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Bladenboro woman kills husband, calls 911


BLADEN COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- A Bladenboro man is dead, and his wife is charged with his murder after a morning shooting. Investigators are now trying to piece together what happened.

The Bladen County Sheriff's Office says violent crimes rarely happen in the county, but around 6:30 a.m. they received a call that a man had been murdered just outside of Bladenboro.

Deputies responded to a home on NC 410 after Becky Johnson Nance, 53, called 911 saying her husband, Dewey Franklin Nance, 55, had been shot. Investigators say when dispatch asked Mrs. Nance how her husband had been shot, she admitted she had pulled the trigger.

When officers arrived, they say Becky Nance calmly walked outside and let them arrest her. She is charged with first degree murder.

"I'm familiar with the family, and I've never known of any types of conflicts that they had," Bladen County Sheriff's Spokesman Capt. Rodney Hester said. "I knew the couple, and I thought they always got along fine, because you always saw them together. It was just shocking to see and hear what happened this morning."

Deputies took Becky Nance to a facility in Raleigh after she told officers she may harm herself. She does not have a bond.

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I have grew up with the

I have grew up with the Nance's all my life.Dewey and Becky both were good friends of my parents.They were BOTH great people. Becky was sweet and one of the nicest women in Bladen County. No one knows why this happened but the good Lord.My heart, thoughts and prayers are with the family and with Becky. I hope she gets the help she needs. This family didn't only lose a father they lost one hell of a good mother.

becky nance and family

my mother and father both loved eachother they always were together and looked out for eachother .. sometimes people snap and there is no way to explain the ways even though we try to understand. she had beed through drama with the stroke my dad had and her mother passing away. we never knew she was really this bad in the head but authorities say she doesn't even know he is gone or what she has done to his and I know she would never do this in her right mind. the way she treated us grandkids and him was with the upmost respect and didn't want anyone to get hurt. she serched day after day in ways to help him recover from the stroke he had and she was also one hell of a good mother ...I hate this happened but sometimes god gives you the plate to eat and you must look to him to figure out the plan..all I can say is I am sorry this happened but I do also know he is in a better place and no longer struggling with his stroke. I will continue to keep his legacy going and the dream he gave me @ nance auto sales.... he was a good man and I loved him and I will not be complete without fulfilling his dreams and to the people with roomers and the crap yall say not knowing I will hold my head high and show you all how the nances really are . so when I see you and you speak in two face I will not care as I will do AS god leads me to do and thank you all who supported my family thru hard times ......and I will rename nance auto sales to nance auto sales and son thanks

You Never Know

You never know what goes on under someone's roof unless you live there. He could have been mistreating her. I know a woman who has the perfect marriage in the publice eye but her husband beats her whenever he sees fit and has even raped her cause she didn't want to. Sometimes you just never know what a person's story is. Don't be so quick to pass judgements. I hope she gets the help she needs--and she does need help. I just hope that she doesn't have children living at home who have had to witness things that no children should ever have to see.

I agree with you suggs, no

I agree with you suggs, no class. The victim happens to be the brother of a very dear friend of mine.

is this...

Is this the Dewey Nance who owns Nance Auto Sales?

Whats goin on here?

Bladen county has basically gone crazy. Never seen it this way. but then again, so is the rest of the world. Bladen might as well do the same.

My thoughts are with the family...

Anyone who has ever been to Bladenboro (or through it in 3 1/2 minutes) knows how wonderful a town it is..and the Nances are a well known family there....I have had the pleasure of meeting several of them when I bought my car from them...and I like to think of their son and his wife as my friends...

My heart goes out to you all...this is a tragic thing to happen in a family...if there is anything you all need please contact family and I will be praying for you to have strength.

Have they

ever done random ground water tests in Bladen County? Something is contributing to all of the wierdness there,

Already done

Skvarla at DEHNR obtained a $14M contract to do water testing before he put his company in a trust trying to avoid a conflict of interest (yeah right).
As soon as the Bladenboro results come and and he's paid he'll resign from DEHNR to save McCrory the embarrassment.
Just joking of course........


Done yesterday Tom

$14M contract with Skvarla's old company Restoration Systems.
Skvarla will resign after the contract is paid for....
"the water is OK..........bye"