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NC gives its 15 electoral votes to GOP's Romney


RALEIGH, NC (AP) -- North Carolina is making its choices for president and vice president official.

Fifteen Republicans meeting Monday in the old Capitol building in Raleigh picked as the state's presidential electors cast the state's 15 electoral votes for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

The Romney-Ryan ticket edged Democratic President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden by 92,000 votes in the state's popular vote on Election Day six weeks ago. That gave the GOP the right to cast the electoral votes.

Romney's career as businessman and governor was praised before the vote by Art Pope, the retail-store magnate and former state legislator who has been a top funder of conservative causes and candidates.

Obama was re-elected to a second term. He won North Carolina's electoral votes four years ago.

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Politics as usual

This past Presidential election conclusively proved that what happaned to the Former U.S.S.R in 1991 -- will most assuredly happan to America in your life time now. A Fact! The Break-Up & Collapse of the USA. We have an ILLegal Alien President who is a Muslim and Communist who was born a lie, lived his life in a lie and couldn't tell the truth if God himself approached him. Our so called: " Politicians " -- male & female both have either been politically castrated or politically neutered. They know it -- but are only concerned for themselves and their 'political' future. Adios America !

Oh my goodness....what hole

Oh my goodness....what hole did you climb out from. It is such a shame that SO many Americans are uneducated idiots ranting and raving about what? We need to focus on REAL PROBLEMS not make believe propoganda. Maybe try reading a book sometime Huber!

Bad news Jaye.

You are wrong. At least you are aware that "SO many" Americans are straight on their facts. What are the real problems Jaye? I don't think you even know. Are they; not enough acceptance of the Homo agenda, not enough abortion on demand, not enough single Mothers, not enough deficit spending, not enough apologizing to other Countries, not enough confiscation and redistribution of personal wealth not enough Godless atheism and evolution theory taught in the govt classrooms? BTW, that's not how you spell the name Jay. Jaye, you read a book, the Bible. It will do you good.

Electoral College

Well, that ah, seems to be going very well, or something. I think we are really starting to get the Amerika that most of the Country (secular humanist / Global Socialist)voted for.