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UPDATE: Victim identified in deadly moped accident on U.S. 74/76


BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- An accident late Monday night on Highway 74 claimed the life of 38-year-old Mark Mooring of Wilmington. Mooring was riding a moped that collided with a semi.

Moped dealer Michael Gary said, “He came out of there and lost it, may have had a flat tire or something and it put him over there, I don't think he intentionally ran across that traffic.”

The Highway Patrol believes Mooring, who was not licensed, merged into the left lane and into the right rear section of a semi-trailer. Typical moped accidents do not involve the bikes hitting other vehicles.

New legislation aimed at registering the small motor bikes and their riders is moving forward in Raleigh. Local dealers like the idea but don't think it will prevent accidents.

Larry O’Donnell, who owns a scooter shop said, “I don't think it's really going to affect the safety, it's up to the operator of the scooter to be aware of his surroundings and know his vehicle. Most of the time it's human error."

O’Donnell does think the new legislation will help reduce theft. He says, “They’re really easy to steal, you just pick one up, go throw it in the truck if you want, most of the time they are never recovered.”

Mopeds and scooters are big sellers right now because of high gas prices but, it's rider beware, there are hazards and you cannot operate one while drinking.

The Highway Patrol believes the driver of the semi may be unaware that he was in a collision. If you have any information about this accident contact the North Carolina Highway Patrol.

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In South Carolina a vehicle

In South Carolina a vehicle must be able to maintain a speed 10mph under the posted limit.

A vehicle governed at 35mph may only travel on roads posted up to 45mph.


And in Oregon same sex couples can marry. What do either laws in those states have to do with North Carolina laws? Nothing.

Re: Swerving comments by Psych

Mopeds on a 55mph road ARE a bad idea; however, there are many people in this area and this country who cannot afford the costs of automobile ownership. The riders with DUIs still have to get to work, but it sounds like you'd rather see them lose their jobs and take advantage of our social services system. I have never once had an issue with a moped rider but have had plenty of issues with bicycles taking up the entire lane. Don't assume because you earn a decent income that everyone does.



The laws are pretty clear...

According the NC law, moped riders operating legal vehicles have as much right to the road as both bicyclist and motorcyclists - given we're not privy to all the details of the wreck, why so much hate? What if this guy was obeying ALL the rules and regulations, but was simply sideswiped by the trucker?

Not quite

Mopeds do not have as much right to the road as a motorcycle. This is from the second link you posted. I'm guessing you didn't read far enough down.

Other Moped Rules

  • No person shall operate a motorcycle or moped upon a highway or public vehicular area unless the operator and all passengers thereon wear safety helmets of a type approved by the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles
  • A moped should travel using the right–hand side of the lane - To pass a moped, you must stay at least two feet to the left.
  • The same DWI laws that apply to the drivers of other motor vehicles also apply to moped operators
  • Stay out of traffic, as much as possible.
  • Do not share lanes with other vehicles.
  • Make sure other drivers can see you - wear light or brightly colored clothing.
  • At an intersection, never "squeeze" between parked cars and moving traffic.
  • If possible, install electric turn signals on your moped. Otherwise, be sure to use hand signals when you turn or stop.
    operating motorcycle without proper license endorsement, or knowlingly permitting an owned vehicle to be so operated, or violating restrictions on graduated licenses will result in a fine of atleast $50.

  • Failure to wear helmet, or having too many passengers, on a motorcycle or moped will result in a fine from $25 to $75.
  • OMG!

    Everything that Im reading here raises bells and whistles that this is NOT safe and an accident is imminent!! AGAIN KEEP THEM OFF THE ROADS!!

    Sorry, I don't interpret

    Sorry, I don't interpret "should" as "must", and neither does the law. The second link is "rules", not "laws"....again, they have just as much right to be on the road as bicycles and motorcycles. If they didn't, they would be illegal? Correct?

    Another reason

    Just another reason why those things should not be allowed on the roads. Many of the riders think they are entitled to take a full lane when they are required to stay at the right edge of the pavement. They should all have to have license plates as well as insurance since they travel on the roads.

    "swerved and hit the side of the trailer"

    One would have to assume, if that was the case, the moped wasn't taking up a full lane but was along the edge of the pavement.


    Or maybe he was in the middle of the lane and swerved while the truck was passing. I don't know or care. I just wish they weren't on the roads.


    Well people like you who have no consideration for others and think only of yourself shouldn't be allowed to live. I bet you're the type of person who feels the need to blow past a scooter/moped at 45mph, without changing lanes even if the other lane is clear, in a 25mph zone, when the scooter/moped is doing 30mph (the maximum that you should be going whether the scooter/moped is there or not)... How about slowing down and doing the speed limit... Why do a lot of scooter/moped drivers ride closer to the middle of the lane than the side? So morons like you who have no consideration for other people are forced to get into the other lane to pass and not run them over or cause them to wreck, because otherwise you'll try to pass them too closely at excessively high speeds.


    And people like you who have no consideration for the way others think shouldn't be allowed to live. I bet you're the type of person who feels the need to block traffic because a scooter/moped is taking a full lane.)... How about speeding up and doing the speed limit... Why do a lot of scooter/moped drivers ride closer to the middle of the lane than the side? So morons like you who have no consideration for other people are forced to get into the other lane to pass and not run them over or cause them to wreck, because otherwise you'll try to pass them too closely at excessively high speeds. me or how I drive, it is about mopeds.

    Sending prayers to the family, however

    I send thoughts and prayers to the family of the victim. However I must say moped should not be allowed on major highways like this. They don't obey the laws they don't care. We all know why they are on mopeds. The mopeds are not well lit and that stretch of highway is very dark at night and trying to see that little moped.

