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MLK Parade moving downtown today to Front Street


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) – The Martin Luther King Jr. Parade is moving from Castle Street to Front Street this year to hopefully attract a bigger crowd.

It will begin at Second and Hanover Streets and head down Front Street to Princess Street, then turn onto Water Street and head back towards Brunswick and Front.

The parade starts at noon.

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all knowing Tom

There you go again.You have know idea of my neighborhood.MY Father and Mother raised us to respect individuals not what they had or didn't have.Didn't matter the color of there skin.You say it doesn't happen in your neighborhood,it all depends on what you consider your neighborhood.For as what i do and my circle of friends do for the community you might not know because you will always be on the outside looking in.See tom thats her story.Thats not my story what about the young man they decided he wanted to kill his mother and shoot-up a school was that the projects or section eight.Not your neighborhood.


caught you. Your own words "...MY Father and Mother raised us to respect individuals not what they had or didn't have..."

So upright? So above reproach?

And you are so low you go on the 2 reports regarding the Pender County pedophiles and attempt to make jest at my expense.

You are worthless. There are at least 3 young individuals who are dealing with the stigma and mental distress brought on them by 2 low life scum suckers.

And you make jest. You are as low if not lower than the 2 pedophiles.

What happened to all the teaching from your Mother and Father?

Take shots at me; that's fine. I guess it gives you something to do between entitlement check delivery.

But to demean the poor victims with your failed attempst at humor.

Someone ought to take you out and whip on you for a while. You need agood butt whipping for sinking so low.

Hey Tweety, don't get too

Hey Tweety, don't get too upset with Ole Surf.... sometimes he wraps the codpiece under his pontifical garments a little too tight!


you clearly need help.

Did you forget to take a prescribed medication? Or did you take one not prescribed which causes halucinations and feelings of granduer?

Read your own post. It makes no sense at all.

Why are you trying to make a racial issue from my post? I see no reference to race, creed, or skin tint in my post.

But when all else fails, throw out the race card.

Your post does not even rate a nice try Tweety.

The biggest Tom

of all Toms.I was going to leave your post alone because you are always right about everything but i couldn't.What the hell is a race card i know you and others use it a lot.Like you said when you can't think of anything else to say.It made sense because if you didn't understand you would have left it alone.Lets see if this make sense to you.You would like people to think that you are this upright citizen,you are all about right but if you look at your post they are very nasty when the people or person doesn't look like Tom.The comment about your neighborhood was just what it said your neighborhood you said bad things don't happen in your neighborhood but it does in fact bad things happen in all communities.One last thing Tom the entitlement check that you speak of,i do get one its called retirement.Now look it up a see who get the most government entitlements as you say.

If only

If only more parents of all races had your attitude.


Amen Sir.