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Four charged in murder of CFCC student


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Four people appeared in a New Hanover County courtroom this morning accused of murdering Joshua Proutey, 19, who was found dead of a gunshot wound in a parking lot near 2nd and Orange streets Thursday night.

At their first court appearance District Attorney Ben David alleged that the four suspects went to downtown Wilmington with the intent of robbing people. David said the four suspects followed a woman from one of the downtown bars until she stopped in a yard and pulled out a phone to call 911, at which point they ran away.

Prosecutors say the four suspects then found Proutey in a parking lot, where they robbed him of $10, his cell phone and a sandwich.

David claims after the suspects robbed Proutey, they ordered him back into his vehicle. When Proutey resisted, David says Quintel Grady, 22, shot Proutey once in the head killing him.

According to New Hanover County Jail and Wilmington Police Department records, Christopher Daniel Cromartie Jr., 23, Daniel Edward Henry, 17, Jasmine Nikole Dottin, 19, and Grady were arrested on suspicion of felony first-degree murder, robbery with a dangerous weapon, attempted burglary and conspiracy to commit robbery with a dangerous weapon. Dottin also had an outstanding misdemeanor warrant for failing to appear on an unspecified charge.

Cromartie, Dottin and Grady are all being held without bond and could face the death penalty. Because Henry is a minor, he is being held under a $2 million bond and faces a maximum of life without parole.

All four suspects are due back in court January 10, 2013.

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My Lord, the whole world has gone crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look around you, listen to the news. Senseless killing in schools, innocent children/people killed by whom? Does it matter? Some of our young people are sick and tormented. They do not value human life--irregardless of race/color we live in a sick, desensitized society.

I find your comments to be

I find your comments to be an insult. The description of the crime stated that the four suspects went out with the intent of robbing people. I guess in your mind we should look at the value of the items ie sandwich, cell phone, and the $10 and divide that by four since there were four charged. That would probably work out to about $30 per robber. Surely we couldn't send the three that didn't pull the trigger to jail for that, after all they were brought up poor and they are the real victims. Maybe you can call Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton to come down and organize a march to bring attention to the racial injustice that's being carried out here. Why that boy had a sandwich, phone, and ten dollars and they deserved it because they were brought up in poverty. Ask them what they did with the sandwich and you'll probably learn that they ate it because they werent bothered by their actions. I'll bet when they were arrested they weren't wearing the WalMart brand shoes, or jeans, more likely they were wearing the latest Nikes and designer jeans. We all know those things are a necessity to those in the poverty stricken areas to help lift their self esteem. There is a problem with the values system here. Bottom line is they are where they are because of the decisions they made and their parents before them. It's not the fault of the system. The American tax payer provides free education, housing, healthcare, food and now we're even footing the bill for cell phones. The initial intent of the program was designed to help lift people from poverty but history has shown that the more we give the worse it gets. We have a young boy that has been taken from his family and justice must be served.


they ended the life of an innocent teenager, he made a positive impact on everybody he met including me, these people deserve no second chance

I would just like to say

I would just like to say that Josh was my cousin and I believe regardless of "wrong place wrong time" they sought out my cousin and shot him. He was well aware of his intent. It's not about race, wealth, or neighborhood. It's about justice and grieving family that I'm a part of that can now rest peacefully knowing these criminals will get exactly what they deserve.

Joshua Prouty

In regards to the artofpeace response - What planet are you from? This typical bleeding heart black response that attempts to explain that blacks from the "ghetto" committing horrific crimes should somehow be extended a gentle hand because of their poor upbringing is ludicrous. Why is it that society should always be responsible for their plight. These 4 "animals" knew what they were doing and had plenty of time to think things through. I'm reasonably sure that they all knew the shooter had a gun. They all should and will suffer the consequences. I mean $10, a sandwich and a cell phone. These were truly stupid criminals.

Dead for dead

Those murderers have absolutely no future and no value in our society. They were raised as animals with animal values and should be kept in prison their whole life, if not anything worse. Nothing good will ever come out of them.

This REALLY makes me angry

This REALLY makes me angry that an innocent 19 year old was gunned down by habitual criminals and people want to say THEY are the victims because they lived in the ghetto. They had NO ambition other than to HUNT down innocent people while living off the taxpayer. Think about it...Josh & his family worked to pay taxes to support the thugs that took his life! We should not spend one more penny by supporting these thugs in prison. Give them the death penalty!

The Facts

Wilmington must be a breeding ground for low lifes like this, everytime you turn around a group of blacks are killing whites or other than blacks for no good reason.
The Wilmington 10 are asking to get away with doing it years ago with the help of the fat a$$ naacp so now all the brothers and sisters in the hood think it's ok.
I wondered why they always called themselves brothers and sisters and now I know, so much free time in the hood because working people pay their way all they do is act like rabbits making more babies and the mothers don't remember who the daqddy is so they are all family.
The true meaning of naacp is Never Ask About Colored People.
In their fat a$$ leader's eye they are always right even when they kill a white man. The state did a good job at one time stoping them from breeding, looks like it needs to happen again.

