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Fort Hood hero Munley says Obama 'betrayed' her, other victims


By Ned Berkowitz and Brian Ross
ABC News

Three years after the White House arranged a hero's welcome at the State of the Union address for the Fort Hood police sergeant and her partner who stopped the deadly shooting there, Kimberly Munley says President Obama broke the promise he made to her that the victims would be well taken care of.

"Betrayed is a good word," former Sgt. Munley told ABC News in a tearful interview to be broadcast tonight on "World News with Diane Sawyer" and "Nightline."

"Not to the least little bit have the victims been taken care of," she said. "In fact they've been neglected."

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You're SO wrong. She is SO

You're SO wrong. She is SO a hero, not only for her actions which saved countless lives at Fort Hood (in complete disregard for her personal safety) but also for her willingness -- here at the time of another State of the Union address -- to tell the American people the truth! (Many others would have been bought-off into silence by the 15 seconds of fame afforded by having a seat beside the First Lady at a previous State of the Union. Not Kim. Kimberly Munley-Meredith IS a hero! Period!

Look boys and girls, another edition of the blame game...

Munley, congrats you're a hero! Go to college, further your education, volunteer, land a great job, make a movie or write a book but keep in mind YOU ARE BETTER OFF THAN MOST! Blame Obama for not allowing you to sup from the bosom of our whore-like government and next you'll blame God for letting you live.

good thing

this didn't happen in NC.
State law says worker's compensation is your ONLY recourse - no lawsuits allowed.

Service men and women? Give them the Purple Heart imho. Hassan? Try him whichever way makes him the maddest and make him suffer when executed.


If Kim were a man instead of

If Kim were a man instead of a woman, this thing would never have come up again. She just did what she was paid to do.......a job, like anybody else. She gets hurt doing it and she is ready to make a grab for whatever she can get.

I agree, this woman seems to

I agree, this woman seems to be looking for a handout. She didn't work for the government anyway so if anybody "betrayed" her it was probably the "private company" she worked for. Get a job and quit whining!!


. . . 15 minutes of fame was not nearly enough for Ms. Munley.

Look for her to "lawyer up"

Look for her to "lawyer up" in hopes of getting paid I'm guessing. This is all a PR campaign for a TV movie, law suit or both. I'm guessing an agent / handler is behind this. I guess we'll see when her interview aires and I'm curious to hear these claims of soldiers "not getting taken care of"?? That said this was not combat and trying to paint it as something different is a slippery slope. There's clear standards as to what qualifies as combat and this scenario doesn't meet those standards imho. Sad and horrific none the less.

I don't know, from what I

I don't know, from what I understand she was employed by a civilian police force so my question is what have they done or not done in regards to taking care of her? Also is it really the responsibilty of the federal government to compensate people injured when employed by "private industry"? FYI, her partner Sgt.Todd fired the five bullets credited with bringing Hasan down.

Maybe this will help you understand Munleys point

First of all, this isn't about Munley. Munley is expressing her opinion on how this event was handled and labeled by the "annointed one" that occupies the office of the President of the United States. This was HIS decision!

Since the event in which Hasan was screaming "Praise Allah" (among other Muslim rants) as he murdered 13 American soldiers (inside a US military base) was declared an "act of random violence" rather than an "act of terrorism", it absolved the US government of any responsibility to the survivors of the victims. So, due to Obamas executive decision, those survivors (husbands, wives, sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, etc.) received ZERO financial support or otherwise due to those deaths at the hand of Hasan. They were left completely alone...with nothing. Are ya clear now? Does this satisfy your enquiring mind?

And FYI for yourself just in case you're attempting to diminish Munleys role in this event. FYI: Munley and her partner together entered the room where the Islam ranter was mercilessly killing our Americans while sporting an US Army officers uniform. Upon entrance, Munley took several rounds from Hasans weapon. She has had to endure knee replacement surgeries and extensive rehabilitation due to those wounds.

Do you have any other brilliant epiphanies to share? Any more FYI's for us?


The FEDs have no say in the medical care that this private employer had for it's employees. These employees are entitled to disability if warranted.

