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Former Leland police officers stripped of certification


LELAND, NC (WWAY) -- A North Carolina Department of Justice spokeswoman says five former Leland police officers are no longer sworn law enforcement officers. Former Deputy Chief Karl Smith, Lt. Bill Kozak, Lt. Rick Dellapia, Ofc. Michael Landen and Ofc. John Blasingame all either quit or were fired last spring as the SBI investigated allegations of problems within the Leland Police Department.

WWAY was the first media outlet to report the issues beginning in September 2011. The allegations stemmed from a LPD training exercise conducted earlier that year, during which former Ofc. Sherry Lewis claims other officers targeted her because she is a woman. Lewis says during training with simulated ammunition, she was shot multiple times in the crotch injuring her. Lewis later left the department and reached a $25,000 settlement with the town in September 2011.

During a special meeting in October 2011, the Leland Town Council ordered Chief Tim Jayne to request a SBI investigation into his department. The probe wrapped up last summer, and has since been reviewed by the Attorney General's Special Prosecution Unit. DOJ spokesman Noelle Talley says the criminal case against the officers involved "has been resolved." It is still unclear what other information from the DOJ may be a matter of public record.

Town Manager David Hollis fired Jayne Feb. 1, 2012. He was replaced by Mike James. Talley says "there was no indication of wrongdoing by the chief in this case."

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Your opinion is wrong. They

Your opinion is wrong. They won't get anything, and they will NEVER be law enforcement again. They are scum.

Jason, they gave themselves

Jason, they gave themselves that name with their little Justice for Leland 5 facebook page. How much more has to come to light for you friends/supports/family members to accept there was major wrongdoing here by these "five"? And it's not all about Sherry Lewis. That incident broke the dam. Officers don't get suspended, then fired (or resign), then get their certs taken for no reason. No matter how much some of you want to try to save face in your personal lives, the TRUTH is their certs have been taken. If that causes you embarrassment, maybe you shouldn't have done things to get you into trouble. Whatever is done in darkness will always come to light. And here's one more -- a leopard cant change his spots. They can appeal all they want, but it will be upheld as before. You're right, they do need to move on.


You sir are and idiot. This was no comparison to the "Wilmington Ten". They and their wives called themselves this title. If you will go back and do YOUR homework YOU will discover this. The "Wilmington Ten" were just another group of criminals and the "Leland Five" are another just different crimes. So yes they had the right to appeal to the Criminal Standards but since the SBI have already made their decision they have a snowball's chance in Hell for any type of consideration (which they don't deserve). You apparently have no working knowledge of exactly how the system works. Its not as easy as you would think. But, then again the "Leland Five" and YOU don't think! They were "Badge Bullies" and thought that they could do whatever they wanted too but guess what? There was always someone watching them! The coup de gra was that the ones that told the truth were ordered to do so. So, the "Leland Five" were their own demise! Thanks for the complement though. How dare I? Well I just did! How dare YOU?