This is a racial crime!

This is a racial crime! Bottom line. And no one can argue that if the tables were turned...4 white individuals shooting and killing a single black wouldn't be called a racial crime. The NAACP would be all over this! So where is our group to rally for white people? Better question, how many MONTHS before these criminals are back out on the streets? I hope they burn in hell for what they have done.

Its so sad!!!

I am so sorry for the young man's loss of life..what his family and friends must be going through right now. We are definitely praying for peace for his family. He did nothing to deserve being gunned down in a parking lot and left alone. I am also shocked and saddened about the young folks charged with this horrible crime. Being acquainted with one of those young men, I am dismayed that he is involved in this ordeal. I believe he was really on the path to changing the course of his life, instead he got caught up in this kind of trouble.

No matter how we all feel about this insensitive crime and loss of life, the entire situation has and will leave a gapeing hole in the lives of five families.

With people like these 4 and

With people like these 4 and the nut in Conn. loose on the public how can anyone think that giving up your rights with more restrictive gun laws is the answer. Hope they are tried and convicted with the maximum punishment.


OK these robbers had the jump on this guy - and one of them had a gun.
You're carrying a CW. Put yourself in the victims shoes.
If they pointed the gun at your head and pulled the trigger YOUR gun doesn't do any good.
If you had a chance to pull your weapon - which one do you shoot first? If you see the gun held by the robber that's easy - or is it? Do the others have guns? Do you get off one round before you're shot?

The robbers then take your money, your lunch, and your legal hand gun.
There have been and will be no restrictions placed on hand guns.
There WILL BE (hopefully) a ban on assault weapons and their ammo.
President Obama has loosened restrictions on guns - they are now allowed to be concealed carried in National Parks and on Amtrak trains - legislation passed under his Administration.
Gun sales are up 33% under his Administration and ammo sales are up as well.
The NRA has become the most dangerous lobbying organization int he country and should be banned from any contact with government officials.
An Assault weapons ban has my complete and total support.
Vog - gun owner and former NRA member

What a sad season this makes it for us all

I never go downtown by myself any more. That is sad. We have what could be such a nice downtown. We have great theatre and some nice restaurants and shops down there . My heart goes out to this young man's family and friends. And a big thank you to the police who helped to arrest these thugs. I don't know what the answer is for our nations problems concerning young people who are evil and act with no feelings. Killing children and killing promising young men and women, killing anyone...

Something is very wrong with our society and most of the civilized world is watching in disbeliefe at our turmoil. This past year has been our most horrid of years both nationally and locally.

I think we all need to reflect on our country and say a prayer for those we have lost to violence.

A hate crime

These 4 "friends" made a plan to head downtown to rob people. Did they only target white people? Maybe in addition to all the felony charges, they should also be charged with a hate crime. To kill for 10 bucks, a sandwich (reminiscent of the thugs who murdered the Chinese delivery driver!) and a cell phone shows just how much hate they have towards others...and I wonder if a lot of that hatred is aimed at a different race. Why is it mostly white people who are charged with hate crimes and yet when the victim is white, that charge is rarely brought forward?

This was a Hate Crime. Each

This was a Hate Crime. Each year thousands of whites are murdered by blacks. That one in 1,500 times, when its the other way around, it would be a national story, and Jesse Jackson would have busloads of protesters coming down.

I doubt Jesse Jackson, or Spike Lee, will be coming down to protest this evil act of murder.


It does not matter what color you are or male or female etc. this was a senseless crime and all four should fry!!!! Yes one pulled the trigger but all participated. The young man who was murdered will never see his 20th birthday while these THUGS get to sit in prison and receive shelter, food and health care WHY WHY WHY!!!! I am sure it was because somebody was abused as a child or lets blame poverty, when in fact it is because these thugs thought this was fun and they could get away with it. I am frankly sick of thugs taking over our lives and causing so many to live in fear......FRY THEM!!!

Yes this was a cruel act and

Yes this was a cruel act and when u set out to rob someone you deserve what you get. But i know one of these ppl personally and this individual works,and does community outreach for the youth in our community. Some of these comments are racially charged. Skin color doesnt make you an animal. Please look on starnews mugshots and look at the different races who have been arrested for robberies that could have easily turned out the same way. Please dont let the media fool you,they have been wrong in alot of these cases. Follow up on ur own and make statements once you learn the full truth

to "Lovelyk"

Committing robberies and murdering innocent citizens does not constitute "work." If he was truly gainfully employed, he likely would not have qualified for continued residence in subsidized housing provided by the city of Wilmington. And exactly what "community outreach" did he do? (No, gang recruitment and terrorizing the community with guns do not count.)

