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FIRST ON 3 UPDATE: Deputy charged in crash that killed motorcyclist


BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- A Brunswick County deputy is facing charges after a crash Monday afternoon that killed a motorcyclist.

The accident happened on Old Ocean Highway and Shingle Tree near Calabash.

Highway Patrol says the deputy, who has not yet been identified, is charged with misdemeanor death by motor vehicle and failure to yield.

Highway Patrol says the victim is Thomas Varney of Virginia.

Alcohol and drugs are not believed to be involved.

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ignorance is bliss

you sir are being ignorant. The people you are attacking are not saying emergency workers or cops are no good and worthless. What they seem to be saying is very simple: some cops in this county, which i have witnessed, speed without their flashers on. Are you saying this is OK?

Please don't miscontrue my

Please don't miscontrue my words, I am not saying that police should not respond rapidly to emergency situations. All I am saying is that if they are going to speed up and down Rt 17 or any other road for that matter, they need to have their LIGHTS ON!! Please give the rest of us half a chance. No one is saying they don't want a rapid response from police. We just don't want them speeding UNLESS they are going to an emergency situation. I have actually seen one officer speed up, put his lights and sirens on to get through a red light and then a mile or so later, turn light off and slow back down? Do they think that no one is watching? The sheriff needs to be made aware that this is happening all the time.
My prayers are with both families. I know what it is like to lose a spouse and the father of my children. He was killed in a motor vehicle accident at the age of 43.

Sovereign Immunity...

Notice the Misdemeanor charge... The reason being if the deputy is charged with a felony (like we would be) and is convicted he would loose his job. Heaven only knows we would not want that!

And they say justice is blind... It is as long as you are not part of the justice system...

In summary IF the deputy is convicted of this crime he can go back to work as though nothing happened.

Oh and here is the best part... If the deputy was on duty at the time of the accident, then the Sheriff's Department can asert sovergein immunity which means the victim's family could not recover any damages from the County!


Get a life Johnny. Your comment is so full of inaccuracies and false statements it's not even funny.

Driving fast going nowhere

They drive fast behind you thinking they are going somewhere , they think they own the roads, flashing they blue lights and soon as they pass you they cuts the lights off, What kind of so call deputies does Ingrams have ,good for nothing,that's what they are for.

Going nowhere

Listen up sweet-pea, go back to school, learn English, come back and try again.

I just happened to be

I just happened to be driving about a hundred feet behind
the driver of the bike. He was not speeding nor
was the deputy. The deputy just didn't see the
biker which unfortunately happens all the time.
I am saddened for all families involved. Just
because someone made a bad decision while
Driving does'nt make him a bad person. It was clear
That this was a tragic accident that i unfortunately

Motorcycle accident

I am a personal friend of the victim of the bike crash I have ridden thousands of miles with Tom V he was an A-1 rider and respected law officers Please dont put blame on anyone it was a acccident I have lost my best friend lets let him go in peace!!!!

Excuse me?

"Speaking the truth?"
I hope that one day you will need those "Good for nothing" Deputies and your mind will be changed. They are working hard putting their life on the line to keep you safe and respond to this counties emergencies. You never know what kind of call they are going on o if at the time they sped past you(Granted u should have already been out of their way) that the call could have been cancelled. You are childish and should find another hobby instead of bad mouthing innocent people and steriotyping the entire BCSO. That deputy has to live with this already, im sure he does not need your help to feel any worse. ACCIDENTS HAPPEN!


