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FIRST ON 3: New Hanover Co. teacher busted for DWI over weekend


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- A teacher at Snipes Academy of Arts & Design was arrested for DWI and speeding Sunday according to police reports. Records show Wilmington Police arrested Olivia Grace Williams, 30, around 2 a.m. Sunday at 1180 Market Street.

Williams is a dance teacher at Snipes according to her page on the school's website.

A New Hanover County Schools spokeswoman confirmed Williams works for the district, but would not comment beyond that.

Parents we spoke with today at Snipes did not want to go on camera. Some said they were concerned that a teacher was arrested, and they didn't feel comfortable having someone who'd been arrested teaching their kids. Others said they understand people make mistakes and want to see how the process plays out.

We tried to speak with Williams today, but we were unable to reach her for comment.

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Yeah, you're right....let

Yeah, you're right....let her off this time so she can drive drunk again and possibly kill somebody next time! Where's the logic in letting her off, why not let everybody off or better still take DWI laws off the books, but I forgot if that happened a lot of attorneys would have to go on welfare. This woman is NOT special and should NOT get special consideration/attention, she broke the law and should be punished accordingly.

...that's the school website

...that's the school website picture...the mugshot is on starnewsonline!

Take another look

Ok, smarty pants BOARD member..... that is her mugshot. Why don't YOU go on Star News online!!!!! Furthermore, she is NOT guilty until she has her chance to tell the story. I have seen in the past someone accused of DWI and they were not drunk. Just an over the top cop trying to make his arrest quota.

How many others.....

How many others were "busted" for DUI and/or speeding over the weekend in New Hanover County? Did not see their names posted on your website! Please do not waste our time with such useless "news".


WWAY is a reprehensible organization for reporting this....the question has to be asked...Why single this woman out as a story when there are dozens of people charged with DUIs on a weekly basis? That fact she's a teacher? Her being charged with a DUI and her occupation have nothing to do with the other, so the only other reason you would report this is due to the fact that she's an attractive woman.

Just go ahead and pull the plug on your news department and shut it down. You are embarrassing yourselves.

You Must Be Trolling

You must not have children. I wouldn't want my child in the same classroom, learning from a person that doesn't make good life choices or set good examples. This person is a school teacher that works with impressionable kids, that is what makes her case stand out from all of the other DUI cases. If she can't make a good choice by calling a taxi because she is too inebriated to drive, she doesn't sound like a good role model for children, nor a good teacher. How are you to teach children not to make bad decisions, not to drink and drive, and you get in trouble for drinking and driving?

Also, this woman is far from attractive.

Really? this post is not

Really? this post is not about her looks.... but being the mature person that you are.... hiding behind your computer seems like a perfect way to add in a last minute blow. She did not ask to be in the public eye, or to have people comment on her looks. But in all reality, she is human and doesn't deserve comments like this, or to have someone also comment that she is far from attractive. Your probably one of those insecure girls in high school that used to call people fat, or laugh at someone for looking differently than you. That's really sad, and I feel sorry that your kids have that kind of role model to look up to!

If the CEO of the Wilmington Housing Authority...

can be arrested for DWI without repurcussion...same goes for Olivia.

So what then...are they

So what then...are they gonna throw the book at her when "what's his face" killed a lady a week ago after um-teen charges to his name as the judge continuously let him go in the past?
This is minor news compared to local officials/off duty police/or any other Big Shots driving DWI we have in this area. Guess those Big Shots have just set a bad example for the rest of us huh?