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One shot overnight at Wilmington Sportsmen's Club


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Wilmington Police are investigating after an early-morning shooting landed one man in the hospital.

It happened outside the Wilmington Sportsmen's Club on Castle Street around 2 a.m.

According to police, the 28-year-old victim suffered gunshot wounds to the cheek and hip. Investigators say the fight probably started inside and moved to the parking lot.

No word on the victim's identity or condition.

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Oh My, looks like an ALE

Oh My, looks like an ALE nuisance abatement case against the club will begin. They better call that former ALE guy for help soon.

The young man died. Such

The young man died. Such ashame. I'm pretty sure it was over something petty. Get it together my people. Prayers to the family for their loss.

The young man is not

The young man is not deceased. It is a shame.Obviously you're not sure. Get it together Chris. Thanks for the prayers anyway.....

He did not die. He is alive

He did not die. He is alive and doing better but still in the hospital!!

That is not very 'sportsman'

That is not very 'sportsman' like. What a surprise...NOT!

No way!

That is such a shock.

no way

Get an original thought.


You're back I see, and as ignorant as ever.


Grand Ole Party.I feel the same way when i read your comments.

You don't fool us

We know you are not smart enough to read. Does your helper read to you?

Fool us

You should know we are in the same adult class.

Now I know you

You are the kid that drools in class.

I know you

If you talk about me thats fine,i can deal with that.There are children and adults that do drool and can't help it.Some comments should never be made.


True, you can't help it, can you? Try to get an education in your down time.

Try again

Much like how you copied my subject line?

try again

Use your subject line so it would go exactly were i wanted it to.You knew that though.Didn't you?


You are such a mental midget.


I see you and your special someone are still together........Ouch


Yes, you are very, very special.