Crime in Historic District and Profiling

If you take a walk anywhere in the downtown historic district at night, you are putting yourself at risk.

Although profiling does not sit well with my political views, I profile when out at night in the historic area. If I see a young black male or group of males, I am on my guard. I head in the opposited direction as fast as I can.

Why? Because young black males commit most of the violent street crimes in downtown Wilmington.

Check the statistics.

Prayers Go out to the Family of all affected!

My prayers as well as my loved ones go out to Josh's family. One thing I do know is the God will grant you peace in the middle of your storm that surpasses all human understanding. I pray that God continues to hold Josh's mother father and siblings in his hands and comforts them. I know that everyone is hurt upset and shocked at what has happened including the family and the loved ones of the ones that have been arrested we also must keep in mind that they are also someone's son father brother sister and daughter! There is not only one family grieving today there is five so many people have been hurt in the senseless tragedy that could have been avoided if these for young adults made better decisions. I am a Christian strong in my faith and I honestly believe that it's wrong to wish death upon anyone's child! I know that a lot of you are furious and you have every right to be but remember before wishing death upon someone let he who has not sinned cast the first stone. Just keep praying for Josh's family and the family of all involved and even the four arrested that got have mercy on the because At the end of the day we all must stand before him on judgement day! God Bless the Prouteys!

" let he who has not sinned cast the first stone"

Let he who has not murdered another cast the first ballot for a capital punishment.

the talk- non black version

google john derbyshire AND the talk- non black version for insight into wrong place- time and association

Black people kill somebody

Black people kill somebody they are THUGS and MENACE TO SOCIETY. Muslim kill they are TERRORISTS. WHITE PERSON KILL THEY ARE MENTALLY ILL. FOH. Y NONE OF yall commented on the post of the conn. Shooting. Smh wrong is wrong the color doesn't make it any better to kill. White black latinos whatever if you kill they all should fall under one name one category. U can say what you want but you know im right look at the comments and news reports of these criminals. Why are white murderers never called thugs but blacks are? Why are black murderers never called Mentally ill? Hats off to WPD keep doin a wonderful job. To the DA And judge fry them and any other criminals.

White shooters called crazy

Too bad these four black thugs didn't do us the favor of turning their newly-acquired Magnum 357 on themselves like the mentally sick killer in Connecticut. Could have saved the Proutey family the agony of a trial and saved us all the expense of a trial and supporting their sorry asses in prion for the rest of their lives. They all deserve the death penalty, but we'll all settle for life in prison for all four, just to assure that they can't do it again. Hope they have fun in prison trying to find an easy way to "make a buck."

That's actually a very good

That's actually a very good point. I DO believe they were mentally ill, now that you made me think of it. I have been saying all along that these mass shooters ALWAYS have traumatic upbringings, and we're either abused or neglected as children and this is what leads to their actions. I believe the same will be found true with these 4 people.

The problem is, no one will EVER look into their past. They will label them thugs and move on and ignore and difference between them and anyone else that looks like them. They will group them all into the same catagory and refuse to accept the fact that it is A PARENTING AND UPBRINING ISSUE much more so than any race or society enviroment. It doesn't matter WHERE you were born, it matters how you were raised. Until this is accepted and understood by the public, we will never get a real change in society.

First off u cant say it was

First off u cant say it was how u was raised. u dont know if the parent was the best parent in the world. Once your child turns a certain age and old enough to make their own choices then as a parent u can talk to them show them teach them but when they at that age u cant co.trol them. Sometimes it is the upbringing and sometimes its not.


since you are trying to turn this into a racial issue and compare it to the murders of innocent children at sandy brook school, i wish the murderers of this young man would do what the one did in Connecticut and kill themselves. that would take away the cost of feeding them and caring for them in prison. as far as the mental aspect is concerned, remember the long island train killer, who happened to be black and represented himself in the trial? he was called mentally ill by the media. there have been few black mass killers in the united states. that is a statistical fact. isn't it better to stick to the facts because i am sick of everything being about race. if a twice elected black American president is not proof that this nation has come a very long way in racial issues, i have missed history. And MLK, a republican by the way, dreamed of a day when the color of one's skin is of no concern.

Dear Guesttoday....

Do you really want to know why? Because animals act like animals. If you are a member of a CIVILIZED society, you act in an appropriate manner. Quite frankly, this looks to me as though the perps were targeting a white man,....which would make them blatently racist. Any more questions?

You've hit the nail on the

You've hit the nail on the head, this was definately by definition a "HATE CRIME", so much for being a juvenile, what's good for the goose is also good for the gander, so if 4 whites had have murdered a black kid the charges would have reflected it, so I don't think New Hanover county is doing so good at treating everyone equal1

Out of the County

Some people don't get it even after they've been told. It's disappointing that everyone can tell you are an American black by your typing and grammar. You and everyone that "thinks" like you; get out of the County.