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Obama to make case for voters to stick with him


CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) - Don't expect President Barack Obama to try to reinvent himself next week at the Democratic Party's national convention.

Instead, he and a slew of his defenders will seek to convince voters to stick with the president they know rather than gamble on someone new, a challenging task given that most Americans say the country is heading in the wrong direction.

Obama's target audience is the small sliver of undecided voters in battleground states likely to make the difference in a contest that remains deadlocked just over two months from Election Day.

His campaign will also try to revive some of its insurgent, grassroots appeal from 2008, turning to technology to let people across the country participate in the convention - and help Obama's team collect more data on voters.

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What was so embarrassing

What was so embarrassing about GW? Letting people keep more of the money they earned? Fighting islamofascism? I know its hip to be a Bush-hater and all the rage in Hollywood. Can't you aspire to be more substantive?

And for your education, the Nazis came to power through election: Hitler though appointment. Both under Germany 's political process. They spoke about the need for entitlement programs and how the rich fat cats had destroyed the economy, (sound familiar?). Once in power they started to mass control though government control and shear size of the government. So, no Hitler was not a dictator when he came to power, he just set himself up as one. Just like Obama is doing.

And count me as one opposing this dictator wanna-be.

President Bush was an

President Bush was an embarrassment because as the leader of the free world he could not put two sentences together the rest of the world laughed at us because our leader had the oral diction of a 4th grader. He also allowed himself to be duped into two wars when one is always enough. Then he had the gull to announce that the mission was "Accomplished" and after that speech on that aircraft carrier we are still fighting an unaccomplished war... He made these embarrassment. He also drove our debt to new heights never before seen which led to our global credit rating to take a hit for the first time, and our national economy to suffer the first great depression since the 20's...

However you and the likes of you like to place blame for these faults on President Obama. Again there is absolutely zero evidence for your Obama dictatorship agenda. He has done nothing but try and better this country through regulating those who can't regulate themselves... Deregulation is what caused the financial system to fail anyway because there was no one there to tell them when they stepped out of bounds. Your so radically intrenched in the propaganda you can't see the forrest for the trees.

The man flew fighter jets.

The man flew fighter jets. They don't let idiot (read democrats) fly fighter jets. He got higher grades at harvard than Kerry. And the mission was accomplished, the deposition of Hussein. Now we just need to dispose of one more Hussein.

But don't let facts cloud your cluelessness.


Obama had his chance to pull the nation out of recession and to unite the country. His policies have failed. Time for a change.

His polices have not

His polices have not failed... His policies would have to be enacted and put into practice before they could be deemed failures... you can thank your GOP led Senate, and House for their inability to act on President Obama's leadership for the slow recession...

Hopless with Change in my pocket

Obama's Presidency is an absolute failure. He is reminiscent of the ineffective and weak kneed President Jimmy Carter. Obama's primary focus during his first term was ramming Obamacare down our throats and implementing failed fiscal policies that have deeply mired the nation in debt. Obama's vision for American was influenced by Communist mentors during his early years and his socialist tendencies are being implemented throughout our government. Go see the documentary " 2016 " to confirm Obama's influences , which by the way do not align with our American values and traditions. There are many unknowns about Obama likewise they raise serious questions about his motivations and where he looks to take our nation. His actions thus far mirror those of European nations , who have established welfare states. Obama's admonishment that the private sector DID NOT BUILD IT confirms his belief that the private sector does not create wealth but the government , show his dysfunctional mentality. A mentality that will NEVER allow the economy to heal under his so-called leadership. Obama is a breed of politician that America has never seen before. By a new breed I am not being racist. Obama is sincere man who truly believes in his ideology but his governance is not going to ever allow our capitalist system to fluorish. He has a strong dislike for our institutions and despises the Constitution. He sees the Constitution as a serious impediment to implementing HIS vision. He speaks with forked tongue. His rhetoric does not ever result in positive outcomes. If you vote for Obama in 2012 , you have no one to blame but yourself for what will be a continuation of mediocrity and a stagnant economy. He is the CHIEF OF RACIAL AND CLASS DIVISION , which is intentional to create anomosity among the populace. He has a record of failure therefore his campaign will have to go heavily negative. You will have a far-left, lame duck President , who will go for broke trying to implement HIS vision of fundamental changes that HE feels are necessary to satisfy HIM ( THE NARCISSIST ).

Obamacare as it is called

Obamacare as it is called would be a non-topic had it not been for Chief Justice John Roberts, a republican appointee. He disappointed most republicans but they never bring up the fact that his single vote made Obamacare as it is called, possible, everyone knows that because it is a fact so give credit where credit is due!!

Obamacare IS a non-topic!!!

Obamacare IS a non-topic!!! how can't it be... Mitt Romney can't be seen in agreement with President Obama on any grounds and lets be honest Obamacare is the same healthcare plan Mitt Romney enacted in Mass when he was governor... It was his crowning achievement... the only good he did for that state... You can ask anyone who has lived in Mass for the last 15 yrs. Romney was a horrible Gov. He was 47th in job creation, he left the state a mountain of debt... his only sunny day as Gov was his Romneycare... CASE CLOSED

I am by no means a Romney

I am by no means a Romney supporter, and please don't take that to mean that I support Obama, but you have to take the whole picture into account when you talk about Romney's job creation. When he took over as governor the unemployment rate was 5.6%. At the end of his governorship the unemployment rate was 4.6% There was not much of a need to create jobs.

Thanks Robert Green,couldn't

Thanks Robert Green,couldn't have said it better myself.

If he couldn't handle it in 2009.....

...what makes you think that he can handle it in 2013, when it's much worse?

Obama did not fool me the

Obama did not fool me the first time. 2008 I didn't vote for him and will be at the polls this year to vote him out