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ONLY ON 3: Alleged bullying by deputy's daughter turns violent in Bladen Co.


BLADENBORO, NC (WWAY) -- In Bladen County, one mother says her daughter has been dealing with a bully for months. She says nothing is done because the bully's father is a deputy.

Robin Porter says her daughter, Jessica, has been bullied by former classmate Courtney Bullard for the past year. Now, the situation has turned violent, and this time, it was all caught on camera.

The video may be offensive to some viewers.

"My daughter has made the statement to me, she says, 'Mama, I will kill myself. I can't take it,'" said Robin Porter.

She says it all started when Bullard assaulted her daughter in February. According to Porter, Bullard's father, Bladen County Sheriff's Deputy Greg Bullard, said he would handle the situation. But Porter says over the course of the year, things only got worse. She says Courtney Bullard has been threatening her daughter on Facebook, saying she was going to beat her up. Two weeks ago, she says her daughter was lured into a set-up where onlookers shot the cell phone video.

Jessica's mother and aunt believe Deputy Bullard has been covering up for his daughter.

"It's always been in Bladen County who you are. That's the favoritism part I don't like. Just because who you are shouldn't make a difference with the law," said Porter's aunt.

They say more needs to be done to prosecute bullies before things turn violent.

"I have gotten emails from numerous amounts of children telling me how they've been bullied and how the bullies got away with it," said Robin Porter. "I'm just fed up."

We spoke with Bladen County Sheriff Prentis Benston who said there is no attempt by the Sheriff's Office to cover up anything.

Dep. Bullard was not on duty today, the Sheriff said he would contact Bullard for us, but so far, we have not heard back.

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Girl Fight

Exactly along the same line as what I said. It is HIGH TIME we, the respectful, law-abiding, God-fearing members of Bladen County TAKE BACK our schools, towns, and county. WE MUST STAND for ourselves, our children and demand that the law is adhered to.

This whole thing is

This whole thing is ridiculous. Yes what the Bullard girl is doing is wrong and yes something should be done but numerous amount of times has the Porter girl put herself in situations such as these. Although this time she may not have, in the past year she has been in so much drama, told people to meet her at a gas station to fight, and has had disrespectful and bully type statuses on facebook. Also, just two nights ago her mother was calling another adult out on facebook in a bullying way. I guess the apple DOESN'T fall too far from the tree. Both of these girls parents need to control there own children and learn how to make respectful woman out of them first and maybe things such as these wouldn't happen. This whole ordeal is pure ignorance and these two girls should both feel horrible about themselves starting drama at someone's sons grave!! Maybe that should also have been mentioned. This isn't the first fight between the two at someone's grave!

First off,If I called

First off,If I called anybody then I had a good reason.And Jessica has NEVER fought a graveyard Thank you!

Again, the apple doesn't

Again, the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. And she hasn't fought there that you know of. Just like you don't know of a lot of things she keeps from you. She's a 16 year old girl, she knows all the tricks.

Well if you are a parent and

Well if you are a parent and you know of things that my child does that Im not aware of why dont you do your job as a parent and call me!!

You as a parent see your

You as a parent see your daughter on facebook. With all this going on she still is talking junk on her statuses and you wonder why people don't have her back 100%. I realize she's a teenager but she isn't helping herself when she's trying to make a point and she's acting just as Courtney is on a social network.


If the "father" cant discipline his daughter - see if he can arrest her, take out papers and send him to cuff and lock her up or be fired while filmed. Wasn't there a recent bulling law passed that reaches beyond assault? If his own family don't listen to him, I know now I wouldn't either.

Deputy Dawg

Have u actually seen Greg Bullard? He is as busy as acat covering up crap when it comes to his Courtney.She does no wrong.Greg is to worried Luann will leave him to make Courtney mind.She actually gave consent to being videoed by looking straight into the camera and acknowledging her actions.Set up, maybe by Courtney. She spit on Jessica, watch the video closely, that is about as low as u can go.

Sometimes the best of

Sometimes the best of parents can not control their 18 year old kids.
People this girl is an adult and I am sure that all of us at some point in our teenage years got into fights or said something we should not have. Stop making everything about the parents and as far as the father being a deputy so what.... why didnt the parent of the victim call the police when it first happened ?????
Any parent is going to try to protect their child law enforcement or not.
Courtney is not the way shes unfairly being made out to be by the media and her parents are good people.


