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ONLY ON 3: Alleged bullying by deputy's daughter turns violent in Bladen Co.


BLADENBORO, NC (WWAY) -- In Bladen County, one mother says her daughter has been dealing with a bully for months. She says nothing is done because the bully's father is a deputy.

Robin Porter says her daughter, Jessica, has been bullied by former classmate Courtney Bullard for the past year. Now, the situation has turned violent, and this time, it was all caught on camera.

The video may be offensive to some viewers.

"My daughter has made the statement to me, she says, 'Mama, I will kill myself. I can't take it,'" said Robin Porter.

She says it all started when Bullard assaulted her daughter in February. According to Porter, Bullard's father, Bladen County Sheriff's Deputy Greg Bullard, said he would handle the situation. But Porter says over the course of the year, things only got worse. She says Courtney Bullard has been threatening her daughter on Facebook, saying she was going to beat her up. Two weeks ago, she says her daughter was lured into a set-up where onlookers shot the cell phone video.

Jessica's mother and aunt believe Deputy Bullard has been covering up for his daughter.

"It's always been in Bladen County who you are. That's the favoritism part I don't like. Just because who you are shouldn't make a difference with the law," said Porter's aunt.

They say more needs to be done to prosecute bullies before things turn violent.

"I have gotten emails from numerous amounts of children telling me how they've been bullied and how the bullies got away with it," said Robin Porter. "I'm just fed up."

We spoke with Bladen County Sheriff Prentis Benston who said there is no attempt by the Sheriff's Office to cover up anything.

Dep. Bullard was not on duty today, the Sheriff said he would contact Bullard for us, but so far, we have not heard back.

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what kind of young lady

what kind of young lady speaks that way? Trash I suppose. I would be ashamed to call her my daughter!

Come on folks, something

Come on folks, something like this goes out and people blame the Sheriff or the schools, but let's put accountability on the correct parties! These girls seem to have been locked into a bullying cycle that got them to this point. I hate to think of the home life, the personal choices, the lack of spirituality, and the utter disregard for humanity that got these kids to this point! Why aren't these girls consumed in starting their careers and families? Why aren't they contributing to a church community? The fifth with which they have been immersed isn't undone overnight. I defend Sheriff Benston as a God-fearing man who has invested his career in Bladen County. We should as a community be deeply concerned by the path these youth have chosen, but let's not blame the wrong people.

Deputy Greg Bullard

needs to be fired, or at the very least, put on leave. If he can't handle his own daughter, how can he be expected to handle a more difficult situation.

I totally agree, but don't

I totally agree, but don't hold your breath, hopefully Bladen county will wake up and get the trash out before our county is ruined.I have seen this happen with Courtney being allowed by the Bladen County Board of Education to attend West Bladen high school which she was out of district at the time.(because her father was employed there. They were written one letter and warned about her I know but let it happen anyway and she has been trouble ever since.( she caused numerous problems in middle school but was just patted on the head because her mom would buy gifts to soothe her cheerleading coach and teachers over.)Thank God she has been caught in action.


Firing a deputy over something like this is not a smart choice at all, you have to think about some of these officers works long shifts in order to protect and serve and are most of the time absent from the home life. Also this shouldnt judge how this deputy does on his job, I have personally dealt with Bladen County Officers and in my opinion are some of the most professional of all in the surrounding area. Once last thing, there is ALWAYS two sides to a story, so before people go thinking this jessica girl is innocent someone should look at her past and see if any of her actions has caused this situation to occur.

U mean Lucifer

It would be in the best interest to fire Greg Bullard, he uses his position to cover up his daughters crap.He thinks he is a lawyer specialist as well.Greg stop trying to give deadbeats advice on how to screw over their families.It didn't help your so called friend at all.U think he is your best buddy but he talks straight up crap about u.The joke is on u buddy!!!!Wait till u experience it for yourself, then u can see how it feels.I am so glad u r being seen for what u r,walk around with your stuck up self and act like u r better than everyone(what is your salary $20,000 a yr)That's pretty good for someone who needs to be in a hamster wheel.U r so full of yourself and ignorant!!!


Why should the father be fired or put on leave? Do you live in his home to know the things that him and his wife have been trying to do to help get their daughter in control? I think not. The parents have been using all the resources that can to help get control. We shouldn't judge unless we are there and know that things are not being done.

Why should he continue to

Why should he continue to work? An investigation should take place like phone tapping, fb and twitter.Yes I am well aware of all their efforts to spoil Courtney, I think so!Did they try GOD for once? How have their efforts been working so far, let me see, oh u can watch the video.Pure shame and disgrace.Judge what, the truth is welcome in heaven.I know this family like a book!I bet Greg is walking around cussing God and everyone as we speak.Oh and it's New Years too don't forget to top it off with some alcohol.My bad I do see his efforts now!

that video alone should be

that video alone should be enough reason to fire the deputy, if you can't control your own children then in no way should you be allowed on the streets to control mine!

