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Two accused in CFCC student's murder talk about the crime, impact


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- It has been just five days since 19-year-old Joshua Proutey was murdered in downtown Wilmington. Tonight, WWAY's Matt Ray was the only TV reporter to talk to two of the suspects.

"I just want to tell me mom I love her," Daniel Henry, 17, said, "and my brother and my dad."

"I'm not as tough as I look," Henry said wiping away tears. "I get stereotyped so much.

Henry, 17, said he wishes he could change what happened.

"If I could rewind back, I would've stepped in front of the bullet for Josh," Henry said. "He had more going on for himself than me."

Henry, the youngest of the group accused, says his life is over because of someone else's actions. He and investigators say Quintel Grady shot and killed Prouty. Henry also apologized to the Proutey family for their loss.

"I don't want no sympathy. I just want justice," Henry said. "Yeah, give me time, but don't give me life. I did not pull the trigger. I can't control what somebody else do."

Chris Cromartie, 23, is also charged in the killing.

"I was gonna give it about a week or two, and then just turn myself in if they didn't find any leads, but it took about a couple days, and they were knocking at the gym door," Cromartie said. "My mind is crazy right now. I have not slept since I've been here (in jail). It's not because of the case itself. It's because I have insomnia."

Cromartie said he knew he could have stayed to try and help Proutey after the shooting, but it was too late.

"I could have did CPR, but CPR was not going to help him out," Cromartie said. "But to Joshua's family, I apologize."

Cromartie, Grady and Jasmine Dottin are in jail without bond. They could face the death penalty.

Because Henry is a minor, his bond is set at $2 million. He faces a maximum sentence of life without the possibility of parole.

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gang rap

What is that? The next time you are stopped at a light and you hear some rap music playing look at the car next to you and see who is sitting in the driver seat.It might surprise you.Better yet listen to your children music it might scare the hell out of you.

Why do people say something

Why do people say something about rap when they kill somebody. I mean rock and roll really is not any better. Like just cause I listen to rap doesnt mean I am going to kill somebody. So stop with the have u listen to rap. And 9 times out of 10 its just music.

We were just a bunch of

We were just a bunch of cowards, ganging up, as we always do, and going out to committ a hold-up. I had no idea, anyone was gonna be shot. I was gonna call 911 that night, to save his life, but I forgot the number. I was just getting ready to walk out the door, to go to the Police, when they arrested me. I don't think its right for MY young life to be ruined. In the name of God, I be so sorry. Just give me time served, and probation, and I promise I won't do it again.

This guy is a cold blooded killer. Who chose to destroy another young person's life. How he lies, and apologies, at the same time, just confirms what a sick, evil, monster he is. His lies, are a insult Joshu's mother. Because of his selfish, cruel actions, a young, hard-working boy, who came to this town, to achieve his dream, is now laying lifeless on a metal table, in some morgue.


oh, so i guess he's wanting sympthy now sinse he was caught?
would he still feel this way if he had gotten away with it? well, of course not. these animals goes out and kills people who is GOOD, DECENT,
has a good future because they were willing to get out there and go for
it instead of hanging out in gyms and walking the roads, and hunting down white people to rob and kill because they always got money. are you kidding me? most people gets out and works for what little they have and then for some animal to come and take it from them? and then have the gall to say, i shot him because he didn't o'bey me??? let all the scum bags that was there that nite HANG!!! because all this shooting was ABOUT was black against white. and now they want to take our guns that does protect us from people like this? i don't think so!!! obama is out of his mind. he has done enough to tare this country down. so feel sorry for them but wait till it happens to some one you love or care about.

What is your basis for your assertions

How can you possibly know how these two men feel about the murder. Also, understand that they committed robbery, not murder. They are charged with the murder under the felony murder rule. This rule survives in the US, but has been abandoned in many other countries. Wanting to commit robbery and wanting to commit murder are different; such that the state won't even have to prove any level of mental culpability (The state doesn't have to prove they wanted to kill anyone).