Courtney is exactly what u saw and has been for years, her parents are good people alright. If saying GD every other word makes u a good person and drinking like a fish then Greg is.Lu Ann is a wolf in sheeps clothing, she's everybody's friend to their face.Her husband controls whther or not she can even speak to someone.It makes a big difference that he is a deputy in this county, conflict of interest.I know them personally and I can tell u first hand!!!The parents make it about themselves when they allow her to back talk, stay out all hours of the night before she was 18, hang with trash and give her everything she wants. Honestly people are so snowed to the Bullards.

Girl Fight

The pure filth that came out of that gal's mouth is indicative of the filth that is in her heart, mind and life and was evidenced by her facebook page when it was public. It was deactivated, evidently,(which was a smart move and should've been done long before it was actually done). You are known by your actions and associations and when you constantly have pictures of people smoking dope, drinking, having money spread out with references to it being drug money and things like "wakee & bakee" as your status...WHO DO YOU THINK YOU'RE FOOLING? Certainly not GOD ALMIGHTY and certainly not the citizens of this county!! (By the way, I didn't know what "Wakee & Bakee" meant until I was informed what it meant...I guess something like "I just got up out of bed and I'm burning me some kind of drug".)

I did call the police and

I did call the police and file a report,we took charges out the next day.Im sorry you think Courtney has been treated unfairly but MY child has too!!

Bullard Bully

Let me have that little bully. She must be able to run wild at home with no disipline. She needs a good old fashioned ass whipping and restriction to get her little coward self in check.


She's never been spanked. She orders those two around like dogs.Grown behind parents that cater to a spoiled brat.I would take her little red ride, see about enlisting her in the army or involuntary commiting her to the psych ward.Get thee behind me satan, I rebuke these devils in the name of Jesus!!!

This is stupid

This is stupid. All these people getting upset over Jessica. I go to school and know both of them and neither of them are innocent. They bully each other and disrespect more than themselves. They should get arrested for underage drinking TOGETHER every weekend. Honestly, the fact that her mother put her on tv is for show. I don't take sides I'm just saying there BOTH guilty!!!! Also Courtney's father shouldn't get fired for his daughters actions. ARE YOU PEOPLE SERIOUS?!?

Jessica has NOT hung out

Jessica has NOT hung out with Courtney,Im sure your mother would feel the same way had it been you and I have not said the first thing about getting her father fired!

Jessica Porter isn't the

Jessica Porter isn't the victim ever. You can ask anyone in her school and they will tell you that she causes trouble all the time for herself. She opens her mouth and talks trash and gets herself into these situations. She talks trash and gets her tail beat. It's not bullying. It's being dumb. She doesn't know how to fight and then gets beat up and cries to her mom to pull papers. And everyone is talking about oh I would be ashamed if that was my daughter but you all don't know the whole story. She came talking trash on her brothers grave on his birthday. If that we're me I would beat her up too. If I were her parents I would be proud. She was standing up for her brother. If Jessica would shut her mouth or learn how to fight she wouldn't be "bullied" anymore. In fact if you look up her record she has never won a fight and then pulls papers. So for everyone reading I'm just setting the story straight. There are two sides to every story and this side needed to be told. Thanks.

Nobody has the right to put

Nobody has the right to put their hands on anyone...and maybe everyone involved will learn to keep their mouth shut before someone really gets hurt or killed..what i watched is nothing to be proud of regardless of who said what...

Yeah, right...

There are two sides to every story, Did you by any chance see the entire video? and you don't think this girl was the victim? "learn how to fight", you must be from Bladenboro too. Fighting is never the answer, maybe you should get out into the world outside Bladenboro.

Let me make one thing clear!

Let me make one thing clear! The guy's grave they were fighting at WAS NOT Courtney's brother's grave. The guy's grave was Robert Cain. He only has one sister and her name is Nicole! How do you think the parents of Robert feel? Having to turn on their tv and see this bs about how people were "celebrating" Robert's birthday by getting messed up on drugs? Let's try to show some class here! That is the most disrespectful thing about this video! Not only does the family of Robert have to hear about people getting high, or drunk at Robert's grave, they also have to deal with two "little girls" fighting over some dumb drama. Get over it! Get a life and make something of your self, and stop trying to be big and bad, BOTH of you! Have some respect for the family that lost Robert. If you want to act like little girls and get in a fight, do it somewhere other than a grave yard! Nobody seems to have a thought in their mind for the family who lost Robert! GROW UP BLADEN COUNTY!

