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FIRST ON 3: New Hanover Co. teacher busted for DWI over weekend


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- A teacher at Snipes Academy of Arts & Design was arrested for DWI and speeding Sunday according to police reports. Records show Wilmington Police arrested Olivia Grace Williams, 30, around 2 a.m. Sunday at 1180 Market Street.

Williams is a dance teacher at Snipes according to her page on the school's website.

A New Hanover County Schools spokeswoman confirmed Williams works for the district, but would not comment beyond that.

Parents we spoke with today at Snipes did not want to go on camera. Some said they were concerned that a teacher was arrested, and they didn't feel comfortable having someone who'd been arrested teaching their kids. Others said they understand people make mistakes and want to see how the process plays out.

We tried to speak with Williams today, but we were unable to reach her for comment.

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About nine or ten years ago

About nine or ten years ago a teacher and janitor from Bellamy Elementary were stopped for expired tags and there were drugs in the car. They were on their personal time so is that their business also? I mean, after all, just because they were in possession of drugs that doesn't mean they used the drugs.

Overblown Coverage

I was surprised by the extreme negativity of the coverage of this, like this woman is already guilty and ought to be in prison. Are we talking about a professional drunk driver, or are we talking about someone who had two drinks three hours before but weighs 110 pounds and made an error, something real humans do? It's too soon to be so mean and judgmental, folks.

First of all the police

First of all the police report didn't say if she blew .o8 or .15, secondly, driving while impaired is not an error it is someone using poor judgment and someone who has not regard for other people that they may maim or kill while driving while impaired.


It doesn't matter how much she weighed, either she was intoxicated and driving or not. Enough with the excuses.

Are you saying

Are you saying anyone who gets a DUI should lose their job? If so them there would be a lot more people out of work. This had nothing to do with her teaching.

does that mean you think

does that mean you think that the cop for the UNCW campus should have been fired instead of giving a raise??????????

Sure as hell should...

Since anyone driving around drunk should be locked up for a few months, then indeed you should lose your job.


You still have the right to remain sexy suga.

I find it hard to believe

I find it hard to believe there would be ANYONE idiotic enough to try to defend this act of terrible stupidity and selfishness. I don't give a damn if she's a teacher, principal, the president or the pope....NO ONE, let me repeat, NO ONE should be foolish enough in this day and age to think it's okay to get behind the wheel of a car after drinking.
For the record: my name is Tracie Crisante...I am the manager of Katt's Taxi in Wilmington. In 2009 my boss was killed on Eastwood Rd. by a driver who wasn't INTELLIGENT enough to say "no" to drinking and driving. The drunk also died. After which we all got to live through losing someone we loved and respected.
She didn't think? She didn't care? Well, then, I don't care if it hurts her tiny feelbads to see me call it what it is: SELFISHNESS AND STUPIDITY pure and simple.
It's my opinion ANYONE busted for drunk driving should face public ridicule and backlash. Maybe then people would SMARTEN UP.



But writing worthless checks is ok?

My oh my.

teacher arrested for drunk driving

How can we expect people to smarten up when it is the government that controls and sells this killer drug, alcohol. And the people who are in control of it, called the ABC board are making large amounts of money and getting huge pensions. No, something is wrong here. It's the same with the lottery. The government has no business promoting gambling. It's not lost on me that the poorest counties lead in the selling of the scratch off tickets and lottery tickets. Someone said that the owner of Katt's Taxi who was killed was "no saint". That may or may not be, but he should not have lost his life because the government sells people a killer drug and allows them to drive off with it!

Here's the problem...

WWAY is reporting on this one woman when there were probably close to a dozen or so DUIs this weekend as well. Who cares if she was a teacher?!?! You know how many people out there drinking and driving who are not teachers?

By the way, I knew your boss and he was no saint either. Believe me.

We are all human. No one

We are all human. No one knows the story on what happened. It's sad that someone makes a mistake and then it's put publicly on websites and online. DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY TEACHERS/ ADMINS have at some point in time in their life had a alcoholic beverage.. even just one, and gotten in the car? It doesn't make you even better of a person to get on this website and comment about how you think what has happened to her is wrong. Like you haven't ever made mistakes before. People are teachers for a reason, BECAUSE THEY LOVE KIDS. Because of one incident that we know nothing about... including her level of alcohol content, doesn't make her less of a teacher or take away her love of teaching kids. If she is 30 years old, and this is the first incident that has ever happened, even through her college years and her 20's... doesn't that prove more of bad judgement and not WHAT KIND OF PERSON SHE IS??

