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Carolina Beach mayor, manager, councilman resign


CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) -- Two elected leaders and the town manager in Carolina Beach quit last night. Mayor Ray Rothrock says he and Councilman Lonnie Lashley quit along with Town Manager Tim Owens.

Rothrock packed up and left town hall Wednesday.

"Unfortunately it has not been fun," the now former mayor said. "It has not been enjoyable. It's been a challenge and a task, and I'm relieved."

Rothrock says the remaining members of the council forced Owens to quit. He says that's why he and Lashley stepped down. Other council members would not comment on why Owens quit.

"This is a personnel matter," Mayor Pro Tem Steve Shuttleworth said. "At this point, we've agreed that we would accept the resignation from Mr. Owens, and we wish him the best."

"We're moving in a different direction," Councilman Bob Lewis said. "He made the decision to resign."

Lewis says bringing in new people could be a good thing for the town. He says they could bring fresh ideas and work well with council unlike Rothrock.

"He chose not to work with most members of council, or he chose a different path of how to work with members of council, and that was let me insult you, let me try and abuse you and let me try and bully you," Lewis said.

Rothrock says the opposite. The past year, he says, has been a struggle for him in trying to work with council.

"They won't listen to me, they won't work with me, so why should I be here?" Rothrock said.

Now with two elected leaders and the town manager out, what's next?

"It is what it is," Shuttleworth said. "We're moving forward. The town's going to find a long term permanent manager. We have to go through certain processes to do that and ultimately the town will fill the vacancies left on council."

Carolina Beach Town Council will hold an emergency meeting at 8:30 to finalize the resignations and appoint an interim town manager. We'll let you know what happens.

We reached out to Councilman Lonnie Lashley, but he has not yet returned our call.

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Just Maybe...

Their actions (CB Government Officials) will spill over into Wilmington's council...and they will resign too :-)

We can hope!

We can hope!

The problem at CB is not the

The problem at CB is not the three that resigned.


The remaining members are the ones who're making the effort to put CB back on the road to financial stability.

Those who resigned are making no effort to do anything.

You simply have no idea what you're talking about.

No You're Wrong!

Are you kidding? The only road those three are on is to put us further in debt. An aquatics center is something we really need in this economy (NOT). They need to focus on water, sewer, roads and safety not cigarette smoking on the beach! Look at Cape Fear Blvd...full of pot holes-some are even growing grass. Take a look on Canal Drive. They need to focus on services not swimming pools and cigarette butts.

You're wrong about me being wrong, and that's just wrong :-)

Shuttleworth and Lewis were the ones who renegotiated the town's BB&T loan on the CBP3 properties. Saved CB a ton of money. Shuttleworth and Lewis have also been active in trying to get out from under the CBP3 debacle.

Call that what you want but that sure looks like the opposite of trying to put CB in further debt because it is just the opposite.

I'll take away a 1/2 point for the swimming pool (dumb)and gently remind you that the cigarette issue isn't really going anywhere, so why worry about it.

Meanwhile, Rothrock's been stumbling around like a wounded bull in a china shop and I really can't think of any significant contributions by Lashley. (If I missed something, feel free to fill me in)


Small town politics seems to be everywhere! Just when there seemed to be a call for bipartisan agreement among the nation's parties it seems as though CB elected folks did not get the memo. It seems as though it is always worse in smaller towns but it it still there. I feel sorry for the town's employees as they and the Town are the ones who will suffer.
Elected officials, quit playing politics and let those who work for the town do their jobs and leave the policy making and day to day operations to those who are better qualified.

Insider's View of the Truth

From what I've heard from people on the inside of CB Town Hall, Steve Shuttleworth is an anal retentive control freak that no one can stand except his co-council cohorts Lewis & Friede. He thinks he can do everyone's job at Town Hall better than they can and, even though he's only been in office for a year, he's been gunning for the Mayor's seat almost from the beginning. Well, he got what he wanted, and I feel sorry for the employees at Carolina Beach. Just reading about what he wants to do with the police room and the public utilities employees is assanine. The PD hates that he has pushed this bad idea through, which seems to be his technique: BULLYING!!! Shuttleworth only listens to himself. At least the mayor and lashley seemed to have respect for the employees and tried to hear them out. Typical silver-spoon politician who has no respect or patience for the "working stiffs." If you've ever had a boss you hated, Shuttleworth is just like him.

There is available for

There is available for public reading several email exchanges from Rothrock and some council members in the Island Gazette 2 weeks ago. They are VERY telling about the kind of mentalities involved here. Rothrock is the bully, not to mention actions unbecoming of a public servant. I can't believe he was actually even voted for as Mayor, AGAIN. Must be all the residents who remember his past have either died or moved away and were replaced by voters who don't know his history. Good Riddance is what I say. Hopefully for good this time

...with a capital "D"

Drama, Drama, Drama & more Drama...