    I hope they do find the truck driver or that he does comes forward. But I think laws needs to be changed regarding mopeds on highways. They just don't work. They are not made for highways and the people who drive them just don't care and dont obey the laws.


    "We all know why they are on mopeds"
    Why don't you come right out and say it?
    "oh he was a a redneck that got drunk and lost his license so now he's got to drive the two wheeler"

    Um Abby? Mopeds are used throughout the world by many millions of people as a means of getting somewhere without using a lot of gasoline.
    If all inner city traffic in the United States used mopeds the world would be awash with unsold gasoline, unrefined oil, oil prices would collapse, and OPEC would be ruined......among other things.

    While I agree that mopeds in certain situations are dangerous I would LOVE to see more Mopeds dominating the roads then cars in the city. Highways are another story altogether......and this accident happened on 74. I have seen a moped in Vietnam get blown off the road just by the wind of a passing vehicle.
    BTW NC rules are supposedly changing. I believe the Legislature is going to require registration, and insurance in NC (so the state can collect fees and taxes)soon.


    First of all I never said he

    First of all I never said he was a red neck. So don't put words into my mouth. I said we all know why he is driving moped. Which means he had a night out got drunk etc. I never once in my previous post said he was a drunk red neck. So don't put words into my mouth that I didn't say. You said it NOT ME.

    Second - The US & Vietnam are two completely different places. The guy was on a major highway at night, that part of the highway is dark with no lights other then the lights from your vehicle. Most (not all) moped drivers ride that white as close as they can to the lane the vehicles are traveling in. We all either get stuck behind them, avoid them as much as possible. It's usually us drivers watching out more for them then they are watching out more for themselves.

    And yes I know NC laws are looking to change we can only hope they continue to head in the direction to change. Mope drivers needs to pay taxes, & insurance just likes us drivers have to.


    I got the response(s) I thought I'd get with most people saying it was because of a "prior".
    FIrst I apologize for the term redneck you neither said it or inferred it.
    Second I DID say he was on a highway and that I'd like to see them in the city.
    Just as an FYI many roads in Vietnam were paved or smooth enough to allow for 55 mph but it didn't even take that much to create a windstorm.
    And yes I have ridden one, don't own one but wish I did. Unlike a car which does better on a highway for gas mileage, a scooter does better in the city.
    The Mrs however, forbids it - not because I can't handle it, but because she's afraid I might get hurt by driver's like her who hate the darned things......
    Of course when the predominant vehicle is a scooter the roads are safer for all scooter drivers. There's safety in numbers as they say.


    And the progressives poke their head up

    Hey Abby,

    Great way to seque into the liberal progressive agenda. Never let a tragedy go to waste. Some guy dies on a moped and you try to make it about wanting all American's to be carrying our families on mopeds like some bananna republic piss poor country we see on TV. You libs are all the same, you won't be happy until the rest of us are on foot and all resemblence of technology and civilization are dismantled. Of course you hippocrates will still be driving and flying around in LearJets(Al Gore). What is good enough for the goose is definately not good enough for the gander with your crowd.



    I guess you ride a moped. What I would like to see is them have to license the moped and buy insurance like everyone else on the road. They are really a problem because they can't go the speed limit and they want to drive in the middle of the road.

    I think they should not be allow.

    This wasn't 'inner city',

    This wasn't 'inner city', this was 421/74 - an area known for heavy truck traffic. And I would bet good money that the majority of people that you see riding these things are people who have DWI and / or suspended or revoked licenses.

    Yes, Vog...most moped riders

    Yes, Vog...most moped riders have lost their license. Why else would anybody in their right mind choose to ride one of those things, except maybe around town on short trips? Riding on a main highway at night was a very poor decision for this person, as well as any body else. My guess is the trucker never knew he hit anything. Hopefully, soon, they will be required to be licensed, insured, tagged and the riders have a license with motorcycle endorsement, and banned from anywhere the speed limit is over 35 mph.

    Why do you have to refer to

    Why do you have to refer to anyone as a redneck?(let alone a dead man)
    The majority of these riders do obey the law and are just trying to get from point a to point b.In the current state of our economy its
    hard to make ends meet! Give them a break move over and drive around and feel fortunate that you are in your warm car and not on a scooter!!

    No break given

    Why give them a break when they chose to get behind the wheel and drive drunk not only put their lives in danger but also everyone else on the road? Why should we cut them slack for that? What if that drunk driver got in an accident and hurt or killed one of your friends or family members would you still cut them slack and feel sorry them as you drive past them in your nice warm or cool car?

    I have no sympathy for men or women who drives scooters. They do the crime they do the time, it's part of their punishment. They need to live and learn from their mistakes.

    95% of them don't care about the moped laws one bit they dare you to hit them, they ride the lanes so you can't pass them. They can't go over a certain speed, they have need right or need be on a major high way. They need to remain within the city on certain roads.


    First I would like to say to the family of this young man how deeply sorry I am for there loss.Second small vehicles rather they be a moped,motorcyle, or smart car are on the rise and will continue.It is the responsiblity of everyone on the rode to do there part to keep everyone safe.The smaller the vehicle the more alert you have to be of of your surroundings thats just the way it is,less room for a mistake.Third the term redneck was used by ppl in the city to describe the farmers who would come to town to sell thier crops,it wasn't a term used as a put down.It was used to describe someone who work hard with his hands in the outdoors to make a honest living.So as for me I'm proud to be labled a redneck.I believe the term most people are looking for when they are triing to describe someone who is white and lazy is white trash

    Just ask any moped rider

    I seriously doubt they want / care about ur sympathy..Just sayin'