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Former Leland police officers stripped of certification


LELAND, NC (WWAY) -- A North Carolina Department of Justice spokeswoman says five former Leland police officers are no longer sworn law enforcement officers. Former Deputy Chief Karl Smith, Lt. Bill Kozak, Lt. Rick Dellapia, Ofc. Michael Landen and Ofc. John Blasingame all either quit or were fired last spring as the SBI investigated allegations of problems within the Leland Police Department.

WWAY was the first media outlet to report the issues beginning in September 2011. The allegations stemmed from a LPD training exercise conducted earlier that year, during which former Ofc. Sherry Lewis claims other officers targeted her because she is a woman. Lewis says during training with simulated ammunition, she was shot multiple times in the crotch injuring her. Lewis later left the department and reached a $25,000 settlement with the town in September 2011.

During a special meeting in October 2011, the Leland Town Council ordered Chief Tim Jayne to request a SBI investigation into his department. The probe wrapped up last summer, and has since been reviewed by the Attorney General's Special Prosecution Unit. DOJ spokesman Noelle Talley says the criminal case against the officers involved "has been resolved." It is still unclear what other information from the DOJ may be a matter of public record.

Town Manager David Hollis fired Jayne Feb. 1, 2012. He was replaced by Mike James. Talley says "there was no indication of wrongdoing by the chief in this case."

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Gossip & Rumors

The Leland 5 got off very easy. What a shame!!!

Why was Former Chief Tim Jayne not included in the criminal investigation? Let's see, Chief of Police was fired, then Deputy Chief, the next two in line, FORMER Lt. Kozak and FORMER Lt. Dellapia, Sgt. Landen, and a patrol officer, were removed. So, basically the top ranking police department managers all the way to the non-ranking police officers - THERE WAS NOT ONE RANKING OFFICER LEFT!!!

Did the SBI miss the fact, or the multitude of facts, that fully implicated Chief Tim Jayne in criminal wrongdoings? Is he being protected to not implicate the other equally guilty politicians? Perhaps individuals that were Jayne's neighbors that officers worked on their personal residences? You know, Jayne lived in a very small neighborhood, with only 5 neighbors, with one being DA Jon David, who got caught not being factually correct (even had to back track on his statements to the media) (Thanks WWAY!) and self admitting to the fact that "Tim Jayne and him are too close to do his job!"

So, here's the question that many need answered - When a Chief of Police is guilty, by their own admission (paying restitution), of criminal statutory laws, how do they get investigated?

Tim Jayne may be serving time as a used car salesman (apparently, where bad cops go after being terminated). Which, yes, I find great satisfaction knowing the man who once used the public tax dollar as his own, now must get up everyday and sell cars. However, there's been too many wrongs, not to make it right. So, please SBI spokesperson, enlighten us on how the SBI completely ignored the ring leader and conveniently did not include him in their investigation.

Oh, one more thing: Attention One-Term Mayor Brenda Boozeman, I just need clarification, is this still just "Gossip and rumors from former disgruntled employees?"

To get the record straight once and for all

This is a question for Scott Pickey, if he finds it worthy of an answer. One of these fired officer's wives is declaring that this published information is not true, even though it is also being reported on WECT and the Star-News. Are you absolutely certain that ALL of the officers have had their certifications revoked? I've been hearing that circle buzz for months now that they are victims of some political agenda and that the "truth" will finally come out. I trust what I read on the news more than what I trust coming out of the mouths of fired, decertified officers and their blind supporters. Though this took a while, and may or may not be over, your station did an excellent job of keeping the heat on.

Believes -- we got our

Believes -- we got our information from the North Carolina Attorney General's office. If someone wants to argue that info, they would need to call up there.


Scott Pickey
News Director


What Scott said!!!Say's who!? Say's Kblue!!!

Noelle Talley????????????

What happen to the investigators that actually went to the crime scene at "MANTA". They were told numerous times that the infamous Chief Tim Jayne was there at lunch time over seeing the progress of the destroy Sherry Lewis operation. After he had lunch with four of these five he went back to Leland to await the outcome and then laugh about it later. So once again we have an incomplete investigation because the head of the snake was not chopped off. Oh by the way Mr. Jayne how do you like tending bar in Davidson? Oh yes we know all about you trying to get a job with Mecklenburg but they said "NO". Thank God!!!!!

Tim Jayne

Mr. Jayne works for Hendrick Toyota in Charlotte. Might want to get your facts straight on that.

All of you people celebrating, this puts a bad chapter of Leland behind you. How about all the other officers fired since these "5" were suspended then fired? The entire department was bad apples, rotten to the core. Just recently another high ranking member was placed on unpaid suspension then suddenly resigned. Corporal Douglas. How many does that make in 3 years? Not all of the problems in Leland were from these 5. It was an entire department that lived by its own set of rules.

So yes these 5 don't deserve badges but there were a lot more in that department that don't deserve them either.

Now you know........The rest of the story.

High ranking?

