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City Council meets, baseball discussed in closed session


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- The Wilmington City Council meet Tuesday night on the agenda a presentation on the Convention Center presented by General Manager Susan Eaton displaying awards and announcing business increases with 113 events in the past year, the convention center is on track to keep growing in 2013.

The biggest issue, baseball was not on the agenda, due to the city not having an agreement with Mandalay and the Braves. Councilman Kevin O'Grady says that does not mean the deal isn't progressing.

“Our lawyers have been working with the baseball lawyers over the past four weeks to try and resolve a couple of remaining items.” Councilman O’Grady told us. “ I understand we now have gotten a counter offer from baseball with provisions, we haven’t seen it yet. We need to see it, and we need to discuss it.”

And with that the city council was off to private discussions in closed session.

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stretch Drive

Everyone wants to see the proposal,tax-payer liability ASAP.


ANY taxpayer liability and this "deal" sours the voters.



Sales takes planning,persistance,effort and developing relationships.
This all takes time,be patient progress is being made.
People have little patience today,and patience is what is needed now,along with efforts.


Picture this for minute.
YOU take a job for a Widget manufacturer as a sales rep.
YOU see the market is declining for Widgets
Do you tell the boss to spend $57M in the face of declining sales for widgets?
Do you Chuck?

Of course not.
All the BS about our widgets are better than their widgets makes NO DIFFERENCE - the entire market is down. Some mfgs of widgets have gone into BK.

That's the convention center industry, as its performed since 1998 or so. Dwindling attendance, more people getting into the biz and others going into BK.
Yes under normal circumstances I would agree that sales take time to develop and that relationships have to be built with the customers buying your product.
But if the number of customers is decreasing and the amount their buying is decreasing does it make sense to get into the business?
The answer plainly is NO.
That's where we are at - we built our CC in the face of declining numbers of conventions and meetings, and the number of attendees at those declining numbers of conventions has decreased as well.

The REAL problem here is that how are we going to make the $88M it will take to pay this losing proposition off? You can figure it out - but you don't WANT to. Because it will make the CC look bad. The same holds true with the ballpark - when you calculate out how much that will really cost taxpayers you cry foul because the number is so much bigger. You prefer to talk in terms of a "dollar menu lunch" per month. Why is that Chuck?
Is that all you CAN understand? Of course not - but it's how you apply "lipstick to a pig"
Underneath it all Chuck? It's till a pig
THAT'S our CC.


Last time I checked

We are playing baseball,not widget-ball.
Baseball attendance is not declining,nor is baseball going out of business.
The game is strong.will do just fine here.
You make a "bad" analogy.

What happened to

the NSS study, which you & a few others touted?

It clearly stated attendance would decline by the third season & would bottom out, and then remain stable, by seaon 5?

Face the facts


If it wasn't for profit sharing and television revenues, quite a few major league baseball teams would fold right now. Baseball does well when all other options are limited.

Here's a poll for you:
Baseball or Pro Football = Pro Football
Baseball or College Football = College Football
Baseball or the NBA = NBA
Baseball or College Basketball = College Basketball
Baseball or watching grass grow = watching grass grow
Baseball or getting a root canal = Baseball by the smallest of margins

If Mandalay believed in their product, they would build their own stadium. Since they do not believe in their product, they expect the tax payers to build the stadium. Once again.......DUH?????

facing facts

Football either college/pro gains more fans.
The others not even close.
Baseball remains Ameiric's pasttime.

Gee Chuck

The last time I checked this thread was about he convention center and as my post said "This is the convention center business".

Thats OK - I knew you wouldn't read it
(Watch out Terry may put a muzzle on you again)


Muscle not Muzzle

@Vog--I read it not worth commenting on.
You know where I sit...