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Gun control debate reaches Southport


SOUTHPORT, NC (WWAY) -- The tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School has once again brought the topic of gun control to the forefront. But some local gun owners warn against knee-jerk reactions.

As the president and Congress are arguing the gun control debate, so are folks right here at home. Today, I spoke with gun owners who say more laws are not the answer.

"I am skeptical that the only answer is putting more guns in schools," President Obama said in an interview today.

"Put law enforcement or armed security guards in these places where we want our children to be protected," said gun owner Joseph Parent.

There does not seem to be much middle ground for the two sides in the gun control debate.

"Gun control is not the problem. Control the people," said gun owner Richard Timberlake. The gun doesn't kill anybody. The idiot behind it uses it to kill somebody."

Ever since the shooting at Sandy Hook there have been increased talks in Washington for stricter firearms laws.

Gun owners at the Ant Hill shooting range in Southport say such laws would only hurt the good guys.

"If you want a gun, you're going to get a gun," said gun owner Joe Hill. "I spent many years in the police department. You're going to get a gun, legal or not."

They say for them, shooting is just a hobby.

"Some people enjoy yoga. Some people enjoy running. I enjoy coming out and meeting like-minded americans in a safe environment with good, safe, friendly competition," said Parent.

A USA Today poll taken shortly after the Sandy Hook Massacre shows 58% of people now favor stricter gun laws, that is up from 43% the same time last year.

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How many children have to

How many children have to die every week so that we feel like our 2nd amendment rights are not abridged? This is a real, not a rhetorical question.

Actually the individuals

Actually the individuals carrying out these mass murders are actually untrained law abiding citizens. The Theatre gunman, Tucson Shooter, Columbine High School, Oregon Mall Shooter, & Sandy Hook School Shooter all had zero rap sheets not even a traffic violation... So the reason we need these assault rifles out of our communities is because there is absolutely no way to know who is a threat. It will not stop these sick individuals from carrying out acts of violence but at the very least it will cut down the death toll by not arming them with fire power intended for war zones.

Your words: Quite frankly

Your words:

Quite frankly there has been no talk about the government going door to door collecting guns.

Your words:

Get rid of the assault weapons.


They regulate cold medicine more than bullets because meth is a bigger problem than bullets. Also, to get guns legally, you have waiting periods, and background checks. You can't do a whole lot with ammunition without a gun. It would be like trying to regulate beer bottles, it's the alcohol in the bottles that's the problem.

How exactly

Hey Matt,
How, exactly, has the "Gun control debate" reached Southport? Because, you went down there to interview some gun owners? So, if you go to Burgaw or Carolina Beach and interview gun owners, the "Gun control debate" will have reached them too? Very nice reporting. You may want to look for a new career.

Maybe write how the debate has reached Southport. Are these guys writing to their congressman to make sure more strict laws are not passed? Are they lobbying the government to favor the laws we have? Your headline of "Gun control debate reaches Southport" isn't very accurate, since the only information you've shared is that you went there and interviewed some gun owners about the possibility of stricter gun laws. In essence, you started the debate in Southport by going there and asking questions.

Liberals should good that

Liberals should good that they didn't profile Lanza and make him feel like he wasn't tolerated.

I wouldn't put 2 cents worth

I wouldn't put 2 cents worth of faith in any poll USA and Today would run for accuracy, legal gun owners have always favored gun control, there are already more gun laws on the books than will ever be enforced, problem is the people and liberal justice systems, either they are repeat offenders or mentally challenged, either case, the justice system turns a blind eye to both of them. Why else does the mass shootings occur in gun free zones?

What legal gun owners favor

What legal gun owners favor gun control? It's the law-abiding citizens who follow existing law that are the ones who get killed. It's the criminal who will kill no matter what the law says. More gun control laws is not the answer to end the violence. Enabling the innocents (by that I mean adults) to protect themselves is the answer.