Which then brings us to the service people killed or injured. They were getting ready to deploy - to me this warrants the medal and all associated benefits.
Under military justice Hasan cannot plead guilty - nor does the government want him do. He would become a martyr for the cause. If we recognize him as a terrorist his trial becomes that much more difficult if I remember correctly.
The point here is that we want to try him, find him guilty under our law, and kill him as punishment to prevent the sort of martyrdom that Hasan wants. Being tried, convicted and punished under U. S. law is an anathema to most Muslim terrorists.
It's a tough case - give the soldiers they're due but unfortunately this leaves the private employers people out in the cold.



the post. i don't think you read that correctly. she said the victims (i.e. the people shot by the weirdo) were not getting any help. i don't think she's complaining about her life. also, yes, the fed. govt. should compensate the victims if they (the govt.) were indeed watching the doctor for possible communications with a terrorist. if my loved one was returning from war & was killed at a stateside base by a known psychotic terrorist sympathizer that was allowed to operate freely because of political correctness, i would......

Actually, perhaps YOU should re-read ...

The title itself says it all ... she feels Obama betrayed HER and other victim. She has put herself first and foremost in her complaint.


someone has interjected a little sense into the discussion. Insurance is what is supposed to take care of her and anyone else injured on the job. If you are injured bad enough then you get social security. Sure, it was a very bad situation and I feel sad for her and Sgt. Todd, but you are law enforcement and these things happen when you decide to carry a gun and protect people. You know going in that you could get shot so don't expect anything more. There are a lot of veterans that got wounded and can't find jobs and soon the state is going to cut their unemployment checks and you don't hear them whining.

Guest 1 is Absolutely Correct

Guest 1, you took the words right out of my mouth. Sgt. Todd was really the hero. She stayed in the spotlight and adored credit that she did not deserve on that level. It is not the federal governments responsibility to compensate her. She was doing her reasonable service.

Well colour me surprised ... Obama lied.

Obama only supports the leaches of society, not those who have jobs and work hard to EARN their way through life. Unfortunately he could care less about those who put their lives on the line for this country. He's too busy focusing on the greedy, stuffing their outstretched hands with money and benefits that even us hardworking folk don't have!


He betrayed you and every single American citizen, past, current and future.

Who was it that said...

"Never let a good crisis go to waste"? Imagine the nerve of Obama using this for political gain. Just like his current attempt to circumvent the 2nd Amendment due to the shootings at Sandyhook Elementary School.


I see Dubya didn't waste time after 9/11 to use that opportunity to pass the Patriot Act either. Which one do you think affects your rights as a citizen more?

Your right

It makes for good TV soundbites, but when the rubber meets the road it's alot of hot air.

This was "workplace violence"? Talk about being politically correct. But he couldn't get away with this nonsense if the media would stand up and tell the truth.

Even after finding emails sent from the shooter to the Sheik in Yemen, before the shooting, the military deemed them harmless. Good job.
Everyone is afraid of offending somebody, we can't even ask questions, lest we become racist.

Hopefully, by being called out on national tv, Obama will be shamed into doing the right thing for the victims.

And before anyone calls me racist, I don't care if the President is black, white, purple, or green, right is right, and a lie is a lie.


if you didn't care you wouldn't have mentioned it.


I mentioned it because I know trolls couldn't resist.
Your slant is well known.
Thanks for proving my point.
Obama is a liar. That's undeniable.

No surprise Obama drops the bomb again

Kim I am so thankful for what you did at Fort Hood. You are a true hero.

Obama is nothing but a mistake that this country has made. How he was re-elected I don't know but the only way we can look at it now it less then 4 years and he's out of office. So basically he will screw us all for four more years and then be done.

Grow up, poor Miss Kim took

Grow up, poor Miss Kim took a job to wear a badge and a gun to protect and serve, not help people across a sidewalk, newsflash, possibly getting shot is in the job description, otherwise you wouldn't need the gun. I personally think she failed us, neither her nor or her partner were able to terminate 1 perp, thus costing the taxpayer a fortune and making him a Hero to his fellow countrymen, just the cold, hard, facts! And costing American soldiers more lives in the process.

Sgt. Munley did her job

Sgt. Munley did her job splendidly that day. Her composure and professionalism while under fire is exactly what it means when we charge law enforcement officers with the duties "to protect and serve". Sorry to burst your bubble, BM, but law enforcement officers are not executioners.