The defendants absolutely deserve our ire, but the absolute vial I've read here makes me concerned for our ability as a community to get through this intact.

Human Debris

There's not a place hot enough in hell for these thugs...the epidemic continues.


These young men have crocodile tears running down their cheeks.

Their comments are insincere; they are merely posturing for sympathy. They made the choice to rob people, and they knew guns were invovled.

They destroyed an innocent life, and because of their wanton act of violence, they have destroyed their lives as well.

Happens every day. Nothing unique about these criminals.

"Henry said wiping away tears ...."I get stereotyped so much."

Deliberately choosing to randomly rob someone will do that to you. Next thing you know, people think you're a thug. That's just sooooo unfair!

I can hardly hold back my tears for this pitiable, stereotyped young man. It's society's fault he chose to rob someone for some weed and gas money. If only society had set up a weed and gas money trust account for him, none of this would have happened!

Well said

Welcome to the United States it isn't my fault America.

Straight from the idiot

After something like this happens in our city, people jump to say that we point fingers to who committed the crime, and that we also have to point out the race of the person and if they are from the ghetto.

Well straight from the idiots mouth....

Cromartie said he needed the money to travel to New York to pick up his 3-year-old son. “I figured if I robbed a white person in a good neighborhood, they're bound to have money lying around,” he added. Henry and Grady planned to rob somebody to get money for gas and a marijuana wrap, Cromartie said.

Isn't this the pot calling the kettle black???

They figured white people in a nice neighborhood would have money, oh yeah, they do, because THEY WORKED FOR IT AND LIVED AN HONEST LIFE.

White + Good Neighborhood = $$$$

Ghetto + Ghetto= STUPID LAZY FOOL

Ignorant fool.

When will they learn a lesson? Maybe when our police worry more about cleaning OUT the ghetto's from the beautiful city rather than hiding out (sitting in the car, doing nothing) waiting to give a speeding ticket.

But in his news paper

But in his news paper interview he said that they need the money for gas and a marijuana wrap. So which one is it.

Felons with guns

The police do clean it out and the people we have placed in power let them right back out over and over.

Do to this tragic loss in Ct we are now talking about exactly the wrong kind of gun control.
In 2011 there were 12,000 murders!
About 8,000 but handguns. In 2005, 75% of the 10,100 homicides committed using firearms in the United States were committed using handguns, compared to 4% with rifles, 5% with shotguns, and the rest with a type of firearm not specified.
most murders are not committed by previously law-abiding citizens either going berserk, or because a gun was handy during a moment of uncontrollable rage: suddenly "blow-away" their spouse, friend, neighbor, acquaintance, or all four.

Studies conducted at both the local and national level indicate the overwhelming majority of murders are committed by people with previous criminal records. Even a significant percentage of homicide victims themselves have criminal records.

We know most murders and committed by prior felons with handguns just like this man.
My question is why are we going after long guns and not trying to do anything against prior felons with handguns?

How about 20 years no parole for a felon caught with a gun?
30 if he is using it in a crime.

Whoever you are... You

Whoever you are...
You don't have the right mind set.
You just said that police should be worring about
Getting the ghetto out of Wilmington, but who are you judge someone?
You don't know where they came from or lived so its those like you that are the first to stereotype.
Considering that I know that one person that was involved with this, doesn't live in the "ghetto" you should stop being the one to steriotype. I'll pray that god helps you with your stereotyping problem.
Yes it's your opinion to think if something is wrong but it's not your right to steriotype someone
If you do not know that person. Have you heard that saying"don't judge a book by its cover"
Well if you don't know exactly what was going through someone's mind you have not no one else has a right
To judge one, if. You do not know them then do not judge them, you are supposed to learn that in elementary school.
Yes one person had done extremly wrong in this group. And since others were associated with them
Then yes they do deserve a small punishment, although
As Daniel said, he cannot control someone else's actions. And that is the truth! So he shouldn't get charged for 1st degree murder. He didn't pull the trigger he was just around someone who was out to hurt someone else.
He did not pull the trigger and wasnt there to stand I front of the bullet, he had no control on what went on in That mans head before he pulled the trigger. I feel as if you are one to judge someone so quickly others should judge
You as fast as you judge others to show you how it feels to be judged. So don't be so judge mental if you don't know someone personally.

