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ONLY ON 3: Berger says stomach bug kept him from commission meeting


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- New Hanover Commissioner Brian Berger returned our messages today that we left yesterday and said a stomach bug kept him from going to Monday's commission meeting.

He also said he didn't go see a doctor because he didn't think he could get in. He said he did not inform Chairman Jonathan Barfield that he was sick either.

Meanwhile Commissioner Jason Thompson, who had surgery last week, did show up for the meeting, even though he was in obvious pain. Thompson says Barfield encouraged him to try to make the meeting so that they would be ensured of a quorum.

Berger also told us he still wants to pay back travel money he booked through the county but never used. But now he says county staff keeps changing the total, and he's not sure what it is and that he's not sure whom he should pay.

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Sooo ... Widdle Bwian had a bad tummy. Oh my!

Too bad no one ever showed widdle Bwian how to use a telephone. And then those bad, bad staff people keep changing stuff on him just because they are mean, mean, mean!

And the party never ends ...............

Out of Line

What an embarrassment to NHC to have someone in leadership acting soo irresponsibly

Berger et al

6 June 1954, Grand Prairie (TX) Texan, pg. 2, col. 1:
Politician—One who shakes your hand before election and your confidence afterward.

No Excuse

If you cannot make it to work due to being sick you have to call someone to them know your condition. You just do not show up and tell no one. Since Berger's only job is only the County Council he should have called in to someone. Berger is the prime reason to make sure you vote for logical, sane and competent citizens who will finally represent us. Both City and County councils are congested with greed, ineptness and stupidity reigning!

The Berger File

What a liar. Can he not pick up a phone? I guess Berger figured this would be the easiest lie to throw out there. He should have at least acknowledged the reporters at his door or called someone. I have drawn my own conclusions and one is he knew this would draw attention to himself, again in a negative light. It makes no matter though, not to this dimwit.

This might be true...with ObamaCare, getting into a doctor

is going to become increasingly difficult. ObamaCare has done nothing to address a shortage of primary care providers before it glutted the system with millions of new consumers.


Cant blame Obama for the fact that Berger didnt even call a Dr.

I doubt

that he can afford insurance or pay for a doctor visit out of pocket, if he was actually sick. It has nothing to do with the Affordable Care Act, you tea-bagger.

The emergency room takes

The emergency room takes patients 24/7 and since Mr. Berger ALREADY owes the county XXX amount of dollars, certainly he wouldn't feel the least bit guilty about another way of "using the county" for his tummy ache. As far as his residence....aren't you supposed to UPDATE your DRIVERS LICENSE within a certain time frame after moving?? Then I guess we would REALLY know if he lives on Dock Street.

Is that a mug shot?

Is that a mug shot?

Why is it

the wide eyed look; disheveled hair, lack of a shave all remind one of a booking photo or wanted poster?

because that actually is his

because that actually is his booking photo from one of the girlfriend incidents


This guy is obviously a nut ball, but putting up an equally obvious mugshot really is over the top in news bias. No doubt he should resign, and spend some time with a mental health professional, but WWAY shouldn't have run that mugshot for a story about a missed meeting.