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Gun control debate reaches Southport


SOUTHPORT, NC (WWAY) -- The tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School has once again brought the topic of gun control to the forefront. But some local gun owners warn against knee-jerk reactions.

As the president and Congress are arguing the gun control debate, so are folks right here at home. Today, I spoke with gun owners who say more laws are not the answer.

"I am skeptical that the only answer is putting more guns in schools," President Obama said in an interview today.

"Put law enforcement or armed security guards in these places where we want our children to be protected," said gun owner Joseph Parent.

There does not seem to be much middle ground for the two sides in the gun control debate.

"Gun control is not the problem. Control the people," said gun owner Richard Timberlake. The gun doesn't kill anybody. The idiot behind it uses it to kill somebody."

Ever since the shooting at Sandy Hook there have been increased talks in Washington for stricter firearms laws.

Gun owners at the Ant Hill shooting range in Southport say such laws would only hurt the good guys.

"If you want a gun, you're going to get a gun," said gun owner Joe Hill. "I spent many years in the police department. You're going to get a gun, legal or not."

They say for them, shooting is just a hobby.

"Some people enjoy yoga. Some people enjoy running. I enjoy coming out and meeting like-minded americans in a safe environment with good, safe, friendly competition," said Parent.

A USA Today poll taken shortly after the Sandy Hook Massacre shows 58% of people now favor stricter gun laws, that is up from 43% the same time last year.

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HAHAHA... "The second

HAHAHA... "The second amendment is just as important today and means the same thing as it did when written"... Do you even know what the 2nd Amendment says?? LOL.. it states: A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Which was written in the infancy of our nation when we did not have an Army to protect the security of our United States... It's completely out of date! When was the last time we had a government endorsed Militia... The Civil War... LOL it has absolutely no bearing on modern culture. "The authors had the foresight to look ahead many years and see that our government could become opressive and citizens would need the means to defend themselves" Are you kidding me? You mean to tell me that the framers of our constitution were all prophets who looked into their crystal balls and knew the future... Do you own firearms? Because I would question your mental state if you honestly believe they had the foresight that the government THEY created would become oppressive... Your personal feeling that a non-felon should be able to own and operate whatever weapon he/she wants is absolutely the reason laws need to be put in place because people such as yourself know no limitations... Tell me how many Mass Murders were previously convicted Felons?... And you want these people to have option of hand selecting what destructive device they want with no cap on the possibilities... again I question your mental state... Also, if you ever have to go toe to toe with the US Military the best thing you can do is lay down your weapon because there is no arsenal greater... you would stand no chance... and you say my ideas are dangerous. As for my veteran status I don't have to prove anything to you, but I will tell you I was a BM2 (SW/AW) SAR aboard the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower for four years... honorably discharged. and yes my opinion is quite different from yours.


Like you I wish would pack up and leave this country. If one tan be called irrelevant because the times have changed...what stops all of our freedoms from being taken under the.same argument.

What gives you the right to

What gives you the right to tell me to leave? When your family slept I stood the watch to protect you and nw you want to cast me aside... thanks for the gratitude A**.

Considering the situation

Considering the situation that our forefathers face against an oppressive government, they did not need a crystal ball to have the foresight to protect the future citizens of this country. They witnessed first hand what an oppressive government can do to its citizens. What do you think happened during the Revolutionary War? England was being oppressive to the colonists and the only recourse for the colonists was to fight back. What do you think would have happened if the colonists weren't allowed to be as equally armed as the British? We would be speaking the queen's English.

So you are saying the Second

So you are saying the Second Amendment is out of date? Would you be saying the same for any of our other amendements? What if people suddenly began thinking cruel and unusual punishment was "out of date" would be then be able to torture people who may or may not have committed a crime? By saying that one of our amendments, our BILL OF RIGHTS is out of date, you are saying that about all of them. These are rights that are inherent to us as humans and aren't to be infringed or taken away.

Seeing as you have been in the military, then weren't you sworn in to protect and defend the Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic? How are you protecting or defending the Constitution of you are so willing to dismiss one of our amendments to is as "out of date"?

I did swear to defend...

I did swear to defend... doesn't mean I'm so close-minded that I don't see the need to improve and update to todays culture.

You give your brain too much

You give your brain too much credit..

Is that all...

Is that all...

Why do you think your

Why do you think your intelligence is so superior just because someone does not agree with your logic. I listened to your argument and you only proved a major point most gun owners worry about. "thats a start" sums it up meaning the anti gun people will keep coming once once they start taking away any guns. Thank god the NRA will not let it happen.