For your info Jessica never

For your info Jessica never got out of the car the night that she stopped by there with her so called "friends".Or did she have any intention on going there to fight.She had no idea what was gonna take place.So therefore Jessica didnt disrespect anybody!! Get your facts straight!!

Mrs. Porter

Mrs. Porter, your attitude is about as good as mud. It is no wonder your daughter was associated with the other girl. Facts straight or not, both your daughter's reputation and that of the other girl are ruined. So, act your age and stop yelling at everyone else's children on the internet. Do you have that much time to waste, or is this your 15 minutes of fame? You should be with your child, supporting her in her time of need. Not acting like you are 15 yourself posting rude comments. If you don't want to read negative comments then you should have kept that video to yourself.

BC Trash

First of all, neither of these girls are Robert Cain's sister. He has ONE sister, and her name is Nicole Cain. She, and the rest of his family, would be horrified at seeing this crap anywhere near his grave. Thank God his family is getting a gate to keep this kind of trash out.

Then you are an idiot.

Then you are an idiot. Violence is never the answer. Would you want someone to threaten to kill you? I don't think so. You need to grow up and wake up.


I am sick and tired of the garbage that leads this county. From the top down they are absolute trash. Every single police officer, lawyer, judge are half the human that runs the local gas stations. If you read this County Manager, you are a slimeball. I am from the great state of Michigan and live her now by choice but I am sick to my stomach on how this county is ran. Any one of you that have a job in local government were in Michigan, you would be working in Mcdonalds. I will run against you. I will prove that I am the dominent candidate. And I will fire pretty much all of the county employees. You should be sick of yourself and so should the people that love here. We need new leadership.


If your so sick of how things are run in bladen county go back up north, nobody has asked you to come fix anything, the reason nothing can be done is because leadership in bladen is always trying to deal with people like you, that think we need to change down here when we are perfectly fine. So please be a little more considerate of what people thats lived here since they were children want not just yourself


As a parent, i know that something should be done about the bullying, but there are things that have been going on with Ms. Bullard over the past year and she has had many issues. Her parents are good people and there is a few people that know the problems that they have been dealing with their daughter. Do many know that she moved out awhile back? Do many know that she was sent to get counseling recently? We on the outside can only form opinions. We really don't know what Mr. Bullard is dealing with. We only are speculating. Ms. Bullard and her friends should be punished for their participation. The blame should not go toward her parents when they have been handling the situation. We need to focus on where the trouble is and that is the young lady and her friends.

This Girl

I'm sorry, but I know a lot of folks in law enforcement and they all have one another's backs. This girl is expressing what she has learned from her deputy father. He should be fired and she should be brought up on assault charges immediately... like tonight. In Brunswick County we spent years with Boss Hogg (Hewett) and his ability to lie, deceive, steal, and defraud our County for many, many years, before he was finally arrested and sent to the prison he belongs in. He only did a short stint... should have been a lifetime for what he did. And this girl, she learned this behavior at home. Arrest her, fire her Dad, and get your County in order before your Sheriff becomes the next loser Hewett.

Girl Fight

I agree that law enforcement in Bladen needs to be revamped. No, they aren't all bad but unfortunately, there is more than one bad apple. Starting with the Town Managers of the towns in Bladen County, the Mayors, the Chiefs of Police, etc. They need to ALL be looked into and I mean their entire families. Many of them have family members that they either house or support that are druggies, drug dealers, etc and they condone it because they do nothing to help their family member other than cover for them or put on a temporary band aid. Then all of us who live in the county have to live with their lawlessness and worry about the effects that they have on the rest of our family members. It's a crying shame and YES, the "small town politics" is of high importance in these small townships. Anyone who tries to say that they aren't is deceived!

what a little redneck piece

what a little redneck piece of garbage. I dont care who her daddy is she should be charged and locked under the jail. Get with the program little girl you look like a fool. I dont care if your daddy is a cop!