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One dead in wreck on River Road in Brunswick County


BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- One person is dead after a collision on River Road (NC 133) south of Leland. Leland Fire Chief John Grimes says a woman died in the crash between a SUV and a box truck.

The name of the victim has not been released. A passenger in the SUV was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, Highway Patrol said. The driver of the truck was shaken up.

Investigators say the woman who died was transporting a patient from one facility to another in Brunswick County. A witness who saw the accident told troopers she was present when the driver picked up her passenger. The witness told investigators the woman was sleeping as she waited for the passenger.

It happened after the curve just past Brunswick Cove Nursing Home heading toward Southport.

River Road was closed for several hours as crews worked to clear the scene.

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It's not the road that kills

It's not the road that kills, it's driver error that kills. People speed up and down that road because they choose too it's an open country road so they feel the need to speed and then that sharp curve hits them and it's too late.

My heart goes out to Jessica's family, she was a beautiful young women with bright future who was a hard working women and a newly wed.

But we can't point fingers and start blaming the state and county for not fixing and or correcting 133 due to recent accidents / fatal accidents on this road. It's not the roads fault it's the drivers fault. It's speed, physical conditions, and driver errors that are causing the accidents not the roads. There are many roads thru out the state, country everywhere that have accidents, fender bender & even fatalities, but it's not the road that kills it's the drivers that kills. The stupidity and driver error. Not the road.

Blaming the state and County will not bring your loved one back and no amount of money trying to sue will put a price tag on a loved ones life.

So please life is too short take time slow down enjoy life. Speed and physical condition is not worth putting your life nor anyone else on the road life in danger. Life is to short.

I just want to let you know

I just want to let you know this wreck happened on a straight part of the road over a half mile long, this clearly did not happen in any curve.

The wreck occurred about

The wreck occurred about three miles from Mallory Creek subdivision and Leland Fire Dept on 133. This was not a bad curve. The road itself is a little tricky to navigate only because there are jerks and idiots that speed like crazy and try to pass everyone. It was sad as I approached the wreck right after it happened and there was only a fire truck that had responded.

Jeremy's right

Long and boring and people do fly down that road. Staying alert and recognizing that the monotony can cause drowsiness is really important.

A dangerous road?

Im a firefighter and I drive this road almost every day. It is not dangerous. Just long and boring. If people would just pay attention, do the speed limit, and stay in their own lane then everybody would be fine. It's not the roads that are dangerous, it's the drivers.


How many lives must be lost to fix this curve on Highway 133 ???????

not the roads fault

Your an idiot....The roads do not need changing and clearly you do not even know where the wreck was. The people need changing. It appears that this girl fell asleep at the wheel according to another news group. How is that the roads problem?

I am so sorry for this family. This is the hardest loss in the world to endure. I can say this as I have felt it before. Only the person who died was my mother and she was not the one responsible for the wreck. I wish this family strength and courage for the next few years as you will need it.

It is not the road or

It is not the road or curves, it is the drivers. I have lived in this area for over 35 years and traveled 133 hundreds of times. In fact, I passed the accident site a few minurtes before it happened this morning. Most times folks are in too big a hurry. I have seen many near misses on that road. Just the other day, a guy in an old Mercedes nearly ran head-on into another car trying to get to the front of the "pack". Sooner or later, your luck runs out when you drive carelessly. Tailgating also seems to be a popular game around here. Though not as bad as a head-on, rear end collisions can be bad news as well. As for guest 112121, I see nothing at all wrong with this account of what happened.

Not Orton

This did not happen at Orton Curve

You guys...

I know you have to report the news, but some of you have as much compassion as Michael Vick had for his dogs. Next time you are writing an article take a second and think what would you want said if it was your family member that had just been injured or killed. It is not that hard to report and be considerate at the same time.

Same curve??

I'm so sorry for this family. My mom was killed about 4 months ago (june 18) on this road. I think it is the same curve. So tragic.