You make it sound like the NRA runs this country. THEY DON'T!!!!!! The NRA should be branded a terrorist organization. They spread this crap about how the government is going to raid our homes and take our guns which is about as far from the truth as it can be. No one needs an assult weapon that was meant for nothing but killing people. As stated in other posts the 2nd Amendment has been perverted over the years, and taken out of context, and every NUT hides behind this thinking they should be able to own every weapon known to man. People who are mentally ill should not have a weapon of any kind, and there needs to be a way to check and see who has a mental defect that would prevent them for owning or even posessing these weapons. Also felons who are caught with any type of firearm should be locked up for 25 years with no parole that would ensure at least this group of criminals would be locked away and off the streets. Also gun and ammunition sales over the internet should be stopped cold. How many more children have to die before people wake up and push the NRA out of the way, and take control of our country away from the NUTS who seek to destroy it.

Let the fear mongering begin...

Guest 123234 ... I never stated my intelligence was superior. I simply laid out an intelligent argument for the implementation of safer laws governing killing machines. You also jumped the "gun" by assuming when I stated that removing assault weapons from civilians was a start implying my next intention would be to restrict the ownership of other firearms. Which is a completely wrong observation. I feel before we can tackle the other obstacles plaguing our society we must first remove available assault rifles from the equation. Also we should limit the amount of ammunition an individual may purchase over a certain timeframe i.e.., month, quarter, or year. Also all guns should be registered, and when sold in the secondary market i.e.., for sale by owner there should be proper paperwork, and background checks performed such as when an individual purchases a boat, trailer, vehicle. Guns should not be allowed to change ownership without the proper authorities being notified, and background screenings preformed. The start I was referring to is that once we have implemented a logical agenda to remove these war machines from our communities, and have placed safe guards to ensure the safe tracking and evaluation of secondary market sales we can then focus on other items such as mental health, and effects of desensitizing stimulating visual effects. We first must remove the easy access to weapons which were designed to kill in large quantities in small increments of time. Once we limit access, we greatly diminish the threat of mass murders. If we focus on a common sense approach to restrict availability coupled with mental health reform paired with an updated culturally accepted gun application process that my friend is a start. With that being said I understand the feeling to defend ones home, and protect ones family... but my friend if you can not do that with a 12 gauge shotgun, and a small caliber handgun you are already out of luck.

This is getting real boring

Once again you make the point for someone else. That killer could have inflicted the same damage with a 12 gauge shotgun and a 38 revolver in a classroom. Have you ever shot or qualified with a 12 gauge with buck shot. It produces a massive coverage without being right on target. Then times that by 6 and someone who knows how to combat load a shotgun and that is a problem. Do you get the point IT DOESNT MATTER. Look there are those of us who had to strap on a gun every morning when they went to work and those who havent. I would be the one more likely to face the weapon you are so against. Take a deep breath a go read a good book which you seem to be very good at.

There are those who do and those who just talk.We all know which group you belong to.

Frankly, you nothing about

Frankly, you nothing about me or what I have done... I have served in the military and have fired military weapons. I was trained to kill, I was also trained to save lives as a search and rescue swimmer. So I have been on both sides of the coin... I know what weapons can do with a trained marksman... trust me these pimple faced brats who are shooting everyone know nothing about marksmanship, and we should be thankful for that.


Thank you

"but my friend if you can not do that with a 12 gauge shotgun, and a small caliber handgun you are already out of luck."

Nicely said. I have a fairly decent rapport with my handgun and I can hold my own at its intended range which is more than enough to protect my home and family.
I do not need anything more



Im glad you and John see eye to eye.

I sure hope you can hold your own if the s**t hits the fan with an assailant who is also armed. Things are a little different in that situation than hitting a paper target at Shooters Choice from 10 feet away. Good Luck!!!!

Guest 123234 if s**t hits

Guest 123234 if s**t hits the fan I can defend my family and home with my desert eagle, and pump action 12 gauge... I wasn't trained to hit stationary targets in the military. I can hold my own. And I don't need a AK-47 or AR-15 to do it.

But wouldnt you at least

But wouldnt you at least admit you could do the same damage in a classroom with your weapons of choice as you could with semi automatic versions of the AK and AR. You have made so many posts you are now making my points for me.

By the way 4 years in the miltary does not make someone an expert in these matters.

Thank you Vog46 for being a

Thank you Vog46 for being a reasonable gun owner.


