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Marine charged in cabbie assault released from jail, runs from reporters


ONSLOW COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- A Marine charged with attacking a Surf City cab driver earlier this month is out of jail.

Adam Kinosh appeared in Onslow County Court today for charges related to the September 10 attack. The Onslow County Sheriff's Office says a judge increased Kinosh's bond to $50,000 and said he could only be released to his military command at Camp Lejeune, which happened this afternoon.

Kinosh did not want to talk about what happened and ran from reporters as he left.

Investigators said Kinosh checked himself into the Oaks mental facility in Wilmington hours after he allegedly attacked cab driver Charles Hawkesworth. The attack, which was caught on a security camera in the taxi, stemmed from Kinosh getting upset when Hawkesworth went to get another passenger to split the fare.

Hawkesworth had to undergo surgery to repair extensive damage to his face.

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Of course he doesn't want to

Of course he doesn't want to speak publicly about his dispicable behavior while under the influence.

In Alcoholic's Anonymous jargan, it's called "Rock Bottom". I think you're there buddy.

You obviously can't hold your liquor.

Collusion behind the scenes?

So how does a guy .................

- who's not thinking too clearly
- who's not driving a car
- who's up in Surf City

...... within a few hours time ...........

- come up with the idea of checking into the Oaks
- get transported all the way to Wilmington (away from the scene)
- get admitted in the middle of the night

......without official help from someone somewhere?

Good Question

Had to have some help.

Picture Wrong

Your picture associated with this article is not GySgt Kinosh.

Photo ID

No, that photo is a Camp Lejeune captain who accompanied Kinosh to court and spoke on his behalf.

If this guy doesn't get a

If this guy doesn't get a long run in the slammer I'm just throwing in the towel.

Unless he has a record, he

Unless he has a record, he will do negligible jail time at best. He will most likely get probation.

So Agree, just because hes a

So Agree, just because hes a Marine does not give him any rights to abuse people!


You should prepare to throw. Unless he is charged, by the military, he is (most likely) going to face probation.

Wilmington Observer

He was not on duty

at the time of the incident. Military would probably discharge him, administratively, unless he did in fact have some service related mental issues.

I do not believe the civilian authorities can touch him while he is under Military jurisdiction.

My knowledge is sketchy, but. . .

Don't want to get into a pissing match here, but I think civilian authorities can do just that. If the crime occurred off base, the suspect is subject to double jeopardy. It's one of the catch-22s found in military law. Well, that usually applies to lower enlisted ranks. If you've spent some time in and the command has invested money and training into you, they won't throw you under the bus as quickly. Politics, favoritism, cronyism and tenure are an offender's best hope against prosecution in the military.