Who Ever You Are

They All should be took to the river front downtown Wilmington and be shot by the firing squad. Maybe this will set a example for the rest of the thugs. I hope the DA'S office fires all of them to the fullest extent of the law. and notice what I said All 4 of them.


Whoever I am... I am a concerned citizen of this city.

They SHOULD ALL be punished at the highest level. Don't judge them you say, I am suppose to learn that in elementary school. Well, don't know where you went or is you went to school but where I went I was taught right from wrong. Only an uneducated person would say the things you said. Just because the losers didn't "pull the trigger" doesn't mean they are not GUILTY. They were there, they wanted to rob someone, that's all it takes.... I have never been in that situation, oh, you ask why.... well, because I knew better, I knew not to rob people, hang out with people that rob others, or hang out with people that carry loaded guns. Uneducated and Ignorant.

Oh, by the way.... I don't care what was going through his mind at the time, any of them. I hope the state doesn't care either. There is NO EXCUSE for this crap.

What THEY (all of them) did was wrong and I hope they pay.

Glorification of Violence

I just got back from Josh Proutey's service to read these comments.It was a lovely service that no parent should ever have to go through. There were eulogies read, tears shed, and a beautiful song sung by Josh's coworkers (all African Americans) that was truly touching. Towards the end of the service, Josh's uncle pleaded for peace and not anger, to walk away from the feelings of retribution that so many of these senseless crimes engender. However, all of the people that perpetrated this crime, SHOULD BE PUNISHED to the full extent of the law! Each one of them made the decision to act as a group and commit this crime. Each one of the perpetrators knew full well that Quintel Grady, as an ex-felon was carrying a loaded handgun. Each one of the perpetrators had already tried to victimize another person 20 minutes before Josh Proutey was selected as the next victim. After their first victim escaped to safety, any one of the perpetrators could have changed their minds about committing a crime, but they did not. They chose to continue with their violence, and to escalate it further, a decision that resulted in the death of an innocent young man. Start taking responsibilities for your actions, and stop blaming other people for your personal moral failings and bad decisions. Josh was going to school to improve his life. Any one of the perpetrators could have easily done the same with their lives. It doesn't take much to get some work and go to community college if you try. There's plenty of people that have come from disadvantaged backgrounds that do just that. No, what they chose to do, was to take the easy way out. I know plenty of good people who come from nothing, and are law-abiding citizens who have worked for everything they have. The difference with these perpetrators is that they chose to become enmeshed in a culture of violence where despicable acts have become a "right of passage" for far too many people. Their world for them, glorifies violence, and mocks morality. If the perpetrators were there during the cold-blooded murder of a young man, then they are complicit in the conspiracy of robbery and murder. It's as simple as that. As simple as the choices you make in life, and the people you choose to be around. May justice be served in this case for Josh Proutey and his family.


As I watched the interview, several questions and thoughts came to my mind:

(1) This young man, who looked so tough in his mug shot, wasn't looking as tough any more
(2) This "man" looked like a scared little boy

I guess sitting behind those bars kind of wakes you up to what you did. When you set out that night to intentionally rob someone, you were playing the "game". It is not a game any more - it is murder

What were you thinking as you strolled the streets looking for an easy mark? What went through your mind seeing Josh scared? What went through your mind when your buddy pulled out the gun and shot him?

Joshua's family and friends will be visiting his gravesite - they won't have the ability to talk to him any more. At least your mom and family can talk to you - even if it is behind bars.

Dont' know if this will change you any - hope it does

Sadly, 5 sets of parents

Sadly, 5 sets of parents have lost children in this case. I pray for them all.

