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Poll: Obama job approval rising, race still tight


Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) -- A new Associated Press-GfK poll finds that Americans are feeling markedly better about the country's future and about Barack Obama's job performance. That said, the president's re-election race against Republican Mitt Romney remains a neck-and-neck proposition.

Obama's approval rating is back above 50 percent for the first time since May. The AP-GfK poll also shows that the share of Americans who think the country is moving in the right direction is at its highest level since just after the death of Osama bin Laden in May 2011.

The poll shows that Romney has lost his pre-convention edge on the top issue of the campaign - the economy.

Obama is supported by 47 percent of likely voters and Romney by 46 percent, promising an all-out fight to the finish.

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A slanted poll is not an

A slanted poll is not an election result...Polls are what Democrats do to break the will of the undecided...Keep counting your chickens before they hatch, just remember to wipe the eggs off of your face Nov 7th.

now whose slanting poll

now whose slanting poll expectations...

It seems like the

It seems like the Republicrats are running a campaign against a ficticous candidate? I mean is this really a good stratigy?? Obama has plenty of factual issues to debate and oppose but this Muslim, birther, socialist stuff is just making the GOP look like a bunch of looney knuckle-dragging lowbrow idiots!

I can't wait to vote for

I can't wait to vote for Mitt and against this American-hating, Spread-the-Communism, Dictator-envying Muslicrat.

Uugh....Looks like Obama

Uugh....Looks like Obama wins again. I've been so disappointed with the GOP this year, local and national. Romney just doesn't seem like a very savy politician and then you throw in the Mormon issue, he's done imho. We so need a 3rd party it's not even funny?!

Better a Morman than a Muslim... take the helm of America! Obama is the first and only American President to kneel and kiss the ring of a Saudi king and refuse to do that with the Pope.

Fresh meat is always better than rotten meat! We need fresh to lead the country now! We know that what we have is going steer this country nowhere but lower...


461 you are a blithering idiot.

Our President bowed to the King and shook his hands, he did not kiss anything nor kneel.

Here are some facts for you, BUSH#2 kissed the King on both cheeks and held his hand as they walked around. LOOK IT UP...Is BUSH a MUSLIM too?

JFK who was catholic didn't even kiss the Popes ring, nor bow to the Pope. LOOK IT UP.

Magic Underwear wearing Mitt Romney is going to look out for himself and his rich buddies, just like Bush did.

I agree

I agree we need someone running. Right now it like voting for the less of the two evils.


Mitt Romney just sank his own ship... What an idiot. Nice try GOP... I mean you had four years to present your top candidate to oppose President Obama, and this is what you bring to the table... lol.

Mr. Romney never....

Mr. Romney never backed down from his statement or flat out lies like Obama does. He has character. Obama's a whimp, who only decided to get some things done when he thought he was going to lose his job. Meanwhile the rest of the world laughs at us for electing such an idiot. What a no class loser! I guess he's one of the percentile that feels he's "entitled." What an embarassment to this country.


The rest of the world laughs at us for electing Obama? No hun that was BUSH. Have you ever been out of this state to say that?

I have ....

I have been all over this globe HUN. If you were a little further along in your education, you might notice that.

How could he back down from

How could he back down from his statement? He just uttered those words a month and a half ago... It is an indictment on his views of America. He can not simply wisk this away... I'm sure he wishes he could...Who is laughing at us?? I don't recall Obama getting shoes thrown at him at any foreign speech events...


Mitt flip flops which is bad enough. He panders to whoever he is speaking to at the moment. There is a video on youtube showing Mitt in the past and now totally contradicting himself. Look it up its called "YET More BEST OF MITT ROMNEY! Mitt The Fish... Part 1 of 2".

He lies.


could anyone support Mitt Romney? He has already told you half of the people don't count, and before you pop a vein, they are not all on public assistance like he said. He will bankrupt medicare in 5 years, his economic policies will bankrupt the country and he can't even go to the Olympics without pissing off our oldest ally.
He has taken every side on every position and told more lies than a 50 cent watch.
He needs to strap that dog on top the roof of his car and head to the planet Kolob where Mormons think God lives(I'm not making this up).

Hey Guestman...

Hey Guestman,....want to talk about religion? The president YOU chose is a muslim. He has created mistrust and divide between not only OUR OLDEST ALLIES, but the American people. You really don't know what you're talking about, do you? Sad.

Please Guest6858 let's talk

Please Guest6858 let's talk religion... while you were living under a rock It has been widely proved that President Obama is not Muslim. Never has been. I bet you still believe he took the oath of office on the quran... He has also rebuilt relations with foreign countries that Bush messed up... (I don't recall Obama having shoes thrown at him)... You are the one that doesn't know what your talking about and that is very sad...


If you call bending over and taking it in the rear rebuilding, then obummer is great. Do you know why he hasn't had a shoe thrown at him? He doesn't stand up to other countries. This is the same President that bowed down to a king.

Yes he bowed to a Saudi

Yes he bowed to a Saudi King... The world is ending... Have you ever heard of the word respect. President Obama was invited he was showing respect you idiot... If this gets you irate why didn't you say something when President George W. Bush visited this same King and kissed the man on both cheeks and walked around holding his hand?? Look it up, really happened. Your so delusional...

If you say so

You call me an idiot yet you back obummer? Suddenly your insults hurt so much less.

Actually "Guesty" I would

Actually "Guesty" I would vote for Ron Paul if he were on the ballot. But you idiot GOPer's had to go muck that up... could have won an election... I will not however vote for a magic underwear wearing duffus who is only running for President to pad his wallets with more money that he should be paying in... while starting wars with countries we have no business messing with, and ruining every ounce of foreign relation we have in our favor. So sorry, I will not vote for a man who believes in such non-sense and is on a personal quest for power.

Your choice

I'll take someone that believes in magic underwear that has built and run many successful businesses over a community organizer any day.

And you don't think obummer isn't on a quest for power? His quest is to destroy America by making as many of us dependent on the government as possible. When we get everything from the government, it will completely rule us.


Obama shook the Kings hands and slightly bowed. BUSH kissed the King on both cheeks and held hands with him while they walked around like a lover. LOL

not slight

It wasn't a slight bow obummer did. I've got no problem with a cheek kiss as that is a customary greeting in many countries while bowing is a sign of respect and to show you are lesser than the person receiving the bow. If both people bow, one will bow lower than the other.
The lesser individual bows the deepest and longest to show respect and lower social position.

He did get that right, as a person, obummer is a lesser man but since he somehow was elected the President of the United States, the office is not.

Prove it

Prove your claim. Prove it. Provide substance and evidence to this tired old claim about the president.


I actually laughed out loud at this this one. The cherry on top was the "sad" part.


Keep drinking that tea-bagger Kool-Aid and the next thing you know, you just might turn into a birther. The only divide is the class warfare that Mitt Romney has declared on half of the people in this country.

One of the....

I believe that one of the reasons this country is in its current state is because a great deal of the public, like yourselves, feeds off of every morsel the mainstream media feeds you. The scary thing is that you have closed your minds to anything critical of Obama and anything new that will resolve the country's biggest problems. There have been many great orators and organizers in history. I cannot think of one who was positive for any nation in the world. Other nations recognize this. When more of your individual rights begin to be taken, think on these things.


Thomas Jefferson, Martin Luther King Jr., Ghandi, Jesus, etc. How many more do you want me to name? YOU are one of the reasons the country is in the shape it's in, not me. Try thinking for yourself instead of camping out in front of fox news all day and parroting Rush Limbo.

I didn't....

I didn't use the word "Leader." I used the word "Orator." Try paying attention. That way you won't sound as out of touch.