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UPDATE: Man charged with DWI after fatal crash


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- A man involved in a fatal crash in Wilmington Sunday night on Carolina Beach Road that killed a man on a motorcycle is charged with DWI.

The accident happened just before 8 p.m. Sunday near the Pirate's Table Seafood Restaurant.

Wilmington Police say Augusto Rosales-Valera is charged with DWI and driving with a revoked license after his truck crashed into a Harley, killing the driver.

The man on the motorcycle, Paul Raymond Crutchfield, died at the scene.

Police seized Rosales-Valera's truck, since he'd been driving with a suspended license.

Police also say Crutchfield, the man killed, was speeding before the accident.

Wilmington Police Department's Traffic Unit will reconstruct the crash to determine if any other factors may have contributed to the crash.

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The Remembrance will memorialize Mr. Paul R. Crutchfield on The Stolen Lives Quilt.

Just to get this off my chest!!

I really didnt want to get into this, i want the truth out on the officer who was following mr. crutchhfield is a LIE!! me and my mother was leaving walmart on carolina beach rd heading back to the value place on carolina beach rd. i saw that someone had wrecked me being in the medical field i stopped. we pulled into where the gymnastic building is. i got out and ran across the road to the turning lane where mr. crutchfield was,i felt for a pluse. the man who worked at the seafood restaurant was on the phone with 911 before i even got out of my car, not sure how long he had been talking them but i took his phone and talked to the 911 operator for at least 3 mins my self telling her that the man who was driving the motorcycle did not have a pluse so anyway. all that was at least 10 min long.. so if the officer was following him dont you think he would have been there faster than like 10 mins??? i dont even think he was going to be pulled over at all for doing WHAT the officer said 80 to 85 in a 45??. so maybe if the officer was doing his job (pulling people over who are speeding) that poor man would be alive with a speeding ticket.. sorry just saying!!

Rollin' Dirty

Sounds like two dummies involved in this accident. One ICE hold immigrant, and Mr. Lemmie run from the cops dude. BTW. did they TOX test the biker? We'll never know.. BOTH WRONG and rollin dirty. The End...

Lack of immigration enforcement in NC

The real story is why was this illegal alien still in the country, driving drunk on a revoke license? If NC had any illegal immigration laws, Paul Raymond Crutchfield might still be alive!

agree and disagree

You are correct about the illegal alien and their right to be here. However, I disagree with the second statement. You most have missed the part about him driving 85 in a 40 zone. You could say if he was driving the speed limit would the Illegal alien had time to cross the road or would Mr. Crutchfield had time to stop.

uhh... no...

Had he not been here there would have been no illegal to hit regardless of speed factors.

There IS North Carolina immigration law... isn't enforced, no different than the Federal versions. Hence, the reason that we have all of the illegal aliens building houses rather than Americans. Hence, the reason you have a 6 hour wait in the Emergency room. Hence, the reason our country has no money and are continually trying to get more taxes while the illegals pay nothing AND get benefits. Hence, why the American health care costs are skyrocketing to pay for those that don't. There are a thousand and one more "hences" to follow. Nobody gives a s**t.

But do remember this! If Mr. Crutchfield had been traveling at 45 mph rather than 85 mph on a city roadway, he may still be alive as well! Things happen very fast at 85 mph and I seriously doubt he had that ability. Plus, he was on a Harley, not in the "best of handling" category of motorcycles.

Just want to correct a few

Just want to correct a few of your "hences". New Hanover has always had long to be seen in the ER, I have set a many a hour waiting there and that was before we had the Illegals here. Illegals in most cases do pay taxes. You do not have to have a SS number to get your tax ID number. You are falling into the same trap that the Germans fell into with the Jews. Actual fact is that they have created more jobs by being here than the have taken and that is Fact proven by the GAOM Study. Health Care cost are skyrocketing be cause on insurance. Before everyone had some type of insurance most medical cost were paid by the individual and yes if your doctor over charged you went some where else, now people don't care what the cost is because someone else is paying. THEY THINK.