What if she would of killed someone you love?

I am sorry to inform the persons who think that her blonde looks should get her off. I'm sorry we are not talking about a stripper ( no offense to good strippers out there). We are talking about an educator. Someone who is supposed to teach our can we ensure the safety of our children when she is on school grounds when she makes poor decisions in her personal life. If I were to have this type of charge I could not hold a licenses to be a in home daycare provider, foster parent, or adopt a child.

New Hanover county schools need to look at their teaching staff and start cleaning house. When it is ok to the public to have a person who has this much poor judgment in her own life what other poor judgement is she having while teaching our children in school. I understand that she is a dance teacher, but still she should be held to a standard that the rest of the public is...sad thing is she will probably get off and will probably end up killing someone.

Once again, you can have

Once again, you can have your own opinion on the situation. BUT THIS POST HAS ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the color of her hair. I believe she has learned a lesson here, just like everyone else who has been convicted will have to go to court. She will pay, but does that mean that she should lose her job and something she loves to do because of what has happened. No, just because she made a decision.. that was her decision to make. And now all she can do is learn from it. But to take away her job, thats what the fight is about. just because she had a drink and drove herself home doesn't mean she doesn't love the kids she teaches. it's not about the DUI, don't you get t?

Killing someone? That's a

Killing someone? That's a bit harsh, don't you think? It was a mistake and last time I checked.... EVERYONE MAKES THEM! I doubt seriously that she drinks at school or would put students in the way of danger based simply on the fact she drinks alcohol on a Saturday night.

Drinking and Driving is NOT a "mistake".

She made a "decision"...not a "mistake".


Driving drunk is not mistake, it's a decision. It's a decision that cost 10,228 people their lives in 2010. So no, killing someone is not a bit harsh, it happens damn near every day.


Was she convicted? Was she driving a school bus? Is she drunk in class? Who are the other 2,000 people waiting trial for DWI in the county?

NHCS teacher gets DWI

I would suspect that its an important news story because she is an educator...with NHCS. The local school systems have enough problems without bringing such to the table. I am a parent with a child in NHCS and I definitely have no say so in what they do in their spare time, but don't want a "drunk" teaching my child Monday-Friday! I would think a 30 year old, with a government job, working with elementary age kids ,to have better morals and values than this....hopefully she will be punished and will learn from this lesson. It's unfortunate, but ITS THE PRICE YOU PAY WHEN YOU PLAY!!

One could only wish to be as

One could only wish to be as Holy as you are.By the way do you have a name or just a computer to hide behind while you shout your morals and values . Does your child attend Snipes? Mike Dellinger

You have got to be kidding me

You're seriously branding this woman charged with one DUI a drunk and unfit to teach children? I guess you have first hand knowledge of this woman's private life and her arrest details.

I'd love to know how many times you've gotten behind the wheel after having a couple of shooters and drove. What does her private life have anything to do with her ability to teach children? As long as she's not doing it at work, who cares?

Hopefully NHCS parent has too much "eggnog" this December and drunk drives through a living room on Christmas morning.


Yea, you want all the about and you don't want to pay teachers for what they do. I would love to know what type of work you do. Have you every been in trouble for anything. I know your answer will be "No". I really don't think someone like you should have kids. Where will you been when they make a mistake?


There are so many DWI arrests everyday why make this woman's so public? I understand she's a teacher, but she's also human and makes mistakes. This shouldn't reflect on her professional life or how she's regarded as a teacher, she wasn't working. She shouldn't have to have to be branded like this for all her students and colleagues to see. Don't get me wrong I hate drunk driving and the harm it does, but I think everyone should be treated the same.

Go find some real news.

who cares

who cares. maybe we should shift our attention to helping solve local issues instead of unworthy stories like this.

Normally I'm all for throwing the book at DWI offenders but...

Wow! She is gorgeous! Hers is one of the most beautiful mugshots I've ever seen. Beautiful women are special and should be given special considerations and I'm sure she's learned her lesson. I'd say we let her off this time and let her continue teaching dance. She teaches dance guys. Now you try to concentrate for the rest of the day knowing that!

And now for your viewing "pleasure"

the insights of a recently pubescent moron. Still hiding the women's underware section of the Sears catalog under your bed?

Bet you make your momma proud.


She is very pretty, must have been shorted on smarts though.

I could not throw the book

I could not throw the book at her, either. She deserves another chance.......and another......and another. Wonder if she teaches "Boogie"????