A corporal isn't a high rank, that is just one over the hiring level of patrolman.

Leland Police Officers

Why don't you get your facts straight before you broadcast false reports? Jonn Blasingame has NOT lost his certification. In FACT, he has been CLEARED of ALL charges. NO evidence has been found to suggest that he played any part in any allegations in this matter. There simply is NO proof because Jonn is innocent. This is the second time you have tried to drag him through the mud and ruin his reputation. I hope you go down with the town of Leland when this is all over.

Awwwe. Only the 2nd time?

Awwwe. Only the 2nd time?

What were Blasingame's charges?

Charges? What was he charged with? How did we miss this in the news?

JC ruined his own reputation

JC ruined his own reputation ma'am.


Who is JC?

JC is Blasingame. But I

JC is Blasingame. But I really have a response to want WWAY to go down with Leland you say? How through a lawsuit? Are you going to sue WECT and the Wilmington newspaper also oh and the DOJ?? how about the SBI and the BCSO? Wow. He sure was done wrong to have THAT many agencies against him. Maybe he hasn't gotten his letter yet in the mail.

It is SO hilarious how

It is SO hilarious how little these mother-in-laws know about what goes on in their perfect princesses' lives. You shouldn't defend what you don't know. All you know is what you are being told.

I don't think anyone

I don't think anyone in-the-know or anyone who has followed these stories has ever said he had anything to do with Sherry Lewis. His allegations were separate and specific to him.

No, but Fix Leland

No, but Fix Leland questioned HER involvement as she was daywatch commander at Sunny Point on the day of the Lewis incident. MANTA = owned by Sunny Point.


I could say "I was right the whole time" but I won't! I could say "I told you so" but I won't! I could say "They got what they had coming" but I won't! I could also say "HA HA HA HA" but I won't! All of that would be childish and I won't have that! What I "will" say is Sherry is no longer an "ex" Officer. She is a working Law Enforcement Officer and a GREAT person with a heart of gold. I cannot stand crooked Cops! OH FINE!!! I know you want one of blues famous rhymes!!!
It took too long, to prove them wrong,
they got what they got, now cops they are not,
Mess with Mrs Lewis? You get the best and the bluest!!!!
Say's who!? Say's Kblue!!!

K-Blue. An ugly page has

K-Blue. An ugly page has been turned. Very few winners here. I admire your courage, and how you stood up. Who knows how many more good officers would have been kneecapped by this bunch, had it not been for you, and several others.

Cook out

Are you going to have the cook out you promised and are you working in law enforcement again since you got the boot?

Cook out.

Thank you PublicAvenger, It wasn't all my doings. I spoke for a lot of great Officers who were push out by simply put, "terrible leaders". My joking at times a bit harsh? Absotivly! but being me is all I know and my "true" friends know how I roll. As for guesty's comment, bless your little baby heart, I was never given the "boot" I "quit" one department to work at another. Ask around since you know me so well, and who knows maybe someday you'll even spell my name correctly. 5 down 3 to go! Say's who!? Say's the I ain't scared of crooked cops! Kblue!!! Cook out is 07/27/2013. email me for more details.

If you say so

You got the boot from Northwest.
Richard Lawson is the correct spelling, isn't it?

But Blue.... Looks like no

But Blue.... Looks like no arrests? No arrests, no weenie roast. You think Garrity saved 'em?


what say you?

Once again the voting

Once again the voting public, the employers of these public servants, have virtually no information regarding the circumstances surrounding the unprofessional performance of their employees.

You must have had

your head buried in the sand. It was well documented both here and on the tube. Some people still need to be spoon fed.

Leland Police and the

Leland Police and the S.B.I.? The S.B.I. needn't stop with Leland!

settlement to female officer

I can't believe the female officer who was attacked was only awarded $25,000. Good to know the officers who did that to her finally faced consequences.

so who pays the 25,000, the

so who pays the 25,000, the officers or the american "taxpayer"???


It is a GREAT day in North Carolina for ALL decent Law Enforcement Officers! The "Leland Five" are finally put out of their misery. These that are called people have no morals or integrity. They have no respect of others or the people they were sworn to protect and to serve. So finally after almost two years (March 9&10, 2011) we that have been living the dream and watching the movie have come to the end of these scumbuckets! The second bunch fianlly (SBI) got up off of their laurels and finished an investigation. Praise God!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to Sheriff Ingram too for helping out with the local investigation.

Leland 5

Don't forget, they have a right to appeal this decision to the Criminal Justice Training and Standards Board. And it irks me that you would compare them to the "Wilmington 10" by saying the "Leland 5". In my opinion, when this is appealed, they will get their Certifications back, and move on. Also, they will be back pay, and I hope they will file a lawsuit against the Town of Leland, just like the last of the Wilmington 10 are doing. One thing about these Officers, is they got caught up in Politics in a small town. The did NOT burn buildings, shoot at citizens, cops, firefighters, ect. So how dare you compare them with the slogan "The Leland 5". Like the "Wilmington 10".