Why should the father be

Why should the father be punish for something he did not do. Parents can not control everything their kids do. If this was your child should you be fired?

Courtney Bullard's Obscene Language

I am glad I am not the parent of the low-class, trashy-mouthed Courtney Bullard. I would be embarrassed out of my mind. Such filth coming from her mouth.

Perhaps her parents can teach her a little civility, but it's probably already too late.

This video can be used as court evidence, and Ms. Bullard needs to appear soon in a court of law. Perhaps when she stands in front of a judge, she will have the decency to use civil language. Perhaps.

And civil? I doubt she knows the meaning of the word.

I don't believe this is a

I don't believe this is a bullying incident. The news cast makes it seem like this Jessica girl has done nothing wrong. (From going to west Bladen high school I have seen it myself, girls are going to have drama with each other and I'm sure they both talked crap toward each other. I'm not trying to disrespect Jessica but her name is well knowed so I believe she done it to herself. Just my opinion.

She will be the most well

She will be the most well behaved one -little church mouse in the court room.

Bully should be arrested!

What is on that video is clearly assault and battery. Why hasn't the bully been arrested??? Deputy Bullard should be ashamed!

She was arrested the

She was arrested the following day.

No she wasnt,They couldnt

No she wasnt,They couldnt find her for days.Her daddy finally took her in a bailed her out of it.

No doubt

This is NOT surprising to me in the least with the current administration..... I am sure this is not all that is being covered up.... I wouldn't hold my breath for the Sheriff to do anything about the situation or to get back to anyone, and if you do hear from the Sheriff, Chief Deputy or the Captain don't expect too much.... I am very sorry your child has had to experience this...

Those who are from Bladen

Those who are from Bladen County know that the "victim" may not be as innocent as they seem to be. I'm in no way sticking up for Bullard but I do know that Porter has been known to cause trouble herself and bully others. So check her background too.


TO reply on this comment yes you are correct about Jessica she is another young teen going through teen life herself, and YES I know first hand that she does things behind her parents back and convinces them she is an Angel.. I want someone to show this county a perfect teen!! As well, Jessica has been involved in many DRAMA happenings around Bladenboro, West Bladen and has had her fair share of being. a Rebelious Teen.
((( This gives no ones child the right to BULLY her or anyone else)))
I believe Ms Bullard figured she could get away with it since the situation had not been resolved, and took it further.
I also believe that all parties involved with the set-up, luring, and the filming should all be prosecuted because it was thought out and planned..SO DOES THIS FALL IN TO PREMEDITATED:(characterized by fully conscious willful intent and a measure of forethought and planning)???

I believe it was a well premeditated act of BULLYING AND HATE!

Courtney Bullard was charged

Courtney Bullard was charged with Assault and Communicating Threats according to and has a court date of 01/08/2012. So where is the cover-up?

Wait for it!That had to be

Wait for it!That had to be done, she should get the old slap on the wrist,she can use her prayer for judgement and keep on bullying(thanks to her parents being in such HIGH positions)!!!I bet the whole county got Christmas gifts!!!!God is soooo good!!!She may get by now but everybody will have to answer for their own actions before a much higher power called God!!


I'm guessing you mean 1/8/2013?

Her court date is

Her court date is 01/08/2013. She was arrested for this incident.


Very interesting.... Is victim has been suffering from the bullying since Feb 2012, so those charges must be her bullying some other victim since it was Jan 2012....

Arrest Her...

This looks like evidence of an assault. I'd be shocked if that girl isn't arrested.

How much more stupid can

How much more stupid can someone be? You have someone record an assault with a video camera. These losers are our future.....God help us.

You said a mouthful,only God

You said a mouthful,only God can help us!

Courtney Bullard is a coward

Courtney Bullard needs to have legal action taken against her. Only a coward would put someone in such a cruel situation. Her father needs to step up and be a man and she needs to be held responsible for her actions. I'm 25 and even I see how disgusting and shameful this is. This is the sort of hate that kids are having to endure in school when the biggest thing they should be concerned about is their education. It isn't fair to the kids who actually want to go to school, learn, and do something with their lives instead of beating people up to make themselves feel powerful. SICK.

He's the biggest coward

He's the biggest coward around, I am sure his daughter was FRAMED like Roger rabbit. I sure hope justice gets served, what a wonderful New Year!!!

The girls are not currently

The girls are not currently students.