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Obama to make case for voters to stick with him


CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) - Don't expect President Barack Obama to try to reinvent himself next week at the Democratic Party's national convention.

Instead, he and a slew of his defenders will seek to convince voters to stick with the president they know rather than gamble on someone new, a challenging task given that most Americans say the country is heading in the wrong direction.

Obama's target audience is the small sliver of undecided voters in battleground states likely to make the difference in a contest that remains deadlocked just over two months from Election Day.

His campaign will also try to revive some of its insurgent, grassroots appeal from 2008, turning to technology to let people across the country participate in the convention - and help Obama's team collect more data on voters.

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If you'd bother to educate

If you'd bother to educate your self you'd hear how much Obummer and Marx sound alike. Communism, liberalism, socialism - they are all just slight variations on the overbearing central government theme. And those 2 wars helped keep you and your fellow Occuweenies safe. It's spelled out in the Constitution, that you hate, the Fed's job is to fight wars to protect it's citizens. And the finacial collapse is directly traceable to the easy credit in the housing market as dictated by Democrats. Tarp and Auto bailouts were definitely bad ideas, but is was Obummer who kicked it into high gear with the stimulus package, that stimulated his well connected fundraiser buddies.

I'll help

with some more examples. "Mission Accomplished", using plastic to protect yourself from anthrax, Iraq War, Job loss, Tax breaks for the rich, "You're doing a great job, Brownie", the New Orleans flyover, continuing to read with schoolkids for 17 minutes after the World Trade Center bombings and then flying around the U.S. all day looking like an idiot, lying about weapons of mass destruction, Halliburton's war profiteering, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, deficit spending to finance two wars, etc. I could go on and on.

You sir are a flat out liar

First off moron it was five minutes of reading to the children after he was informed, what should he have done different? Maybe he should have jumped in his F-16 that awaited for him in the parking lot and went and shot down all the bad guys right? Dumb-ass! As if Obammy has done anything better, this guy is a complete clown. Time to run the circus out of town.

That can't be

all you have now is it, cupcake?

Syn Battle and Malcolm X expose Rick Ross

You fool me once.....

I voted for the hope and change in 2008. But was I fooled. I was fooled by the prince of fools. Instead of hope or change we got a bunch of lies, division, blame, and many broken promises. Most of all Obama exhibited the unmistakable characters of a dictator. He is tha master of telling us one think while reality is the complete opposite. Broken promises, employment over 8%. Gitmo is still open, national debt increased 5 trillion, poverty increased, welfare slavery increased, health care premiums went up, we are not better off than 4 years ago, and it is all about the economy, stupid. I am tired of Obama and his crowd blaming everybody else and not take responsibility. So this time I am not voting for him. Fool me once it is your fault, fool me twice it is mine.

Open eyes...

I just hope the voting majority opens there eyes and see the truth for what it really is, and not the spin that the opponent has brought forward or the media... Truth is you can take just about any situation and blame it or spin it on leadership... Hence the recent attacks on President Obama. Has he been an awful President? Absolutely not. Would the GOP, or Fox News want you to think he has... of course they do... They don't win elections by agreeing... and lets face it for the last thirty years every four years we have a pissing contest between the elephant and the donkey... It sickens me when I see people willing to spread so much propaganda without any factual information to back it up... Allow me to lay out so simple truths...

President Obama is the most disrespected President of my lifetime. Since his first day in the WH the GOP has had a plan to make life difficult for him to lead... little people know 20 Rep. leadership including Paul Ryan had a dinner the night President Obama was sworn in and hatched a plan to create divisive and counter-productive measures to make sure anything President Obama did to move the country along was shot down. And that's a fact... Truth is .... people blame President Obama for the economy's slow recovery... well what about the Republicans in the house and senate that have "shot down" the President's plan's... how can he be blamed when all of his ideas never make it past them... They should be the ones with the burden of guilt because they failed to act in the best interest of America... they decided to make us suffer so they could prove their point and show party loyalty so they can get Mitt Romney in office...

Another Truth... The economy's falter happened under 8 years of President Bush's leadership... who could have fully recovered the economy in four years for what took President Bush 8 years to create?? The answer NO ONE! Open your eyes, and see that only you can decide the truth. Don't let others decide it for you.

Your Logic

Using your logic, after President Romney's first four years we will be able to blaim any failures on the current President??

Wilmington Observer


I agree, the nerve of some people, how dare they blame things on the guy leading. Really? Are you that much of a follower? If you are unable to lead, then get the hell out of the way and let someone else give it a whirl. Obama is disrespected because he is nothing more than a damn clown. What does that make you for following him?

