell out of me they seemed way to radical. but now we have a republican/business man that i think will do a pretty good job with the economy and not start any new wars . odumbo is clueless and relies on his "advisors" waaaaay too much . i think he has a
snowballs` chance in a thermo-nuclear blast of getting re-elected .

Bob, I implore you to do


I implore you to do some research about what Governor Romney did while he was Governor of Mass. you may soon realize that this "Businessman" isn't what he is cracked up to be in the legislative "Business". He left Mass. in a debt, and was 47th in job creation... truth is Mitt Romney has not a clue on how to create jobs but he would have you believe he does... until elected... He has laid out ZERO plans that would accomplish job creation. Please do some fact checking of your own... Also look up President Obama, and see what he has actually done for the country... not just what the news outlets are telling you.

John, I implore you to explain

John, why is it okay for you to say that G.W Bush can't put together two sentences or that it is okay to call Romney Tweedledum but you delicate senses are offended if I call Obammy a clown???? Can you just do the right thing and admit you're a hypocrite? Come on now you can do it buttercup. The first step is admitting you have the problem in the first place.

Not the President's Job

Why does everyone think "creating jobs" is the job of the President?? The President does not hire people, businesses do and the businesses, here in America, are sitting on TRILLIONS of dollars but afraid to spend any of it due to this President's positions regarding businesses. Since this President does not believe that I built my own business and believes that I should share my wealth with others I am scared to do anything with my savings other than to save it for a rainy day (or in this case a rainy four more years of this President's anti business policy). When Governor Romney is elected President, you will see businesses start to spend money, creating new jobs because there will be a President who understand how businesses are run and will do away with policies which stiffle business (job) growth.

I bet you, also, think that the President wakes up every morning and sets that day's gasoline prices.

Wilmington Observer

I agree the President

I agree the President doesn't directly create jobs, but they do create policy which allows for job creation... Mitt Romney has been very vocal about his ability to create jobs... I just wished he could have put those abilities into practice when he was Gov of Mass. Since he was 47th in job creation... I would say he knows just as much about Job creation as Snoop Dogg knows about Tea Parties...


I lived in Mass while he was governor there.
Loved his medical coverage which is still very well liked.
He raised fees multiple times and did cut taxes - neither of which created jobs. Its the theory that's wrong not the man. Budgets were balanced using magic and still are by both parties. debt did increase.
A pack of smokes saw increases of over $2 per pack to help pay for the healthcare law. And although that hurt smokers in the long run the number of lung cancer cases have stabilized in Mass.

He should be proud of his accomplishments as governor. I would rate him as one of the better ones.


Simple Fact

Just for the record, I am MUCH better off than I was four years ago. Obama/Biden 2012!


My last quarter taxes were paid on time, enjoy the entitlements...

Doesn't count

Just because you get more welfare, food stamps, cell phones and all the other tax payer funded giveaways, doesn't mean you are better off. It just means more of my money is being used to support you.

Well gusty, that was an

Well gusty, that was an asinine thing to say. You don't know this person our their financial state. You just assume because someone isn't suffering that are living on the government tip... wrong again! Keep your prejudice comments to yourself.

Why John?

Why should he keep his comments to himself? Are you the self appointed moderator? Don't you have some grazing to do? Just face facts buttercup, it is all over. Americans are not willing to except failure any longer. The clown will be back in Chicago real soon.

Sorry John

But welcome to reality. Stick around a little.

Well here's a little reality

Well here's a little reality for you if twiddle dee and twiddle dumb get elected and your medicare goes voucher don't come crying to me when you can't pay for your medical bills... You'll be begging for Obamacare then...

I don't beg for a damn thing

I don't beg for a damn thing, I work for what I have, always have and always will. You dems just keep holding your hand out for freebies, those days are about over. So it is okay to call a former Governor and current presidential candidate twiddle dumb, but in your hypocrite mind we can't call Obammy a clown? hahaha yeah right. It is time for the silent majority to become very vocal and put you sheep back in the fields. The grass needs grazing, why are you just sitting around?

Yea, no

Government run health care? No thank you. Please name one government run program that is efficient, either in time (speed of process) or cost? None. I'll stick with my private insurance and you can keep the change.

Guesty nails it.

Guesty nails it.

Trying to reinvent the economy

Obama's failed fiscal policies and Ben Bernanke's quanatative easing spells doom for the value of our dollar , therefore do not expect a course correction with our sick economy. The dollars in your wallet will have less buying power as each day passes under this regime. Obama has absolutely no executive or management experience prior to becoming President and it certainly shows. He could not manage a Dairy Queen much less be given the reigns to the most powerful nation in the world. Now whether we still have this status is debatable. The Obamanator was on the job when we lost our triple A credit rating and rating agencies knew this tax and spend liberal would not instill confidence in the market.

Obama is not one of us , regardless of party affiliation. The Kool-Aid drinkers think otherwise , but he will betray them also. Let's help Obama in his pursuit of being a PGA qualifer.

