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WWAY news director arrested during MLK parade


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Wilmington Police arrested WWAY News Director Scott Pickey for traffic offenses during the MLK Day Parade in downtown Wilmington.

During the parade, which started at noon on Front Street, police would not allow WWAY employees to leave the station's parking lot to get to news coverage. After a reporter was forced to wait for an extended time and told he'd have to wait for the entire parade, which ended after 2 p.m., Pickey asked officers again to allow the reporter to leave during one of the frequent breaks in the parade. Officers refused to allow this or contact a supervisor for permission.

When Pickey got in the car and drove out of the parking lot during another break in the parade, police arrested him.

He's been charged with failure to obey a traffic officer and careless and reckless operation. Pickey was released from jail under $1,000 unsecured bond. He is due in court February 28.

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I agree

Police seem to have become like the gestapo anymore. The man asked several times for an exception which could easily have been granted without the unnecessary to do. Cops today are definitely on a power trip that didn't exist in the past. They're not helpful at all. If you even look at them the wrong way they're all over you.

My understanding

The officers have no choice but to follow orders or face a charge of insubordination. Unless it is an unlawful order, the officers hands are tied.

Your first ammendment rights

Your first ammendment rights are to not follow the rules? The businesses downtown were notified of the street closings, you want to get thru the parade you leave earlier. His actions and cussing at the law and pushing them out of the way with his vehicle is ridiculous. No one could drive "thru" the parade, he is no exception to the rule. What does freedom of speech or religion have to do with this anyways?

LB - can you please show me

LB - can you please show me in the story where I "cussed" at an officer or "pushed an officer with my vehicle?"

Always feel to comment - and I respect your opinions - but please don't make stuff up either. None of that happened.


Scott Pickey
News Director

Simple solution:

None of it happened? Your station's cameras were obviously working...where's the footage BEFORE you sped off? Where's the footage of right before you came to a stop? The footage between you speeding off and you on the ground - ALL OF IT - needs to be shown. Where's the audio? If you're so completely righteous, and your cameras where there and working, why did we only get a few seconds of OBVIOUSLY edited footage?

You can't have it both ways, Scott. You can't make a career out of crucifying others when you don't know the full story, and you certainly can't sweep your own bad actions and seriously flawed judgment under the rug just because it would make you look bad or feel uncomfortable.

Your station sure didn't shy away from jumping on the bandwagon that demanded the dashcam footage of the final seconds of a police officer's life. Your viewers are likewise not interested in anything less than full disclosure of what REALLY happened now that you are in the hot seat. Just because you work for the video equivalent of the National Enquirer does not mean you're above the law.

Did something strike a chord with you?

Scott, are you saying that you've never "made up stuff" at any point in your journalistic career?

Making stuff up

You yourself has lead the way for a lot of lies told on your website that has hurt a lot of innocent people's reputation.
So like I said. GET YOU SOME OF IT.

Dummy Cat!

Can you "prove" he has lied? No! You can't, Can I prove your a moron? Theirs no need, you just did it for me! Say's who!? Say's Kblue!!!

Cook out

When is the cookout you promised? Have you found another job as a LEO?

No surprise

No surprise with this "news". Having worked with man before, it's a pattern of behavior. Surprised it took this long for him to have his mug shot taken.

Too Funny.....

Scott, maybe you didnt get the "press release" but earlier that same day your amazing staff,that you supervise, reported the following :

"WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) – The Martin Luther King Jr. Parade is moving from Castle Street to Front Street this year to hopefully attract a bigger crowd.

It will begin at Second and Hanover Streets and head down Front Street to Princess Street, then turn onto Water Street and head back towards Brunswick and Front.

The parade starts at noon."

Didnt get the memo? Ha I love it.... you have been one of the most arrogant, pompass "look at me" "look at what I found" egotistical B-lister News room Directors we have ever seen and its about time you were shown that you were not above any law. Talk about "sunshine" reporting..... of the 26 posts so far I would say you are holding onto maybe 3 loyal supporters and yes I will admit when I woke up this morning I smiled just a little.

Dont worry, you will probably just pay a small fine and maybe even wway will pick up the attorneys bill, but the personal damage to your reputaion is priceless.

And kudos to the Officer for treating you just like anyone else, sounds like you had a few warnings before you went renegade. Maybe next time you will plan ahead and park a few blocks away LIKE THE REST OF US!


Typical scenario of a "Wilmington to Screw Up Anything" (no matter what it is)...Typical of a news media agency looking for a higher ratings builder. won't make CNN/ABC/NBC/CBS/or the BBC! Just the Bugtussle Gazette...maybe...HA!
Sorry Charlie ;-()

Let him drive out

Let Him Drive out and then a parade watcher gets hit by him or a child not paying attention runs out in front of him. Then the POLICE would be balmed for letting him out Yep COPS are the whipping post every time but at least this officer did his job the way he was told to and was able to make sure that no one got hurt on his watch. Good Job WPD! No matter how you slice it the cops do their job and sometimes just cant WIN. Every body complains untilit happens to them

Cops are PUBLIC SERVANTS, not robots

Police are public servants, not just enforcers. If this officer wants to blindly follow orders like a robot, maybe he should enlist in the military. There's no reason AT ALL he couldn't have directed Scott out of the parking lot when it was safe, but he chose to put a parade held on a weekday ahead of the needs of a legitimate business and their employees. If these cops were told to taze anyone attempting to cross the parade route they probably would have.


