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Marine accused of cabbie attack allowed out-of-state therapy


JACKSONVILLE, NC (WWAY) -- Should a Marine accused of savagely beating a Surf City cab driver be allowed to leave the state? That's the question an Onslow County judge was faced with at a bond hearing this morning.

Three months after the brutal assault of driver Charles Hawkesworth caught on camera, Marine Gunnery Sgt. John Adam Kinosh was back in court today asking a judge to help him seek help.

At a bond hearing Kinosh's commanding officer testified that alcoholism, PTSD and a brain injury suffered in battle were the cause of his violent outburst in September and that Kinosh had been seeking counseling.

Since the attack Kinosh has been removed from his role as an instructor at Marine Special Operations Command Stone Bay, but his commanding officer testified that he was a model Marine.

A letter from the commander of Marine Special Operations helped sway the judge to allow Kinosh to seek a month-long inpatient therapy at a facility in either Virginia or Texas with some restrictions. The court authorized a 28-day stay at an approved facility if the Marine Corps provides Kinosh an escort to and from the facility and makes weekly visits to ensure Kinosh stays there. He must also report to base authorities on a regular basis about where he is and his progress in therapy.

When Kinosh is done with the program, he must return to Camp Lejeune. If Kinosh leaves the facility cannot complete his treatment, his bond will be revoked and he will be extradited back to the Onslow County Jail.

Neither Kinosh nor Hawkesworth would talk to reporters after court.

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wow, you are so right. Just

wow, you are so right. Just because you went to war gives you the right to come back here and brutally attack citizens. This guy should be set free. This man is a jerk. he should be stripped of everything. He deserves NOTHING. Especially benefits he recieved from his so called service to our country. Just because someone went thru some stressful conditions dosent give them special rights. Lets hang this fool.


So, the point of your rambling is basically that we should all understand what this poor little marine was going through at the moment and justify his actions? He should not be held accountable for what he's done, nor should any other marine be disciplined for their vast array of wrongdoings?

Set the facts straight

I was never active duty and I never claimed to be so just hush your mouth. I am thankful for all the men and women who fight for our country (if you missed that in my last post). Also I have a full time job and I don't sit at home watching soaps with curlers in my hair (just to clarify that too)

But what he did to that cab driver is no excuse. If he has mental issues from being over seas he needs to seek treatment. I have friends and family in the service so yes that is why I know things about the marines.

I am thankful for what he did over seas and put his life on the line (as i am supporter for our troops) but it was his responsibility to see proper treatment upon return to the country. And his actions but going out and getting outrageously drunk and angry and aggressive it totally uncalled for. if you can't control yourself then don't drink that that extent.

Thanks for your honesty!

I, by no means condone this Marines behavior. It is shameful to the corp. I can only say that a civilian without combat experience, that has most likely never fired a gun and has never even been close to being shot at, has no credibility to determine what a soldier is, should be, should get or when he/she should get it.

This Marines behavior is completely uncalled for and I hope the high heaven that the military authorities apply fully appropriate punishment to him and full retribution to the victim. The fact remains that this Marine needs some serious help and should receive it for the service he has provided to his country. All of the big-mouthed, tough guys that want to call names and shove out their opinions here are only displaying their supreme ignorance.

No sympathy for him

I have fired a gun before, I have gone to the shooting range and fired gun and learned the proper way to shoot gun. No I have never been shot at and no I am not in the service because I know it's not for me.

He need's treatment to help him with his issues, his actions that night were totally uncalled for. You can tell by his actions and his pictures he is a cocky a** marine and thinks his sh*t doesn't think and he thinks he is better than everyone.

Yes it's hard to come back to a "normal" life after war but to go out and get drunk to that extent is totally uncalled for and UN-necessary. I know you said you don't condone what he did, but still just because he fought for our Country doesn't get him the right to act like an a**.

I am no expert but i am sure this isn't the first time he has acted out while drunk but never to this extent. Everyone changes when they are drunk and you can tell he clearly represents himself as an angry out of control drunk.