Fact check

The country lost it's triple a rating because members of both parties in Congress were too intransigent to compromise on anything and in effect did nothing instead. Everyone knows that.

Guy's like you spewing out incorrect rhetorical nonsense instead of some common sense really don't help yourselves very much. You're your own worst enemy and aren't worth a tinker's dam to those you're purportedly attempting to help. You'd be twice as helpful if you said nothing.

Your post is completely

Your post is completely devoid of facts. Just opinion presented as facts. Basically what you accuse the original poster of. Thats makes you a typical, run of the mill, hypocrite liberal. The dollar is worth less because one arm of the Feds bought up the debt of another arm of the feds. Not being on the gold standard means the dollar is worth what people think it's worth. And with Obummers banana republic financing strategies, it has lost value. In other words your food stamps buy less beer and cigarettes. Doesn't this make you mad???

Facts? You can't handle the facts.

To QUOTE (as in fact) from the Standard & Poor's decision to lower the U.S. credit rating from AAA to AA+ :

"•Since then, we have changed our view of the difficulties in bridging the gulf between the political parties over fiscal policy, which makes us pessimistic about the capacity of Congress and the Administration to be able to leverage their agreement this week into a broader fiscal consolidation plan that stabilizes the government's debt dynamics any time soon."

Those are the facts, Jack.

As to the typical, hypocrite liberal label: Like a lot of rhetorical idiots on both sides of the political spectrum, you're big on bombast and short on brains. In actuality, I would be defined as a moderate Republican, just to the right of an independent. I've worked since I was 15, own my own small business and have for years, don't smoke, and have never put a dollar in my bank account that I didn't earn myself.

What DOES make me mad are fools like yourself and the fool you're defending. If you think you can win someone over by just spewing rhetoric and nasty child-like pseudo-phrases instead of actual facts you're kidding yourself. I see fanatics like you on both sides of the political spectrum and have exactly zero respect for any of you. Not only do your type inject an unnecessary ugliness into everything political, you actually hurt your own position with your over-the-top nastiness. In other words, you're all just a giant waste of time.

Then I hope as a small biz

Then I hope as a small biz owner you don't use certain imported woods or you'll be raided and have your assets seized like Gibson Guitar, ot that you do higher all the transpervents that apply so you don't get investigated by the DOJ. Those are what happens good people comprise on principal and cut deals with socialist. AND don't talk smack about the government or congress will investigate you just like S&P. More facts for you.

It took Bush and the

It took Bush and the Republicrats 8 years to destroy the economy yet some people seem to think President Obama should be able to correct the mess in 4 years with a "do nothing Congress"??? Let's at least be fair in our critzism. I might could see voting for Romney if he was going to take a different direction than the last bunch of Republican idiots but based on what he's said thus far it sounds like he wants to just return to the same failed policies of the past.


The "Blame it on Bush" policy is not working anymore. Americans are sick of hearing the BS. We want results not finger pointing. Obama said he could fix it in THREE years, he has made it even worse. A sheep like you wouldn't vote for Romney no matter what was currently going on in the USA, so please don't try to sell us that line either. Here is the bottom line...We are in deep trouble, Obama has been unable to get us back on track, it is time to find someone who can. We need a president that takes responsibility for his leadership or lack thereof. Remember the old saying "The Buck Stops Here"? That is the kind of leader we need. Maybe then we wouldn't have to hear you sheep whimpering all the time. We are sick of you trying to convince us that it is anyone's fault but the man at the helm. In case you have missed the polls, it ain't flying anymore.


lets not forget that the Democrats were in control for the last TWO years of Bush's term. PLUS had COMPLETE control of Congress AND the Presidency for enough time to do what they wanted.

Also, a DO NOTHING CONGRESS IS A GOOD THING! IT means ONLY the best legislation that BOTH sides completely agree on will get thru Congress. Otherwise you have something like Obamacare get crammed down your throat! Its NEVER GOOD when one side can run the table in both the Senate and House. Its best to have sides and odds and NOTHING get passed unless it fits the smell test!

But lets be fair President

But lets be fair President Bush didn't do very much but play golf in his last two years... it was as if he took those two years off anyway... he was driving America asleep at the wheel

"fair in our criticism" are

"fair in our criticism" are you kidding me? You're entire premise is based on a lie. It took forty years of democrat finagling to destroy the housing market with easy credit. It took 7 years for al-quida's war (mostly under Clinton) to strike at America. The average recession last 18 months, but painfully longer when democrat's centralized, communist-style government is calling the shots. If you want indefinite liberal polices controlling your life move to Cuba.

Not fair

The last time I checked communist government was not very liberal. Remember 2 wars, Financial collapse, loss of 3.8 million jobs, auto bailout, TARP, etc.? These were all republican screw ups, so don't blame it on anyone but your good buddy, The One Who Can't Be Named(GWB).