I pray for 1 set of those

I pray for 1 set of those parents

U know u r an a**hole for

U know u r an a**hole for this 5 parents have lost thier kids. Just cause the kids did wrong dont come at the parents like that. If that was your child then guess what u lost a child that mad a real bad decision.

Oh cry me a river!

In general, society does not feel compassion for the parents of murderers. Why? Children are direct results of their parents' upbringing. In other words, if the parents did their jobs as PARENTS, then these thugs would not have been out on the street that night killing people.


We as a society and especially Joshua's family should settle for no less than LIFE WOP for this dispicable act. I don't feel any empathy AT ALL for these low down, murderous thugs. Where is the outrage, wheres Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.Yeah, as long as its white boys being shot... no problem!

So your being racist? I know

So your being racist? I know for a fact Daniel isn't racist
I don't know the others although I do know that
Yes they were in the wrong for being associated with this although
I do believe that Daniel didn't know that the man that he was hanging around
Would kill another man. But he couldn't have saved him and I know he would have if he could
Besides hanging around the wrong crowed he does have a good heart
And he wouldn't ever hurt a soul. And for you to try and say that
They are racist... That shows that you are as well. Daniel isn't even full black but
You wouldn't know that right? Because you judge others by their appearance.
Go to church and learn not to judge others.

To Gods Child

Did your Daniel stay behind and call 911 when the other shot the gun? Did your Daniel reach down and try to save the young man? Did your Daniel yell out "no" don't shoot him? NOOOOOOOOO, he went and ate the sandwich and spent the money at a local store Right after the deed was done. Get off of here and go read your Bible and ask God why DIDN'T your Daniel do the right thing!!!

How is "going to rob some

How is "going to rob some white people's home because they'll have money" NOT racist? I'm glad you KNOW he isn't racist. What I KNOW is he was party to a robbery/murder. He was part of a group of people "hunting" (HIS words NOT mine) someone to rob.
KNOW this: hindsight is 20/20, too bad he didn't use his "20/20" before looking for a wrap to pull off that "420" he would have so gladly participated in if the murder hadn't happened. THEN he would have kept hanging with the "people he didn't know" right?
Tell your "buddy" to man the hell up and just admit to himself what he is: a friggin CRIMINAL. No pity, no mercy.

Good points, I'll say one

Good points, I'll say one thing for those looking to hit some white dude's house for money, you come to this house and I'll leave the light on, but I can gaurantee you it will be a career altering choice you just made! It's time for poor defenseless people to be kept from being victimized by younger, stronger, punks, it just makes you very sad to see such a young mans life cut short for a little gas money and some pot, if they hadn't been caught it would not have been another week and they would have done it all over again.


Who would have expected him to be so poor with the English language?

Is this a ploy to have their

Is this a ploy to have their sentence lightened when they are convicted? Do these THUGS really think their "apologies" help?
Life for those involved, death for the shooter!

Those that were involved

Those that were involved should not be sentenced for life.
Considering they did not pull the trigger much less might not have known that
The killer was going to pull the trigger. You can't blame everyone for something one
Man did. You are do quick to judge these humans as thugs. And you are referring to the two who apologized.
They couldn't have helped if they tried. Daniel would have tried to help if he could have, you do not know him personally and yes apologies might not mean much. But for those that didn't pull the trigger and didn't know he was going to pull the trigger they're apologies should mean something. Don't judge one so quick if you do not know them.
God says forgive. And don't hold grudges. Yes it is hard but they apologized for someone else's actions. They did not plan to kill him only one person had that thought in their mind.
The others should not be charged as a murderer when they did not hold the gun and pull the trigger.

Try this...

Every single one of them benefited from that crime. There were many, many points along the way in which they could have gotten off the bandwagon. Instead, they all were riding in a car that had gasoline knowlingly purchased with proceeds from a murder.

Only one pulled the trigger but all four reaped the reward.