I can tell by the first two comments, SOMEBODY has no respect for law enforcement.First, where did it say that the DEPUTY was speeding? Did it ever occur to you that the victim could have been or maybe there was no speed involved at all? Things happen, accidents happen, to US all. I can tell you what kind of deputies the Sheriff has. He has hard working,dedicated men and women, not only to the citizens of this county but to the community, to the school system where your children go to school,to the churches in our county, to the families of deceased citizens and to the deceased while they are being carried to their final resting place,to the elderly and other citizens who are scared to enter their homes when they find their front doors kicked in, and especially the abused little children whose parents are strung out on dope and alchol when they come home from school,especially if they find MAMA beat half to death by their no good for nothing daddy, and the children themselves who are sexually molested by maybe a parent or family member or by a complete stranger. Or how about the young mother who is ABOUT TO COMMIT SHOPLIFTING because she has no food/milk for her baby and she has a split second to reconsider because a young deputy is standing near by and can tell by her face what she is about to do and offers money to pay for her items. Or how about the deputy who extends monetary means to another when the need arises, or the gallons of gas they put in vehicles on the side of the road which has ran out of gas in the hot summer time or the cold of winter, maybe with an elderly couple or a young mother of several children or change a flat tire. There are men and women out there who put their lives on the line EVERYDAY AND EVERYNIGHT '24 - 7' - Just for PEOPLE like you! REMEMBER THIS THE NEXT TIME YOU HAVE A WRECK OR A FLAT TIRE. Oh, did I mention the RAIN!

AND another thing. . .

As far as that law veh passing with blue lights on and later cuts them off on farther down the road, did ya every think that maybe the call had been cancelled and the ofcr was told to disregard? DID YA? DID YA? And the fact that you had to pull over to the right to let the emergency veh by, what the heck! A driver should be in the RIGHT hand lane driving anway unless he is passing, and when he does pass, he needs to get the heck back OVER to the right, just in case. I forgot to mention all about the pay. I can assure you,law enforcement is not in it for the money! The satisfaction of helping others. seeing little children beam with pride at a DARE graduation, or excited to watch a K9 demo at their school or receive a plastic badge to wear or pencils to use in school with Sheriff Office on it. NOW, that is good pay! How about the times they hold to comfort a loved one who has just come home to find a loved one dead, maybe from a medical reason or from a self inflicted gun shot wound, or maybe had been MURDERED! Or a child who has just drowned in Grandpas swimming pool. These are things I bet never even has crossed your mind that law enforcement deal with every day. These are things that do not leave their minds at the end of the call or day. Things stay in their minds for YEARS. In the Bible God says, BLESSED ARE THE PEACE MAKERS. I pray EVERYDAY/EVERYNIGHT that God will return my husband and son home safely and all the others men and women too.
I understand that the deceased was from Virginia. He may not have known our North Carolina laws in regard to riding a motorcycle, he may not have had his headlight on or his helment on. We see riders alll the time coming up from SC who do not have helments on because in SC, it is not a law that you have to wear a helment. We DO NOT know all the facts so lets know judge. I do offer prayers and ask for comfort for his family but I also do the same for the Deputy. The officer is a kind and good Christain man.

Apparently he had a helmet

Apparently he had a helmet on, you need to get the facts too. I agree that the calls could have gotten called off but it happens so frequently, I doubt it. I don't think that the majority here are bad mouthing the officer, most of us are just stating our observations.
I for one have no problem pulling over for an officer but if he doesn't have his lights on, and comes up on my blind side at 90 miles per hour, how can I know he is even coming?
Sorry that you took this so personally mannie as you are obviously a very angry person.
We continue to pray for both families with heartfelt sympathy. It is a tragedy for all involved.

Virginia laws are the same

Virginia laws are the same regarding headlight and helmet. But even if they were not it does not change what happened. This was a tragic mistake. Stop the arguing and start praying for all involved.



Know the facts.

Back off if you don't know the facts. This had nothing to with speed. It was simply a mistake, which everyone makes. The deputy involved is a good Christian man. Therefore unless you have never made a mistake, you need to keep your ignorant comments to yourself. Right now prayers need to be lifted up for the man who was killed and his family and also for the deputy is having to live with this terrible tragedy.

Well said ...these men and

Well said ...these men and women leave their families and put their life on the line everyday AMD are expected to be held to a standard of perfection. No human is perfect and everyone makes mistakes...people should not be so quick to judge just because the person involved holds a certain title. Prayers going up for both families and all of our law enforcement and first responders!