When people feel they have the "right" to tell others what they can or can not have then this is no longer the country that I know and love. It is our GOD GIVEN RIGHT not GOVT APPROVED!! Where will YOU be when Mr. Robber, Rapist, or Murderer comes kicking in my door?? Certainly NOT defending my house and family like I would! I was told long ago to never bring your fists to a knife fight and never bring a knife to "you guessed it" a GUN fight!! Since I moved here I now have a convicted murderer down my road, a convicted child rapist right next door, and another down the road.

As for me and my house we will serve the LORD, love the USA and, by GODS given rights, we will own GUNS!!!

Ten Commandments

Your the religious one not me but... Doesn't the Bible have a commandment from God demanding you not to Kill... But now God has given you the right to own and operate a firearm?? Missed that verse... But thats great now we have religious zealots claiming they have Godly rights to firearms which supposedly you can't use because of the whole "Thou Shall Not Kill" bit. Another example why people should have their brain examined before given a gun. Also if you feel your in danger MOVE!

The commandment given in

The commandment given in Exodus 20:30 translates back from the original language to mean "thou shalt not murder". Self defense is not murder. Protecting my home and my family is not murder. If someone breaks into my house, I can only assume that he is there to do harm and I will do everything within my power with whatever weapon I have on hand to protect my family and myself. As for your claim that owning a gun is not a God-given right then you need to refer back to the documents of our forefathers. "We are endowed by our Creator by certain unalienable rights". Among the rights stated in the Declaration of Independence is the right to life. Therefore, I have the right to protect my life and the lives of others when someone attempts to take those rights away.

Not Sure If Serious

Not all guns are used to kill people. Millions of people use them to hunt. I am not religious either, but I do know the Bible says that God put animals on this Earth for him to eat.


When did god say you had the right to own guns? That is the most asinine thing I have read from you gun freaks. Sounds like you live in a scummy neighborhood too. Guess the lord and those guns didnt get you much of an education so you could afford a nice neighborhood.

Guestomfg you talk about

Guestomfg you talk about some one being a freak and getting a good education. You should have skipped the education and went to church so you would have been taught how to speak to people with respect. Also with your so called education you can spread your wealth so everyone can live in your gun free neighborhood. I think we have a obama voter.


That sounds a little elitest-you must live at WB or Landfall. Also living in a "good" neighborhood is not always safe. The four thugs who committed the hate crime/murder downtown a couple of weeks ago went first to the desirable and "safe" Forest Hills area to rob some rich white folks who keep stacks of cash around.

Gun Control

”Gun control is like trying to reduce drunk driving by making it tougher for sober people to own cars.”

Gun control is like trying

Gun control is like trying to tell people who think they have the right to drive 150 miles per hour that it's dangerous.

Get Rid

Get rid of the assult weapons. No one needs an AK-47, AR-15, M-4 Carbine, or any other weapon that was designed as a military weapon. If you need 30 shots to bring down a deer, the you do not need to be hunting in the first place. Also you should not be able to buy ammunition over the internet. This is how that fool who shot ou the theater in Colorado got 6000 rounds no questions asked. They regulate cold medicine more than they do bullets. Quite frankly there has been no talk about the government going door to door collecting guns. There has been talk about making it so people with mental illnesses can not get permision to have a weapon of any kind. In NC a person who is a convicted felon gets 5 years with no parole for having a weapon. That does not deter them from having and using guns to commit crimes. I personally believe any felon found to have a gun should get 25 years with no parole, that would have a profound effect on crime, because then thye would be off the streets forever. The NRA, and the Republican nuts want you to believe the cops are coming after you, and that is a load of crap!!!!! If something is not done to get rid of military weapons in the hands of untrained civilians or nut jobs, then we are going to have many more shootings like the one in Newtown. Wake up people stop using the 2nd Amendment as a way to be stupid.


would be nice if people like you would actually take the time to find out WHY the founding fathers put that right as the second. Here`s a hint, it had absolutely NOTHING to do with hunting! I happen to think that our founding fathers knowledge of tyranical goverments and their complete devotion to their new found freedom meant something when they put those words onto paper. The times aren't different, but those who claim love of freedom and country are NO WHERE near as patriotic as our founders!

Keep in mind that it is not

Keep in mind that it is not the untrained law abiding citizen that is committing these mass shootings. Besides when you start deciding what one should and shouldn't have that starts to sound like a tyrant. When you start spouting how our gun rights should be then exactly what rights are you willing to start forfeiting?