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With four months left in office, Governor Perdue heads to Japan for conference


RALEIGH, NC (NEWS RELEASE) -– Gov. Bev Perdue and N.C. Department of Commerce Secretary Keith Crisco have departed for Japan to lead a delegation to the high-profile Southeast U.S./Japan Annual Joint Meeting in Tokyo. While in Japan, Gov. Perdue and officials with the Commerce Department will also be meeting with export clients along with business prospects considering new investments. Sec. Crisco will travel to China following the SEUS/Japan conference for two days to recruit companies in Shanghai and other cities in Zhejiang Province.

During the visit, the economic development meetings will focus on growing sectors in North Carolina including energy, advanced manufacturing, automotive, life sciences and pharmaceuticals.

“I’m here for one reason: to try to boost North Carolina’s thriving business sector and grow more jobs in our state,” said Gov. Perdue. “I look forward to reinvigorating some of our standing partnerships, and to forging new opportunities this week.”

This year marks the 35th annual gathering of the SEUS/Japan conference, which brings together senior-level executives from Japan and seven states in the Southeast to explore business opportunities between the two countries. Five governors from the Southeast will be leading their state delegations to the conference. The Japanese Chairman for the meeting is Hiromasa Yonekura, who also leads the influential Japanese Business Federation (Keidanren).

Over the last five years, Japan is second in the amount of direct investment made in North Carolina. Japan is also North Carolina’s 4th largest trading partner, exporting more than $1.7 billion worth of products and services. North Carolina is home to more than 150 Japanese firms, with capital investments around $5 billion -- including companies like Toshiba, Hitatchi, Honda and Mitsubishi. Over the last ten years, international investment and job creation has accounted for about 15 percent of all investment and jobs in North Carolina, amounting to more than $10 billion in investment and 47,000 jobs. China is North Carolina’s 2nd largest trading partner now, exporting over $2.2 billion worth of products and services.

Gov. Perdue and Sec. Crisco led economic development missions in Asia in 2009 and 2011.

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Vog admits an error

6 of the 7 southeast governors are Republicans.
Damn GOP can't stop spending money


How nice

"This year marks the 35th annual gathering of the SEUS/Japan conference, which brings together senior-level executives from Japan and seven states in the Southeast to explore business opportunities between the two countries. Five governors from the Southeast will be leading their state delegations to the conference."

Since the the 7SE states have 5 GOP governors I guess this could be called a GOP boondoggle eh? IF 5 governors went the GOP was in the majority.



I heard she brought Chuck Shoninger with her to drum up more private funds for Hotel Indigo and other down town development.
Just joking
But it could be worse.
She could be going to Brazil to meet her lover while her press secretary says she's hiking the Appalachian Trail...........



How much will this cost the tax payers? How many jobs came from her, Asian, trips in 2009 and 2011 ??

Wilmington Observer


the announcement apparently comes out after the jet is in the air.

While she's in Japan, will she journey to neighboring Okinawa and visit the many military personnel with ties to North Carolina?

Has any Governor traveled as far and wide, at the taxpayers expense as outgoing Governor Perdue?

And will she or Crisco have the spine to issue a report, on their return, confirming the "prospects" with whom he directly met and the outcome of those meetings?

Finally, how large was the entourage?

Follow Up Visit

I believe Bev is on a follow up mission for Republican Senator Phil Berger who you might remember went to Japan rather than stay in North Carolina to call the Senate for a vote on the incentive package for Continental Tire. I think Phil called it Pay for Play and refused to allow the vote when he knew he would lose! Oh, did we get a bill on the cost for Phil's trip which has no yield to date?

Actually MrT

you might read the article. She, herself, noted this was a follow up to her trips in 2009 and 2011.

We know how succesful she has been.

Let's see. Caterpillar is going to move jobs from Japan back to America. Caterpillar has a fairly large presence in the Garner area.

Where did the jobs go? North Carolina? NO

Want to spell it out for them?

Hey Short Memory

Did you forget about Honda Air Craft in Greensboro! Toshiba's expansion in Burlington. Kobe Copper doubled it's distribution center in Stokes County. The truth is Bev and her commerce dept. have been very successful in the past 4 years. Caterpillar couldn't get assurance of Deep Port facilities in either Wilmington or Southport because local Republicans are beholding to fat cat transplants who could care less about jobs for our labor force. If you need know anything else just let me know.

Well Blowhard

when did each of these take place?

She's milking us taxpayers

She's milking us taxpayers for all she can before she leaves office. Such a classy lady.

Perhaps she could learn some Japanese ...

... and just stay there.

Japan is outsorcing becuase

Japan is outsorcing becuase liberal social transfer programs (that Perdud supports) have been killing its economy.

Perdue trip to Japan

More waste of taxpayer money and another vacation for Perdue. It will be nice when she is replaced.


Read that story again. There is a lot of money in this state from Japanese trade. Whar would you like to replace that with? Or do you prefer poverty? I don't like Perdue either but she is still governor so she needs to go.