Thank you.

Thank you for making my point Grand ole Idiot... I'm so glad that your breed are dying out... You just referred to the President of the United Staes of America as a "Damn Clown" you sir are repulsive... your grandpappy must have owned slaves and you can't stand that your President is an African American... your kind make me sick... you have absolutely ZERO evidence of anything you accuse President Obama for, yet you throw him under the bus because you feel he is inferior to you, and a White man should be calling the shots... Admit it... Truth is Mitt Romney has been dodging the facts from day one, and will do the same if elected...He has given not one idea for job creation in this campaign... At least President Obama has the balls to say this is my plan I want to try this we have evidence this could work... but no the Republican Senate and House shut him down at every chance they get... not because they think his ideas are bad... they do it because they believe they are so close to getting Romney in that he can put forth these same ideas and they can get credit for it... we are no longer fighting for what's right for America we are fighting for who gets credit for the best ideas... It's really sad.

You are absolutely correct

You are absolutely correct that Grand Ole Party should not have called Obama a damn clown. It is an insult to all clowns everywhere.

Better go back

and check the numbers. The Senate has been controlled by the Democrats throughout his administration. The House has only been Republicn led for 2 years.

But of course, when all else fails, throw out the race card.

I bet....

I bet you disliked Bush, and thus you are a racist right? Or just another ignorant hypocrite. No one is buying that racist crap from you libs anymore. Sell it else where. Yes I called the current leader of the USA a clown, he is what he is. How can you say he has balls? All he has done for the last four years is blame Bush for his epic failure as a leader. What happened to "The Buck Stops Here"? Romney is our only hope at this point. You and the rest of the flock can continue to follow this pork hater, I have better sense. As for my breed dying out...Well maybe you should look at the current trend, I am afraid you and the liberal lot you came from is a thing of yesterday. The loud and obnoxious minority has awoken the silent majority, it's time to shut you whining fools down for a bit.

All that you have awaken is

All that you have awaken is your own arrogance, and ignorance... I voted for Bush in his first term... HUGE mistake... I wanted him to succeed, but he didn't have "The Stuff" to be President. That's why you didn't see him at the RNC Convention they don't want him anywhere near Mitt Romney as he has embarrassed the party. Oh so President Obama has't done anything the last two years.... That's odd I remember he saved the American Auto Industry, the Financial Industry, Made Healthcare affordable, & got us the hell out of Iraq. Oh, and that little fact that he spear headed the attack and death of Osama Bin Laden. Also a report came out today that the housing market saw a 3.8% value increase in the last month largest in 6 1/2 years... Oh but President Obama hasn't done anything... Next up for the next four years is Immigration Reform, equal rights to marry for same sex couples, and education reform... Hold on tight Grand Ole Party... All sorts of good things lay ahead!!


The death of the liberal wing of the Democratic party has been reported prematurely. There are plenty of us in the US that feel he has been too moderate. Many people thought the republican idea of single payer health care was good and republicans did too until Democrats wanted it and then they didn't like it. How many years did the republicans try to blame President Clinton for 9-11 when Bush's own people told him it was getting ready to happen? People always blame the previous administration for the ills of their first term. When Obama gets his second term THEN you can blame him for all the nation's ills.
BTW, did you see housing sales had the biggest gain in 6 1/2 years?


I did not notice that housing sales had the biggest gain in 6 1/2 years, I was preoccupied with my every day living expenses such as fuel, food, etc. etc. Oops I forgot, none of that is Obammy's fault either.


Bush had eight months to deal with Al-Qaeda, Clinton had eight YEARS. You do remember the attacks by Al-Qaeda while Clinton was in office right? Or did you some how conveniently forget the actual facts? I don't have to wait for Obammy to serve a second term to blame him, do you remember him saying if he couldn't fix the problems he would be a one term president? Or did you forget that too? Do you recall him saying he would cut the deficit in half in his first term? Of course not. He is a failure of epic proportions. He will be a one and done president.


The facts are this man has not done what he said he would do and in fact he makes Jimmy Carter look like a wonderful and great President.

I bet you can't name one

I bet you can't name one logical thing President Obama has set out to do, and hasn't... I'm waiting...

What are we betting?

He set out to lead, and I can assure you he has failed. No worries though, once we boot him out of the White House he can do birthday parties, all he lacks is a little make-up and a red nose.

Still Nothing

If I wasted my time explaining it to you, you still would not believe it, but I'll bet the 23,000,000 people out of work would.


We a have race card player!!

I disrespect Obummer because

I disrespect Obummer because he disrespects America. I hope he fails at destroying America.

