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FIRST ON 3: McIntyre-Rouzer margin shrinks slightly


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- The vote margin separating Rep. Mike McIntyre and challenger David Rouzer in their race for Congress has shrunk slightly. The difference between their totals is now a 394-vote advantage for McIntyre. That's 0.12 percent of the 334,202 votes counted in the contest so far.

When the state Board of Elections first reported totals with 100 percent of precincts reporting late Tuesday night, McIntyre led Rouzer by 378 votes. That grew to a 507-vote edge for the Democratic incumbent yesterday.

"The county boards (of elections) are reviewing the results as reported to ensure that they were reported correctly," NC Board of Elections Deputy Director Johnnie McLean told WWAY by phone this afternoon. "They may have completed their provisional ballot research and may have counted those provisional ballots that qualified."

Provisional ballots are cast by voters who do not appear on the voter roll at the precinct they show up to on Election Day. Those voters' registration records must be researched to see if they are eligible to vote.

McLean said in the 12 counties that are part of the 7th Congressional District there were about 10,000 provisional ballots cast, but some of those may not apply to this race. For example, they may have been cast in parts of New Hanover and Pender counties that are now part of the 3rd Congressional District.

All reported vote totals are unofficial until they are canvassed and certified. That will happen for the 7th District race November 16. At that point, the trailing candidate can ask for a recount. If the margin is within one percent, the candidate does not have to pay for that recount.

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Rouzer has always given me the CREEPS!

I am a conservative that did

I am a conservative that did not vote for Rouzer. His inability to move HB650 out of his committee for a promised floor vote proved his impotency. How would this region be served with such a weak Representative?

Where is the representation?

As a registered Republican, I've always voted for Mike McIntyre. I believe he has done a wonderful job of representing the region, and has a high profile visibility. Now in the third district, I'm questioning where is the representation? We were ignored by both parties in the election process and no one seems ready to step up and increase presence or representation of this ridiculously drawn district.

I like Mike

I think McIntyre will keep this term; however, I would plan on retiring in 2 years if I were him. This extremely close election with a higher than normal Democratic turnout proves that the recent gerrymandering by the GOP will get him out in a midterm election.

Recent gerrymandering

Recent gerrymandering followed by aprox 100 years of the decomacrat party doing the same thing to keep there people in office, it seems that the shoe is on the other foot now and you don't like it. Well wah wah wah, cry on.

Still sore about the election results?

Just because one party did it (like that horrible I-85 corridor district) doesn't make it right.

And the democrats haven't had to use gerrymandering for 100 years to maintain their powerbase. They were the majority party in the south until the civil rights era. (Ie. Strom Thurmond)

As an independant I hope North Carolina will eventually adopt a method redistricting that takes it out of the hands of party officials and bases it purely on population.

Keep dreaming.

Keep dreaming.

It all starts with a dream.

It all starts with a dream.