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Fired New Hanover Co. deputy to appear in court on felony charges


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- A former New Hanover County Sheriff's deputy is set to appear in court this afternoon on felony charges. The State Bureau of Investigation arrested and charged Harold Lamont Fletcher, 37, with one count of secret peeping and one count of indecent liberties with a minor.

On December 3, the Sheriff's Office received a criminal complaint about a deputy. The Sheriff's Office immediately turned the information over to the SBI.

Fletcher has been fired from the New Hanover County Sheriff's Office. He is in jail under a $15,000 secure bond.

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Why would he not only harm a child, but throw his job and life away? He is not very smart.

This is unfortunate

This throws a black mark on a group of people I highly respect. I am glad for the quick response and the open-ness about this.
I hope the other Sheriffs in the department realize that they need to keep their heads high - because as a group they are a good Sheriffs department in spite of the actions of one "alleged" degenerate.
I'm sure that, if guilty, his prison time will show him how other prisoners react to "perverts" especially those who were supposed to serve and protect.


OK, PUBLIC...can we wait?

OK, PUBLIC...can we wait? Wait until the verdict is made in a court of jurors? WE have a tendency to judge without proof of knowing or seeing it with our own eyes. This is the JUDGE'S job and we need to stop trying to play GOD. I don't know him nor do I condone sexual abuse of a minor...BUT, let every man be a liar and let God be TRUE. He will pay for this crime if he is guilty. If he is not guilty, don't villify him with your thoughts and opinions. WE all have come short of HIS GLORY and if GOD opened the closet for a lot of us we would all throw down our stones and walk away.

One good opening sentence

and then an entire paragraph of santimonious blather.

You should have quit while you were ahead.

Take a chill pill, this isn't about God...'s about a freekin' perverted pedophile that works as a public servant!

Amen to that. In fact, it

Amen to that.
In fact, it was Jesus, several times, who condemmed these monsters, who attack children. A WOLF IN SHEEPS CLOTHING.

Shame on you...

Harold. You, of all people, should know better.

WOW....protect and serve

WOW....protect and serve

Just because he was a deputy

Just because he was a deputy makes him subject to the same laws "joe public" must follow....No diferent than the deputy charged wih a DUI with his own child in the car! He blew TWICE the legal limit and tried to cover it up for a year.....eventually he was found long will this deputy drag it out....if guilty FACE IT.....IF NOT....go to court.......let the evidence speak for itself.

The minute the sheriff found

The minute the sheriff found out, he immediately notified the SBI. No coverups with this guy. I wish the Catholic Church was the same way.

Hope its not true. If it is, this ex-deputy is an extra big monster, for using a badge to violate a child, and should be executed. As should anyone, who sexually abuses a child.


Glad we can trust the police...oh wait....

Yea, because no one else in

Yea, because no one else in other other profession has ever done wrong. By the way, what perect place of employees do you work for?