How exactly has President

How exactly has President Obama disrespected America? He only saved the Auto Industry (Which was one of America's first claims to fame). He saved the Financial Industry (That was really Un American)... He spear headed the attack on Osama Bin Laden (America's Enemy #1)... He has made healthcare affordable for US Citizens who couldn't afford it before (He is a horrible American)... He hasn't done anything but meet obstacle after obstacle since he was swore in, and he has met them head on. I applaud his tenacity. I'm a independent voter I have no party affiliation. I vote based on facts, and this President should be commended for his leadership instead of being disrespected by the likes of you... He is your President and you should respect the office at all times.

John, let's take 1 thing at

John, let's take 1 thing at a time, the auto bailout, how many employee's does GM have, then think how many are here in the US? got you thinkin? He basically bailed out the foreign companies about 5 to 1 on american jobs and still lacked 1 fundamental change, he never addressed the problem which got them where they are today, a lousy product, shoddy workmanswhip, and a failed leadership, they are not gonna survive when the tax dollars run out without a business plan change.

You also say he spearheaded an attack on Bin Laden, the only thing this guy ever attacked was our free way of life, our military and intelligence spearheaded this attack!!! and by the way, had Bill Clinton done his job there would have not been a Bin Laden to pursued, possibly preventing 9/11!

He has made healthcare affordable??? really??? He has mandated healthcare for everyone( excuse me, he has excluded a bunch of special interest corporations) and put in place tax penalty's for anyone not purchasing health ins. and armed people to collect these penalty's, he's also made it where a lot of small business's that struggle to provide health insurance have decided it is just cheaper to pay the penalty's and drop their coverage, whatever "KOOL-AID" you're on, give it a break and get it right in Nov! there's only 1 choice, vote, and vote Romney!


So, you are basing your decision to vote for Obama, because private companies mismanged their money and the FEDs had to bail them out?

Free Market. Where is my bailout? I am a taxpaying citizen and I deserve a bailout.

Instead, I get forced into paying a penalty(tax) because I don't have health care and, as a taxpayer, I do not agree with being forced to choose because of the affordable health care act says so.

This isn't 1939 Germany and the last time I checked, the Socialist party, also known as the Nazi's, are not in power.

But of course, democrats would have you believe that it is George W's fault.

Fact - America taxpayers got

Fact - America taxpayers got hosed on Checy stock. Cash for Clunkers put a huge hurting on the used car market. Save finical market??? Are you this oblivious to the news??? Lehnman Brothers, MF Global. As far as Bin-laden goes he caved into Hillary on that one. Affordable health care. Yes for government workers and other associated freeloaders but for those with real jobs like me, my health insurance has gone up. So that I can pay for the irresponsible behavior of others.

You really need to start working on your blame Romney slogans, a.k.a. lies.


Spoken like a true left wing liberal nut job! I would say President Bush was ONE of the most disrespected Presidents of all time...guess you don't remember that...BUT ITS ALL HIS FAULT!

Obama is a DICTATOR..PERIOD! He speaks about this and that and does TOTALLY the opposite! The America he wants IS NOT what our founding fathers built! HE HAS TO GO!

LOL... Jokes on you!

Guest 7969,

Haven't we met on here before... I believe once again you have jumped the gun... I am an unaffiliated voter. I endorse neither the Republican Party or the Democratic Party. I'm Independent, and vote based on fact, and principle. The correction to your defense to President Bush is he wasn't the most disrespected he was the most embarrassing!! So embarrassing that his own party doesn't invite him to their conventions anymore... Their is a difference. And YES the economy is where it is today because we had an inept President in office for 8 years.

President Obama is a dictator... you sir are amazingly delusional. Hitler was a Dictator... Stalin was a Dictator... "He speaks about this and that, and does TOTALLY the opposite" What are your sources for this statement? What has he been a hypocrite about?

You sir are whats wrong with America. You can't pull your head out of your own backside long enough to realize that we all have to work together if we are ever going to get anything productive done. President Obama has been met with opposition on every single piece of legislation he has proposed... How can he be held accountable for anything when all of his efforts are stalled due to a political party that has so divisively picked a fight against him. It's not President Obama's fault that narrow-minded people can't work for the better good for America even when there party representative isn't residing in the WH. If you can't agree with these simple factual truths you sir are lost to the brainwashing dumbing down of America by the Right Wing Bible Thumping Conservatives and there paid for media outlets...

Actually, the joke's on you

Guest 7969 never called you either a democrat or a republican. He/she referred to you as a "true left wing liberal nut job". No party affiliation is needed for that label.