I hope they throw the book at this guy. I'm sure the maximum penalty is tiny, but he deserves to get it, whatever it may be. He thought he was above the law and found out he wasn't. Hope the courts remind him that his job doesn't make him untouchable. So much fail.

Isnt this obviously a little

Isnt this obviously a little payback for what WWAY exposed in Leland and Wrightsville Beach? Just the good ol boys sticking together! I sure hope Scott doesn't lose his job for this, it's very obvious this was nothing more than petty payback.

You guys are a joke. WPD

You guys are a joke. WPD and Leland police in cahoots and not letting people drive thru the parade as a payback? Are you kidding me? You need to get off the conspiracy becuz you are so dead wrong on this

you got that right & wheres that public sbi report on leland?

Absofreakinlutely what it is ..PAYBACK SO YEA EXPOSE ALL CORRUPT COPS. THE FEW OF THEM usually have rank in every department and make all of the good honest ones suffer and pay for their misdeeds against the public that pays them their salary.


You are right about that, there are some rotten apples in the upper ranks at WPD. There is a female lieutenant there that has admitted in court to cutting tires, shooting her duty weapon (at another officer) and she allegedly stabbed her husband. She claimed he startled her.
She recently circumvented protocol when an applicant is found to be untruthful and was to be disqualified from the hiring process. Recently an applicant was found to have lied on his application about previous places of employment and it was discovered in the panel interview. All interviewers recommended the applicant NOT to be hired. But since the applicant is friends with the lieutenant she arraigned for a second interview to be conducted. The officers conducting the second interview were not aware that the applicant had already done a panel interview and had been recommended not to hire. When the officers that were on the first panel found out, they all wrote letters to Chief Evangelous expressing the dirty deed she did. Did anything happen to her? Nope.
She recently told an officer he was too old to go to a school he requested.

lady officers sometimes have to use more force than men

She's a longtimer, trained everything she knows by the older pro ranks

might be true

That is true that many female officers can use deadly force faster than a male due to strength and size differences. The only problem with her using it in that issue was she shot at another female officer that she thought was sleeping with the same man she was sleeping with. Both women were on-duty, in uniform and in the parking lot at the police department. That should have been assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill. Officers are trained that if you fire your weapon, you shoot to kill, not wound. Then when she allegedly stabbed her husband it should have at least been assault with a deadly weapon. Both incidents were swept under the rug.

SBI - Why are you taking so long???

The SBI is taking way too long reviewing the Leland PD corruption investigation. They went into review in August, 2012. They better hope they were thorough, because they are mistaken if the good cops who were done wrong by these BAD COPS won't call them out if they overlook any applicable charges! Those thug cops will pay for their wrongdoings!!!


I wonder if the police would let someone out of their place of business if they were having a heart attack or a family member was having an emergency? A break in the parade sounds like a police officer could have let someone out of their place of business. Not everyone wants to be held hostage by the Martin Luther King Jr parade.
sounds like someone was on a power trip??


What emergency was there? Of course if there was a fire or medical emergency, police would have done traffic control like they do for the movies. This was a citizen who knew about the parade and not caring if they disrupted it or hurt anyone who happened to be in his way.

Emergencies ...

The police would surely allow someone out in the event of a true medical EMERGENCY. Methinks, however, that this guy's donut run or Brian Berger interview does not constitute an emergency; therefore, the officer was correct in making him wait just like everybody else.

Furthermore, did this clown not see the RED announcements posted ALL OVER DOWNTOWN since Saturday, announcing Monday's parade route? It seems to me he could have (1) parked in an area not affected by the parade or (2) dealt with it and behaved like an appropriate human being.

A power trip by doing their

A power trip by doing their job? They came in on their day off to work traffic control and block off the streets for the parade, they do this for every parade. The streets are blocked for safety control you can not just let cars go thru during breaks with children and families lining the streets. A power trip? Really?

he was recently published as a hero cop

and to think this same officer just recently had an awards article published about him by WWAY? sounds like someone much higher up has brainwashed the officer that WWAY is WPD's enemy.

They carry this MLK parade

They carry this MLK parade crap tp far. 10 days of celebration!!! Really. If there was breaks in the route,let him out!!!! he will beat this in court. Can't hold people hostage at work because of a patade beat them in court scott. I am a deputy, I would have let traffic through when a break appeared in the line. WPD needs to lighten up and downplay your authority on some things like this. I have let people through before.

Fair is Fair

Dr. King would be turning in his grave to know that the police, as they did here, were inhibiting press review of this parade or to not allow someone to leave their place of employment.

Please publish the complete names of the arresting police officer(s)involved who made the decision to arrest Mr. Pickey.

A complete vetting of any officers involved needs to be conducted and the results aired publicly.

Keep up the good work Scott.

Its public info

Case #: 2013002831
Charge: Reckless Driving
Arresting Officer: Childers, F D
Arrest DescriptionPickey, Brian Scott (W M, 43) Arrest on chrg of Reckless Driving (M), at 615 N Front St, Wilmington,