Reply on Illegals Paying Taxes and Jobs

Have you ever asked yourself why we have a legal immigration system? And, why this illegal backdoor entry isn't o.k.? Have you looked at the NC prison inmate list or at the weekly NC Court criminal court calendars? What ID are these IAs presenting to U.S. employers? FAKE, STOLEN, or working under the table. Where's your evidence illegals pay taxes? The I.T.I.N. form? How many? And, why? Created more jobs? Really...such as? You name one industry in Southeastern NC that has been created by Illegal Aliens. Just one. Have you seen the consistently high unemployment numbers in NC? Seasonal jobs are needed for citizens. Teenagers, college students, Seniors, some extra cash. I would recommend reading C.I.S. docs for starters.

"...before we had the illegals here"?, I don't think so.

So what era are you speaking of the 1970's? Add that mistake to the rest of those you identify in your post! You're trying to convince us that illegal aliens are acually "creating jobs" here in America? Hardly my under-medicated friend! Those illegals are the ones the builders and developers pay under the table. The ones that take the construction jobs legal citizens need. It's all done in the name of the almighty profit for the builders. They pay taxes? REALLY now? So you really belive that illegal aliens file federal and state tax returns, file their local property taxes and pay them? You really believe thay go to the emergency room with injuries, sickeness and pregnant with child and pay their bill on the way out? Do you believe they aren't a SIGNIFICANT factor of the 45% increase of EBT card (food stamp) payouts? What ARE you smoking? And then, you believe skyrocketing health care costs are the fault of the insurance companies? Lookie here Einstein, there are a few of us that are still responsible Americans. We work hard, pay our taxes, keep our health insurance active and pay our way to earn a decent living. We are the ones footing the bill for the ones that do not. That list grows by orders of the magnitude monthly. Where do you think all the money comes from to support all of those that do not do their part? I personally paid in excess of $28,000.00 in Federal and State taxes last year. That would be a nice chunk to keep in hand, huh? "Hernandez" does! They still want more taxes from me. Do you have a CLUE as to why? Here's one, because "Hernandez" doesn't pay! "Hernandez" keeps his full payout, gets free food for his family, Section 8 housing benefits AND free healthcare, birthcosts, pre/post natal care and a childs citezenship to boot. All of this comes at the expense of the responsible, tax paying American Citizens. Not bad bene's for someone that isn't legally supposed to be here huh?

Now, I'm not even going to "go there" with the burden of illegals on our court system and costs of incarceration. Again, a significant population with significant costs that haven't been dealt with. Are those the "jobs" you seem to think "they created"? More turnkeys for the prison system?

You really want to correct a few things? Do a little research before you post things of such illogical nonsense!


Is there an update to this story I missed?
How do we know he's illegal?


inside information



Who ever commented to the media that the motorcycle was speeding prior to this guy pulling out in front of him, has given his defense attorney a ticket to ride! Oh, but the Officer observed him going 80 mph, but he was not in pursuit. Give me a break. I think there is more to this story than that is being release. Wish I could review the MDVR and see what actually happened.

That was what the officer

That was what the officer said and he was following him.


I have a question is it true that in NC if an officer that gives you a ticket for DWI Or DUI does not show up in court for your case that day you can get your case dropped? I have over heard some people saying if they keep getting there case put off maybe they will get lucky and the officer not show up and they can get it dropped.I know in other states that the officer does not have to be there for a DWI or DUI to be tried all the proof is right in front of the Judge in writing.If this is true about NC than the law needs to be changed that the officer that writes a ticket for a DUI or DWI that if they can not appear the day of a case that it can still be tried that day without the officer being there.That is how it should be no more easy outs for a drunk!!!

DWI another death....

Here we go with another drunk driver still driving while license revoked . for what ? Most likely a previous DWI. Now another person is dead because of it and I'll bet in the end of the investigation the drunk driving illegally was the one at fault, not the man on the motorcycle . The drunk driver who was driving even though previous offenses caused his license to be taken away needs to go to prison. He obviously didn't learn to obey the law or he would not have been out still driving and drunk at that! Lock him away and teach him that the law is not to be ignored. Maybe he can't understand or read english to have figured that out. Press #1 for prison. Press #2 to get slap on hand and go back to driving without a license while drunk and kill more people !

Let's look at this in

Let's look at this in another way, it's highly possible the "supposedly drunk guy" saved a whole car load of kids, how do you ask? well suppose the guy that was drinking would have been at home, and the "motorcycle" guy had have kept speeding down the road, good possibility he would have crashed into a car load of kids or caused a motorist to dodge him and the other guy would have hit a car load of kids, it's not always as things appear, the motorcycle guy doing 80 mph in a 45 was an accident waiting to happn.

Wrong way to look at THIS!!!

In the case you described more than likely the drunk driver would have killed the family or someone else, in this case it's the man riding the motorcycle. Ask any police office he will tell you almost all accidents involved with a drunk driver is caused by the drunk driver. The driver of the truck robbed the Harley rider of the right of way of the road even if he was speeding or not. There need to be stiffer DWI/DUI Laws in all states, to many good people have been life long injured or killed from a drunk driver the number 3 cause of deaths in the USA.

And the guy on the

And the guy on the motorcycle doing 80 MPH in a 45 is completely innocent?


Sure the man on the Harley may have been speeding and perhaps should have gotten a speeding ticket if caught--He Didn't deserve to DIE !!!

The Drunk driving without a license shouldn't have been out of his house alone. He broke the law when he started his car! He knew from previous charges that driving drunk could kill someone. He chose to do it anyhow. Since he chose to drive drunk without a license he should be charged with at least 2nd degree murder and sent to prison.

I hope he is sitting in jail now--finally. will be safer on the streets. Oh, I forgot, around here DWI drivers always get slapped on the wrist in court and sent back out to kill one of us legal drivers.
I am sure there are dozens out there driving drunk without a license or insurance or legal tags right this minute.
Wouldn't suprise me at all to see another innocent DWI death on the news tomorrow.
What I wonder is why do the innocent people always die who are driving along minding their own business yet the drunks live to kill another day...........

"He Didn't deserve to DIE !!!"

My sincere condolences to the family of the motorcyclist who passed away in this tragic accident.

Having said that Guest123, anyone, especially anyone on a motorcycle, who's traveling at speeds in excess of 80 plus MPH through normal traffic has already signed an implied consent contract with the laws of physics and nature that OK's the possibility of death by accident. That’s a personal choice one makes with himself.

Traffic enforcement

I still believe that if the Police department would start enforcing the traffic laws it will stop some of this. Mr Crutchfield is just as guilty as Rosales-Valera. Wonder if Mr. Crutchfield would have been doing the speed limit (45) would Mr Rosales-Valera had time to cross the road.

Illegal is Illegal

Speeding is one thing, on the rider’s defense a motorcycle looks faster than it's actually going because it's smaller, he wasn't clocked on radar. The person that caused the accident shouldn't be here because he's not a citizen; with a revoked license from a prior DWI he didn't belong behind the wheel. This is legal murder any way you look at it. Our Government is a joke, this is why it's called a Criminal Justice System, Justice for the Criminal where our police officers can't do the job because of garbage laws and a misprinted word or wrong date shouldn't get a criminal off. This should give him minium 10 years with exportation back to his country.

The Police Department cannot

The Police Department cannot enforce the traffic laws. They can only stop and arrest the perpetrator. The judges need to put the pressure on this issue for it to change. Until the court system makes it tougher for them to get out and do it again, these drunk/illegal drivers will just... get out and do it again.

ongoing problem

How do all these people with suspended licenses keep driving?


Its a simple concept man...CRIMINALS...wait for it, wait for it...

DON'T FOLLOW LAWS!...I KNOW..right!? Laws only punish people who regard those laws...criminals don't care!

"HOW?" you ask?

They still have their arms, legs, eyesight and access to a vehicle. They get into it, start it and drive on where ever they want...drunk or not, licensed or not, insurance or not, legal or not. Getting a picture of "HOW" yet?

Illegal aliens go in to buy insurance to gain registration and a license plate. They make one payment and are never seen again. Drunk drivers borrow someones car or use their own and go where they want.

What do you think is REALLY there to stop them?

The Star news

Said the motorcycle was travelling an estimated 80 to 85mph. And a Drunk Driver killed him.
Such a needless tragedy


Drunk driver

One of the articles that I have read on this story says that the DRUNK pulled out in front of the motorcycle that was apparently not in his right mind either at 80 mph.

The article didn't say that the Drunk killed anyone.

The article stated that the Drunk Driver was involved in the accident, not that he was the cause of it. He may have been rear-ended or side-swiped by the motorcyclist.

You are correct though, a needles tragedy involving two Darwin Award candidates.